The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 722 Moon Invitation

After hearing what Scott said, Ewing was a little astonished. He emphasized it again, “I’ve been Half Step Master. However powerful an inner force expert in medium stage is, he or she will not be match for me. Are you sure that you want to fight with me?”

Scott seriously nodded and said, “Except you, there is no one on List of Malicious People who can be match for me. Besides, I want very much to know how powerful Half Step Master is. As for whether I can defeat you, don’t worry about that.”

Ewing thought for a while. After a long time, he raised his head and said, “Well, I agree. Now, I’m still match for him. Maybe I can stop him from killing you at critical points. Of course, it would be best if you can kill him yourself.”

Hearing that, Scott no longer hesitated. He immediately went to the cliff he had been to last night, climbed up and took the key.
After coming back, Scott loosened the iron chain around Ewing.

Seeing that, Foley and other people were scared a lot. As everyone knew, Ewing, when he was bound by an iron chain, had been extremely fearsome in No. 5 Prison. Now, Scott should have loosened the iron chain around his body. It was just like letting a vicious beast out.

“Don’t be too anxious. I’m just going to have a fight with him.” Scott spoke to Foley and other people with a smile.
People around didn’t think that it was “just” a fight. If they were slightly affected by such a fight, they would be killed.

Besides, many people didn’t believe that Scott was able to defeat Ewing after the iron chains around him were loosened, so they all had the idea of putting away their belongings and being ready to leave at any time.

In the monitor room in the Prison Office Building.
“Scott should loosen the chains around Ewing’s body. What does he want to do?” “It seems that they want to have a fight.”

“Is Scott out of his mind? According to Warden, Ewing has been a Half Step Master. He would be a Grandmaster after making some progress! Although he defeated the experts in fighting on List of Malicious People these days, he should be no match for Half Step Master.”

“Report it to Warden now. According to what Warden said at the last meeting, he wants to develop Scott. If he is killed by Ewing, it will be too bad.”

In a clearing on the Edith Mountain.

Scott and Ewing were standing face to face. At this moment, Ewing had got rid of the heavy iron chains. Although he looked slovenly, he had sage-like features.

Foley and other people stood somewhere a few dozen meters away from them and watched them because they were afraid that they would be hurt by them if they stayed close to them.

“Are you sure that you want to fight with me when another personality controls the body?” Ewing put his hands behind his back and stared seriously at Scott.

“Yes, please let him out. If I fight with him, I can try my best. If I fight with you, I possibly won’t fight with all my strength. It’s meaningless.” Scott replied.

Ewing nodded. He no longer talked nonsense and just stood still. But in just a few seconds, his temperament obviously changed.
“Ewing” laughed crazily and put on an evil smile. There was a great deal of hostility in his eyes.

Foley and other people, who were far away from them, were scared a lot. Just now, Ewing was gentle and elegant. In an instant, he looked like a mad man. He was unpredictable.

“Previously, you had already dodged a bullet. Unexpectedly, you took the initiative to open the iron lock. Fella, could it be that you don’t know that you’re seeking death?” “Ewing” said with a sneer.

Scott twitched his lips and said, “Maybe you should think about if you’ll be killed by me today.”

“Ewing” sneered and spoke, “You’re dreaming! Since you’re seeking your own death, don’t blame me!”

Just after he finished speaking, he rushed to Scott. He moved so fast that there were afterimages. Besides, Foley and other people, who were far away, couldn’t see his moves clearly.

Scott instantly felt the air of forcefulness “Ewing” had. Although Scott was very powerful now, he was just an inner force expert in medium stage. Therefore, “Ewing”, who had been a Half Step Master, had a much stronger air of forcefulness than Scott did.

“Ewing” gave Scott a punch. Scott didn’t dodge it. Instead, he chose to resist it with his fist. “Ewing” used so much strength that Scott immediately retreated more than 10 meters after their fists met.

“You’re so weak, but you should want to have a fight with me. You should study for a few more years before having a fighting with me. Unfortunately, you won’t have a chance to do so anymore.” “Ewing” taunted.

Scott sneered. Just now, to get to know how powerful Half Step Master was, he didn’t use XuanJin. He just resisted with inner force.

Half Step Master was really more powerful than he had imagined, but that was all. Later, Scott would let “Ewing” know how powerful XuanJin was.

He stepped on the ground so hard that there was a deep hole on the ground. Then he rushed to “Ewing” at an extremely high speed.

“Ewing” narrowed his eyes. Finding the change in Scott, he became a little excited.
“Interesting. No wonder you dare to challenge me. It seems that you’re well prepared.”

“Ewing” smiled and still didn’t take Scott seriously. This time, Scott combined inner force and XuanJin, giving Ewing a heavy punch. After stopping Scott from hitting him, Ewing took a half step back, raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why did you have so much more strength than before?”

Scott smiled and said, “If you defeat me, I’ll tell you.” They fought violently. As a result, there were deep pits on the ground in the area they fought. Besides, there were many cracks on the ground.

After attacking each other dozens of times, Scott narrowed his eyes. Without hesitation, he used inner force and XuanJin, patting Ewing with great strength.

“Tianxing Blow!”

Finding that this move was very powerful, the expression of “Ewing” changed. He stopped Scott from hitting him with all his strength.

In a second, “Ewing” took three steps back. A little blood came out of his mouth.

“Damn it, I should be hurt by a fella in medium stage. You’ve completely angered me. Now I’m going to fight with you seriously.
You had better pray that you can survive my next move!”

“Ewing” stared at Scott with a ferocious expression. Soon after that, there was a turbulence around him. The trees around began to shake. The sky seemed to be darker because of it.

Seeing that, Scott was secretly surprised. He didn’t expect that Half Step Master was already able to influence the surrounding environment with their strength. Inner force expert in medium stage was really not as powerful as Half Step Master.

“Fella, if you can survive after I use this move, you can brag about it in the rest of your life!” With a shout, “Ewing” jumped and punched Scott. He moved so fast that people nearly couldn’t see his move clearly.
“Sky Shaking Hammer!”

Scott was serious. At this time, it was impossible for him to resist the attack from “Ewing” with ordinary moves. He decisively concentrated all his inner force and Xuandin into his hand.

After that, he held one fist in the other hand, putting them around his chest. Before “Ewing” touched his body, he pushed one hand to the air.

It was not Tianxing Blow. It was the second move of that three unique moves.

“Moon Invitation!”


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