The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 721 Multiple Personalities

Seeing the reaction of Scott, Ewing immediately said with a smile, “I’m Ewing. Could it be that you can’t recognize me?”

Scott looked at Ewing up and down again, saying, “You look the same as Ewing, but I’m sure that you’re not the Ewing who came to me in the afternoon.”

Ewing kept silent for a while. Then he laughed wildly. He suddenly put on a murderous look, no longer hiding the fact that he was a bloodthirsty man.

“Unexpectedly, you should find it out. Ewing, son of a b*tch, pretends to be a gentleman at ordinary times. It’s really hard to pretend to be him. I just pretended to be him for a while just now, but I feel so sick.” Ewing spoke.

Scott frowned. Judging from some details, the person in front of him now had exactly the same appearance as Ewing. It seemed that they were the same person.

But this person’s personality was completely different from that of the person he met in the afternoon, which made him feel a little confused.

“If you’re not Ewing, Who are you? Why do you look exactly the same as Ewing?” Scott asked.

“Ewing” smiled and said, “I’m Ewing, but I’m also not that Ewing. The reason why I look the same as him is that we share the same body. Sometimes, it’s him that controls this body while other times it’s me that control this body.”

Scott was stunned and thought of a mental disease.
Multiple personalities.

No wonder Conway reminded him that Ewing was a mad man and that he should guard against Ewing when he was in No. 5 Prison. If Ewing really had multiple personalities, then Ewing was a mad man in the scientific sense.

The top expert in fighting on List of Malicious People should be one who had multiple personalities. When one personality dominated his body, he was gentle and elegant; when another personality dominated his body, he was violent and crazy. It was the first time for Scott to run into such a person.

“I think you should go to see a doctor.” Scott spoke.

“Ewing” immediately sneered and said, “Sooner or later, I’ll kill him. This damn guy has stopped me from doing many things.
However, it’s getting more and more difficult for him to dominate the body. Soon, I’ll own this body. At that time, I’ll celebrate it by killing all the prisoners here.”

“Fella, isn’t it that you want to have a fight with me? I’m as powerful as that guy. As long as you help me to get the key, I’ll have a fight with you. Besides, as a reward, I won’t kill you. How about that?”

Scott smiled and said, “No, I won’t agree with it. I didn’t anticipate that Ewing should have multiple personalities. Compared with you, I would rather have a fight with Ewing that has the other personality.”

“Ewing” immediately became a little crazy. Both of his arms trembled, making the iron chains tinkle.

“You’re stupid. Sooner or later, I’ll kill that guy. And I’m the owner of this body. Even if you don’t help me, I’ll figure out a way to get the key. At that time, I’ll let you die a terrible death!” “Ewing” said while gritting his teeth.

“As you please.” Scott turned around and was about to leave. He knew that it was useless to argue with a mad man.

“Ewing” wanted to stop Scott at once. Right at this moment, there was suddenly a painful expression on his face. He secretly cursed, “Damn it. You should try to control the body. Didn’t we agree that you control the body in the daytime while I control the body in the evening?”

Scott turned around. Ewing, a person, played two roles and struggled. And it was at night. Scott watched him, feeling that it was a little weird.

Before long, Ewing no longer moved. It seemed that neither of the two personalities had succeeded in controlling the boy. As a result, Ewing fainted and fell directly to the ground.

Scott could do nothing but shake his head. He approached Ewing and took Ewing back to the Edith Mountain.

On the next morning.

Ewing woke up and found that he was lying on the ground. His head hurt a little. And Scott was standing not far away from him and was staring at him.

“Why am I here? I remember that I walked towards another mountain after I left yesterday. Could it be that that guy took the opportunity to dominate the body?” Ewing spoke to himself.

“Now, are you Ewing or the other person?” Scott asked while staring at Ewing.
Ewing was stunned. Then he thought of something and asked, “Did he come to you last night?” Scott nodded.

Ewing helplessly sighed and said, “It seems that things are getting worse. I’m afraid that I have to make a decision as soon as possible. Otherwise, once he controls the body, many people in No. 5 Prison will be killed.”

Scott said with a smile, “Maybe you’re overly confident. Perhaps you’re not powerful enough to be able to do that.” Ewing didn’t get angry. Instead, he sighed, “The most powerful inner force expert in No. 5 Prison is just in advanced stage of

medium stage. People like you, who can defeat experts in fighting on List of Malicious People, could be said to be very powerful.
However, they’re just inner force expert in medium stage.”

“To be honest, I’m already Half Step Master. However powerful an inner force expert in medium stage is, he or she is no match for me.”

Hearing that, Scott was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Ewing had been Half Step Master. Although he was not as powerful as Grandmaster, he had been very powerful.

If that was the case, he was eligible to say those words.

However, although Scott was still an inner force expert in medium stage, his XuanJin had entered medium stage because of a lot of fights in the previous days.

When XuanJin and inner force were combined, it was far more powerful than inner force in medium stage. Scott felt that he was powerful enough to have a fight with Grandmaster now. The only problem was that he could only be that powerful for a short time.

“What’re you going to do?” Scott asked.

Ewing sighed and spoke, “In the past, I attached so much importance to power that I forgot food and sleep. Later, to prove how powerful I was, I killed many innocent people. At that time, this evil personality came into being in my mind. It got worse and worse, and finally I’m in such a bad situation.”

“If he takes control of my body, I’ll become a complete devil. Under such a circumstance, it should be better kill me now.” “Can you do me a favor? Kill me, and I’ll be free.” Ewing looked at Scott.
Scott put on a playful smile and said, “I’m willing to help you.”

“But since you want to kill yourself, why not let the other personality dominate your body and let him have a fight with me? I promise you that I’ll kill him.”

“What’s your opinion?”


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