The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 719 Legend

The No. 5 Prison.
More than a month passed.

When everyone’s discussion about Scott gradually subsided, another news came from the Edith Mountain, which shocked the entire No. 5 Prison.

Scott welcomed all the masters on List of Malicious People to compare notes. No matter who beat him would be rewarded with a bag of potatoes.

This news put Scott on the cusp of the storm again. What people care about was not that Scott took potatoes as a reward for winning, but that Scott openly challenged all the masters on the List of Malicious People. This was a completely crazy actin their opinion. .

Even the masters on the List of Malicious People were very clear that those who could be on this list were ruthless. Although they were ranked according to their strength, the gap between them was very small. If there was a detail error, even the ninth ranked person still had a chance to defeat the third ranked master.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the masters on the List of Malicious People were all each going his own way, and each stayed on their own territory. There were very few cases where conflicts break out between them.

This was the first time in the history of No. 5 Prison that someone directly challenged all the masters on the List of Malicious People like Scott.

In fact, Scott was forced to do so. He originally thought that after he killed Caldwell, the masters on the List of Malicious People would pay attention to him and fight him one after another.

It just so happened that his XuanJin was already on the verge of breaking through, and he needed a lot of battles to consolidate his strength, in order to reach the medium stage of XuanJin.

However, what he didn’t expect was that these masters on the List of Malicious People were very tolerant. After more than a month, none of them came to challenge him.

Scott had no choice but to come up with this method and challenge all the masters of the on the List of Malicious People, hoping that these people could come and fight him for potatoes.
The facts proved that this method was indeed effective. Two days after the news spread, Klein ranked eighth on the List of

Malicious People, came to the top of the Edith mountain.

“I have been in No. 5 Prison for so many years. It is the first time I have seen a person as arrogant as you. Since you want to die so, I will fulfill you today.” There was a ferocious scar on Klein’s face, which extended from the position of his eyes to his neck.
Just a look at it made people feel trembling.

Scott smiled and arched his hands at Klein, and said, “Kindly give me your advice.” The battle between the two began quickly, and the momentum was no different than the last time Scott and Caldwell fought.

Foley and others watched the battle from a distance. Although they were afraid of being affected, this level of battle was of great help to them. More observation may promote their strength.

Klein was much stronger than Caldwell, but Scott’s strength at this time was far stronger than that of a month ago, It could even be said that the gap between Klein and Scott was even greater than the gap between Caldwell and Scott.

After a fierce fight, Scott ended the battle with Tianxing Blow.

However, he did not hit Klein’s body, but stopped at the position of his chest.
“Why didn’t you kill me?” Klein stared at Scott with some doubts.

“It’s just a discussion. I don’t have to kill you, you can go,” Scott said calmly.

A trace of movement flashed through Klein’s hostile eyes. Then he didn’t say anything, turned and walked down the Edith Mountain.

In the next month, Scott started the journey to challenge the masters on the List of Malicious People. If these masters did not come to Scott, Scott would take the initiative to find them, and every time he would bring a bag of potatoes.
Three days after defeating Klein, Scott played against the seventh-placed master on the List of Malicious People, Hodge, and

won in 15 minutes.

Two days after defeating Hodge, Scott played against the sixth-placed master on the List of Malicious People, Todd, and won in 18 minutes.

Five days after defeating Todd, Scott played against the fifth-placed master on the List of Malicious People, Mayer, and won in 16 minutes.

In the fourth month after Scott came to No. 5 Prison, Curtis, the second-placed master on the List of Malicious People, was defeated by Scott.

Curtis was a real lunatic. When Scott came to him, Curtis was grasping the leg of an inner force expert at initial stage, and he pulled his leg abruptly, and then, then put the blood in the bowl, as if ready to drink.

This time Scott didn’t keep his life. He delivered a knockout blow to Curtis with Curtis, breaking all meridians and internal organs of Curtis who had brought endless horror in No. 5 Prison.

At this point, Scott had become a legend in No. 5 Prison. The entire List of Malicious People, except for the first one, had all been defeated by Scott.

The person who created this legend was only in his twenties, and most of people in No. 5 Prison were wallowed in the luxury of the secular world in their twenties.
The prison management also listed Scott as a subject that must be monitored. This kind of person must be closely guarded, or

he would cause a big trouble one day.

When Scott happily challenged the masters on the List of Malicious People, the production team led by Foley also achieved great results. The potatoes they currently own had could feed more than 20 people in one year.

And the wild vegetables they planted in batches had reached the maturity stage. The Edith Mountain had become the richest mountain in No. 5 Prison. Those who were caught by Scott back to work as coolies were glad to be caught back, otherwise they may starve now.

Many people in No. 5 Prison coveted the food on the Edith Mountain, but no one dared to grab anything here, because everyone knew that the boss of this mountain was Scott, and this tough guy singled out the all the master on the List of Malicious People.

Now almost everyone was looking forward to the battle between Scott and the first one on the List of Malicious People.
This afternoon, Scott was sitting with Foley and others eating baked potatoes.

At this time, there was a sound of collision of iron chains. Everyone turned their heads and looked to the side. They saw a man with messy hair, ragged clothes, and a face covered with dust, who could hardly see the original appearance.

On this person’s hands and feet, iron chains with the thickness of a thumb were locked, and they looked extremely heavy. When he walked, the iron chains would make clanking noises.

After seeing this man, Foley and others showed horrified expressions on their faces. Among them, some people threw the potatoes in their hands on the ground, jumped up and said, “It’s Ewing, ranked first on the List of Malicious People. He… why does he come here!”

Everyone immediately panicked, obviously afraid of this person.

Scott stared at the man. He didn’t expect that the Ewing who Conway told him to be more careful before entering was the first one on the List of Malicious People.

Ewing stared at everyone, did not show any malice, but stared at the baked potatoes on the ground with greedy look, swallowed and spit, and said,

“Can I eat with you?”


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