The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 718 Secret

On the Edith Mountain.
Scott was standing in the place where he usually practiced martial arts and felt what was said in the martial arts secret book.

With the in-depth understanding of XuanGong, Scott more and more felt the mystery of this skill. With the foundation of inner force, the XuanJin in his body increased very rapidly. According to his speculation, he should reach the initial stage of XuanJin.

With strength at the initial stage of XuanJin, combined with inner force, he could kill an inner force expert at medium stage with Tianxing Blow. It was easy to know how terrifying XuanJin was.

Scott could vaguely feel that the power of Tianxing Blow when he used to kill Caldwell was able to catch up with the weak Grandmasters.

Although he could only use it once, it was enough for his, an inner force expert at medium stage. This was definitely a powerful hand.

And Scott had a hunch that when XuanJin reached the medium stage, his strength would increase qualitatively. At that time, he merged Xuanuin and inner force together with the moves described in the secret book, even if he ran into a Grandmaster, he could be able to fight back.

At that time, Scott felt that the chance to fight against Grandmaster hid in this martial arts secret book, but he did not expect such a situation.

This martial arts secret book did not allow Scott to reach the level of Grandmaster in a short period of time, but XuanJin described in it could help him burst out the fighting power of the a Grandmaster when he was at the medium stage of inner force.

And this was enough for Scott.

Foley ran towards Scott with a smile on his face and said, “Boss, since you killed Caldwell and got a place on the List of Malicious People, there are almost no people who come here to steal potatoes. In the morning, I I noticed that a few people were looking at us. However, when I glared at them, they were all scared away. This is all due to your reputation.”

Scott smiled and said, “Wouldn’t you be afraid that the people under your leadership would take the opportunity to escape?” Foley waved his hand and said, “I don’t need to worry about this problem anymore. Since the you got a place on the List of

Malicious People, they refused to leave even if I drove them away. Now they are eager to follow you to farm the land for the rest of their lives.”

Hearing what Foley said, Scott thought about it thoughtfully, and asked, “How is the farm now?”

“In addition to your potatoes, we have already selected three edible wild vegetables to start batch planting, and recently we are studying how to extract oil from plants. Although the effect is not good, we may be able to stir-fry someday,” Foley said smugly.

Scott laughed, patted Foley on the shoulder, and said, “Very good, these foods and vegetables are very important to us. You must take good care of them. They will be of great useful to me in the future. If you do well, I will not treat you badly.”

Foley smiled and said, “Scott, can you teach me the move that you killed Caldwell last time?” Scott glared at him and said, “Why don’t you feel it yourself?”

Foley shrank his neck in fright, and said quickly, “No, no. I just need to farm the land honestly. Take your own time. I am going to watch them.”

After speaking, Foley ran away quickly.

Scott currently had no plans to tell others about XuanGong. He could feel that the things involved in this secret book were very important. People in the world had been devoted to become inner force expert, and XuanJin was better than inner force. Once others knew about XuanGong, Scott at that time would probably be besieged by all the Grandmasters in this world.

What people who had reach the realm of Grandmaster desired was the improvement of strength, and no one would refuse a martial arts secret book that could make them stronger.

And Scott felt that XuanJin and inner force were similar. The inner force was like a low-profile version of XuanJin. It stood to reason that those Guwu families would definitely not let XuanJin be lost if they knew it.
But now the mainstream of C Country was inner force, and he had never heard anything like XuanJin.

So Scott suspected that XuanJin may involve some secrets that he didn’t know. Once this kind of thing was exposed, it would inevitably cause disaster to himself. Therefore, before he got absolute strength, this matter would always be a secret, buried in Scott’s heart.

At this point, Scott could only say with emotion that he still knew too little about this world.

C Country.

In a deep mountain more than two hundred kilometers away from B City, through a hidden path, you could come to the front of a steep cliff. On this cliff, there was a very steep stone ladder leading to the top of the cliff.

At the end of the stone ladder, there were three big characters written lively: Xing Yi Sect.

Xing Yi Sect was a sect created by people who learned Xing Yi Fist. It ranked in the forefront of strength and status among the ancient martial arts sects.

Like other ancient martial arts sects, with the development of the times, people were becoming unfamiliar with ancient martial arts, and Xing Yi Sect had also moved into the deep mountains. It only occasionally sent people down the mountain to select youths and take them back, and would not get involved in the affairs of outside world.

At this time, the inner circle of Xing Yi Sect, the residence of Craig, Leader.

A youth was leading Quentin, the head of the Briggs family in Kinmon County, toward.

Quentin looked solemn at this time. Although more than two months had passed, he still had not forgotten the scene when Micah was killed by Scott.

In the past two months, he tried all the hard work and finally returned to Xing Yi Sect, and came to report this matter to Micah’s master, Craig, the Leader of Xing Yi Sect.

Craig was the second-ranked master of Xing Yi Sect. He had almost reached the realm of Grandmaster. In Xing Yi Sect, except for the chief of Xing Yi Sect who was already a Grandmaster, Craig’s position in the sect was incomparable.

Micah , who was killed by Scott, was a fairly good apprentice of Craig.
The youth took Quentin to Craig’s residence. At this time, Craig was meditating. The youth greeted him and left.

Quentin didn’t dare to neglect, in front of this master who had almost reached the realm of Grandmaster, he was extremely nervous.

He hurriedly explained his intention, and at the same time reported the process of Micah’s killing by Scott, and then behaved distressed, as if he had almost died for Match when Scott killed Match.

After listening to Quentin’s words, Craig opened his eyes, and a brilliant light shot out from it. Quentin’s body shivered as he looked at Craig.

“How dare he kill my apprentice. He is really self-defeating. Do you know what the identity of this person is?” Craig said.

“It has been verified that this person is the head of the Davies family, a top family in B City. He was originally just a relatively powerful ordinary person. I don’t know how he learned inner force. He is very arrogant,” Quentin said.

Craig snorted coldly, and said, “Fine, it just happened that I haven’t been down the mountain for several years. After a while, I will go down and take a walk down the mountain to help avenge Match, for he once was my best apprentice.”


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