The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 717 Achievement

After Scott’s palm was slapped on Caldwell, a sunken palm print appeared on Caldwell’s chest. Then the strength of Tianxing Blow spread to Caldwell’s whole body. Where it reached, the bone broke. In the blink of an eye, Caldwell had no intact bone..

Caldwell, who had endured such a terrifying force, was killed instantly. His eyes were rounded. As one of the ten most malicious people in No. 5 Prison, he showed an expression of horror before he died.

Scott also didn’t expect the power of Tianxing Blow to be so terrifying. He stared at his palm in disbelief. He thought that this palm would inflict serious injuries to Caldwell, but he didn’t expect it to be so terrifying.

It was no wonder that the secret book specially marked it as a unique skill. It turned out that it was so powerful.

However, after performing this move, Scott also felt that XuanJin and inner force in his body had been taken out. Although this move was powerful, the energy consumption of the user was also extremely great. With Scott’s current strength, he could only use it once.

There were three moves recorded in the cheats. According to the above, the power of these three moves was better than the other.

Tianxing Blow was only the first move, and it had such a terrifying power, Scott couldn’t imagine how amazing the two moves behind it would be.

Caldwell’s body slowly fell towards the back, and Foley and others who were watching from a distance were stunned, unable to react for a long time.

“ls Caldwell dead?”

“The palm just now made me feel like I was waiting to die… Who is Scott? I have been at the initial stage of inner force for so many years, but I have never heard of such a powerful palm.”

“I was wrong. I won’t try to run away anymore. From now on, even I am beaten to death, I will never leave the Edith Mountain.
From now on, here will be my home.”

“Caldwell is dead!” A person exclaimed in the monitoring room of the prison building.

The look of all the people present were serious, their gazes fixed on the screen under surveillance, and the atmosphere suddenly dropped to the lowest point.

All of them could clearly see Scott’s palm just now. Although they couldn’t feel Scott’s aura through the surveillance, everyone present knew the power of that palm.

They all knew very well that if they come to take that palm, their end would be no better than Caldwell.

“It seems that the days of No. 5 Prison are really going to change. After so many years, this is the first time such a prodigy has appeared here. It is already a blessing that he will not mess up the inside too much.”

“Do you think he will be the first one to get more than half of the votes and be released?”

Everyone immediately fell into silence. Obviously, they would definitely not believe it in the past, but now, these people’s minds were more or less beginning to waver.

The top level of the prison, the warden’s office.
Dudley was sitting at the table at this time, working with some documents.

At this time, he received a video on the computer in front of him, and the person who sent him the video asked him to watch this video.

Dudley played the video casually, and smiled when he saw the scene of the Edith Mountain.

During this period of time, Scott occupied the mountain, and he directed a group of inner force experts to farm. As the warden, Dudley naturally heard about it.

It was just that, as a Grandmaster, he had experienced a lot, and he just regarded Scott as an entertainment in a boring job.

Now seeing Caldwell, who was ranked tenth on the List of Malicious People, standing in front of Scott in the video, he didn’t feel anything interesting. The so-called List of Malicious People, in his eyes, was nothing special. After all, no matter how powerful the experts on the list were, they could not be able to compare with Grandmasters.

He still looked down at the files, only glancing at the video on the computer occasionally.

It wasn’t until Scott used Tianxing Blow to kill Caldwell with one move that Dudley raised his head seriously and squinted at the scene in the video.

There was a trace of doubt in his eyes, and then he used the mouse to play back the scene just now.

Seeing Scott using Tianxing Blow, Dudley suddenly became a little uncomfortable, and there was some disbelief on his face.
He watched the video several times.

“Interesting, a young guy in his twenties, at the medium stage of inner force, broke out a move close to the power of the Grandmaster. Except for the peerless geniuses in top Guwu family and the sect, this is the first time I’ve seen a nobody reach this level,” Dudley muttered.

“If he is given some time, he might be able to grow to an unexpected level.”

“It’s a pity that he is locked here. I hope this little guy can be smarter and become the first person to be released in the history of No. 5 Prison.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, at the prison gate, a group of people were lining up to get a boxed lunch.

“Have you guys heard of the Edith Mountain? There is a man named Scott occupies the mountain, and he also catches a group of people planting potatoes on the mountain. A group of inner force experts turn directly into farmers. I just pissed myself with laughter.”

“This Scott is also really a tough one. He is clearly dicing with death. That is, he is lucky and has not met the masters on the List of Malicious People, otherwise he would have died.”

“Maybe he is already dead. This afternoon, I heard that Caldwell went to the Edith Mountain. On the List of Malicious People, Caldwell is the one who likes to snatch things. Scott’s potatoes should be mature now. If nothing else, Scott has been killed by Caldwell.”

“I think you are right. Those real masters who didn’t attack Scott before probably were waiting for his potatoes to mature. Scott is still complacent that no one can rob him for two months. He’s really naive.”

Just as a group of people was discussing, a projection suddenly appeared above the prison gate.

The content above the projection was very simple. At the top was the four big characters “List of Malicious People”, and underneath were ten names.

At this time, the tenth name on the list had changed from Caldwell to Scott.

Generally, it would only appear here when the List of Malicious People changed.

“Look at it, the List of Malicious People has been updated! Caldwell is gone, and it has become… Scott!” “Oh my god, what happened. Scott is ranked tenth on the List of Malicious People?”

“Look at the small line after Scott’s name.”

“In the 63rd year of the establishment of the No. 5 Prison, Caldwell challenged Scott and was killed by Scott. He died with his bones were all broken.”

Everyone who saw this line of small characters took a breath, and an unconcealed fear emerged from their heart.

It wasn’t until this time that they knew that Scott, who was a little stupid in their eyes, possessed strength that they couldn’t imagine.

Overnight, the name Scott became the focus of discussion among all the people in No. 5 Prison.


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