The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 716 List of Malicious People

Scott slowly raised his head, and saw that the comer was a man with sloppy clothes, tousled hair, and a fierce look all over him.
There was a strong murderous in the eyes of this person, and ordinary people would feel shocked if they saw him.

Foley was leading people to develop new fields. Their goal was no longer limited to planting potatoes. With rich experience in wild survival, they were naturally able to find many edible wild vegetables. They planned to grow these wild vegetables on a large scale.

It may not be long before the Edith Mountain became the only vegetable planting base in the Fifth Prison.

After hearing the man’s shout, they all turned their heads and looked over there, and then some people showed horrified expressions on their faces, and then exclaimed, “It’s Caldwell who is ranked tenth on List of Malicious People! We’re finished! This man is very strong, and is one of the most powerful inner force experts at medium stage, and he has a weird personality, and he kills everybody. Let’s run quickly!”

Foley also frowned. He didn’t expect that the one who came this time would turn out to be a master on the List of Malicious People.

“All of you have to stay here honestly. Now your inner force is abolished. If you leave the Edith Mountain, you will only die faster.”

Foley said, and then he ran towards Scott and said, “Scott, this man is ranked tenth on List of Malicious People. He is very powerful. Let’s just give up here if necessary. It’s important to save our lives.”

Scott raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect that a malicious man really came this time. During this time, he also heard Foley talk about the List of Malicious People. This is a list ranked by prison administrators based on the comprehensive strength of these masters in prison. There were only ten people on the list.

The masters on the List of Malicious People represented the strongest combat effectiveness of the No. 5 Prison. They were without exception the top ones among those inner force experts at medium stage. They were the super big shots who could stir up the situation of a region when they were outside.

The three inner force experts at medium stage who were defeated by Scott before were far from reaching the List of Malicious People, so although reputation of the Edith Mountain had been spread out, it was still not regarded by many people.

In the No. 5 Prison, only people on the List of Malicious People had the qualifications to be recognized.

“He’s just in time, I need to find a suitable opponent to perform the new moves I learned. Since he has come here, I will not miss the opportunity.”

Scott said lightly, and then walked towards Caldwell.
Foley was shocked. When others saw the masters on the List of Malicious People, they would escape as soon as possible.
Scott even wanted to test his new moves on him. He was dicing with death.

The people watching from the other side of the field saw Scott not only not running, but also walking towards Caldwell. They were all a little contemptuous.

“Although Scott’s strength is not weak, but it is not comparable to the masters on the List of Malicious People. Young people are fearless, but they often die because of their courage.”

“It is none of our business. If he is killed by Caldwell, we can take the opportunity to escape. He deserves to be beaten to death.
It’s irresponsible. It’s taboo to overstate strength here.”

Caldwell stared at Scott who was walking towards him, and said coldly, “Are you Scott?”

“Yes,” Scott replied.

“Didn’t you hear me just now? Give me all your potatoes, or you will die miserably,” Caldwell said in a commanding tone.
Scott smiled and said, “Are you qualified to take my thing?”

“You’s really arrogant. Do you think that you are qualified to challenge me after beating some weaklings?” the murderous gazed of Caldwell directly fixed on Scott.

Scott put on a fighting posture to Caldwell and said, “Stop talking nonsense. Let me see how powerful you are in the tenth place on the List of Malicious People”

Caldwell saw that Scott was so direct and didn’t continue to talk nonsense. He rushed towards Scott, moving like lightning and carrying an unrivaled aura.

Scott narrowed his eyes, and he did feel the coercion from Caldwell. The strength of this guy was basically almost the same as Scott, who was cultivating inner force at the peak of outer force.
If it were placed a month ago, it would be very hard for Scott to beat Caldwell. Now, Scott had learned XuanJin, which was.

even more mysterious than inner force, it was not so difficult for Scott to defeat Caldwell.

When the two of them fought, the surrounding trees trembled lightly, and the invisible energy dissipated to the surroundings, making the Foley and others who were watching the battle from the sideline shocked.

The prison building, in the monitoring room.

“Come and see, Scott is fighting with Caldwell!” The person on duty saw the scene under surveillance and immediately shouted.

Everyone gathered around here one after another, staring at the screen under surveillance.

“It seems that this kid’s good days have finally come to an end. Because of him, I lost half a month of snacks to Conway. I have long hoped that he would meet the experts on the List of Malicious People.”

“Although he is not weak, he is a bit too arrogant. In No. 5 Prison, he blatantly occupies the mountain. Sooner or later he will be beaten up.”

“Caldwell’s aura looks much stronger than before. It seems that he has improved in strength. Now Scott is really in trouble.”

Everyone was not very optimistic about Scott, who had only been in No. 5 Prison for more than two months and was only in his twenties, and had given comments one after another.

However, fifteen minutes later, a look of astonishment appeared on everyone’s faces.

“Am I dazzled? Caldwell was beaten by Scott and fell into a disadvantage?” “Oh my god, it’s not that he’s falling into a bad situation. It’s just that he’s losing. Scott’s strength is simply shocking.”

“Unbelievable, this time there is really an incredible guy here. I feel that the arrival of Scott will cause some unimaginable changes in No. 5 Prison.”

On the Edith Mountain, Scott struck Caldwell with a powerful fist. Caldwell used his inner force to resist, his body retreated rapidly, his chest was undulating, and his breathing was already a little unstable.

“You are only in your twenties, why do you have such a strong strength? In terms of age, the guys ahead of me on the list are probably not as good as you,” Caldwell said.

Scott smiled and said, “Maybe it’s because I’m lucky.”

“Your luck today is also pretty good. I just learned a new unique move. You are fortunate to be the first person to see it.” Caldwell cursed secretly in his heart, if this was lucky, then he would rather die.

Scott didn’t give Caldwell a chance to rest, and rushed toward him again.

His moves changed, XuanJin and inner force in his body combined with each other and concentrated on his palm in a peculiar way.

At this moment, Scott seemed to have a wave of air visible to the naked eye, which was extremely shocking.
Expression on Caldwell’s face changed drastically. After realizing that he couldn’t take this move, he turned and ran.
However, before he could, Scott had already appeared in front of him, and then patted him with a palm.

“Tianxing Blow!”


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