The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 715 XuanGong

“This secret book is very clear about the moves, and I can understand it at a glance. But the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength is obscure and sometimes even unreasonable, making me confused.”

“Now think about it, could it be that the person who wrote this secret book deliberately set up some difficulties in order to prevent it from using by outsiders, so that those who got this book could not learn the moves, even if they learned it, they could not exert the power?”

“And according to my research overnight, if the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength is practiced in reverse, it seems to be more smooth?”

After figuring out what was going on, Scott hurriedly took the secret book and turned to the page about the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength. According to the above, he tried to run it in reverse, and found that there was no blockage at all.

It surprised Scott. In two months, he finally had some understanding of this secret book.

According to the secret book, Scott ran it all over again, and found that his lower part of abdomen was faintly heated. It seemed that an invisible force appeared there. Although it was very weak, Scott could still feel it.

The Basic Practicing Skills for Strength in this secret book had similarities with deep breathing, but it was much more complicated than it. It could be said that after understanding the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength, Scott felt that the deep breathing was a bit crude.

Could it be that the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength was an advanced version of deep breathing? Wasn’t the strength cultivated according to the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength a level higher than inner force?

Thinking of this possibility, Scott was shocked. If this skill was really an advanced version of inner force, what kind of strength would he have after he cultivated it?

An inexplicable excitement arose in him, and Scott could have a foreboding that if he could master the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength, coupled with the moves described in the secret book and the strength of his own inner force, he would be able to take on Grandmasters.

Scott stared at the secret book again. At the top of the book, there were two weird symbols. He hadn’t understood what they

were. Now he turned the secret book and found that these two were not symbols.

They were two words that had been mirrored upside down: XuanGong.

In the evening, a bunch of flames rose on the Edith mountain. Foley and others were sitting around the flames. Everyone was holding a wooden stick in their hand, on which potatoes they dug up today.

They were roasting potatoes at the moment.

The box lunch made by the No. 5 Prison was extremely awful, and it would always have only one taste. They had not tasted other foods for a long time.

Many people were crying now after eating this delicious roast potato.

Scott asked them to leave a third of the potatoes as seeds and sown a large area so that they could have a steady flow of food in the future.

“Sure enough, it’s good to follow Scott. Now the rest of the people here must still be fighting for that terrible box lunch. We have all eaten roast potatoes. This is something I couldn’t even think of before.”

“Actually, we grew these potatoes. He was holding a book all the time. If I could beat him, I would have taken this mountain as my own,” someone said disdainfully.

Although their inner force was abolished, as geniuses, many of these people were still very unconvinced.

Of course, they only dared to talk privately, they would never dare to say it in front of Scott.

Foley glared at the man and said, “No talking while eating. If you dare to say something nonsense, get out of here now.” The man immediately frightened, not daring to say anything.

At this time, Foley turned his head and glanced. Scott was standing in front of a big tree at this time, practicing the moves learned from the secret book.

“Bid shot, come and eat potatoes, stop practicing,” Foley shouted.

Scott didn’t answer him. His body moved with the wind, one after another. His movements were smooth, making people feel comfortable.

Everyone turned their heads and looked towards Scott. They saw Scott’s movements when they were eating potatoes, and they stopped eating.

These people all had reached the initial stage of inner force, and had their own understanding of martial arts. Although they looked a group of farmer who were chatting after work, they were all real experts in martial arts.

So they could all see the subtlety contained in the moves Scott was performing at this time, and Scott’s smooth moves made them a little stunned.

“This…what is this move, why have I never seen it before?”

“His move is so easy and smooth, as if he and nature are merged together. How can he do so?”

“Okay, isn’t it just a punch? What’s so good about him? No matter what, he is just an inner force expert at medium stage. No matter how powerful the punch is, his strength will not increase much in a short time. Haven’t you seen it? He has been hitting that tree for many days. It’s a one-meter thick tree. Could it be that he thought he could break the tree with one palm?” The person who expressed disdain at Scott at that time said again.

At this time, Scott finished his set of moves, and then quickly slapped a palm on the trunk of the tree in front of him.

A powerful force exploded on Scott’s palm, and the invisible air wave dissipated in the surroundings. With a click, a crack quickly appeared on the big tree in front of Scott, and then the crack expanded rapidly. Because of the crack, the whole tree lost its balance and fell directly to the other side.

Seeing this scene, the person who spoke just now closed his mouth immediately, and there was a touch of embarrassment and deep fear in his eyes.

Scott looked at the big tree in front of him that was broken by him, with a satisfied smile on his face. Just now, the power of his palm was the result of his combined inner force and the power of the Basic Practicing Skills for Strength recorded in the secret book.

Originally this was just an attempt by him. He didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

It was only the first day he started to practice that skill, and he had only accumulated a little strength. If he could fully master the skill, combined with his inner force, his strength would reach a quite terrifying level.

The Basic Practicing Skills for Strength was called XuanGong, and the power obtained from it was called XuanJin. Scott combined XuanJin and inner force to burst out unimaginable power.

As for the difference between XuanJin and inner force, Scott didn’t know. Maybe his master would know. He had to find a way to get out of the No. 5 Prison before going to ask his master about it.

This afternoon, Scott was practicing XuanJin. At this time, a figure appeared on the Edith mountain, aggressively.

“Who is Scott? Get out, and give me all the potatoes you planted, otherwise, all of you will die!”


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