The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 714 Results

Two months later.

On the mountain where Scott was located, the first ray of sunlight shined here, and the chirping of birds awakened the vitality of this place. It was obvious that this originally deserted mountain had become verdant. Large, tidy potato fields seethed and teemed with life, and the vines of potatoes had covered nearly a third of the mountain.

However, there were more than dozens of wooden houses here. Many of the wooden houses had been carefully decorated and appeared to be of different styles.

The fat man was the first to walk out of the wooden house. He felt the morning sun and stretched out a lot. He looked very comfortable and contented.

He had been in this No. 5 Prison for a few years, and only the last two months were the happiest time for him. With Scott, he didn’t have to worry about his safety, or be always on tenterhooks at all. All he needed to do was to plant the potatoes in accordance with Scott’s request.

After two months of development, the number of people on their hill had reached as many as eighteen. These people came to provoke after hearing that Scott occupied the mountain, but they were eventually beaten up by Scott and were submissive.

Of course, the number of people who really came to provoke Scott was twice as many as those who stayed on the mountain.
Half of the people refused to obey Scott’s orders, and they were all killed in the end.

The only thing that made Scott feel a little regretful was that the people he had subdued were all inner force experts at initial stage, and there was no one reached the medium stage of inner force.

In the past two months, there were three inner force experts at medium stage who came to find trouble. Although they were all defeated by Scott in the end, Scott’s methods could not abolish their inner force. In addition, it was difficult to beat up these people, so these people finally ran away.

A month ago, the mountain of Scott had been named the Edith Mountain. This name was naturally set by Scott to express his miss for Edith. In the following month, the reputation of the Edith Mountain had spread throughout the entire No. 5 Prison.

At first, everyone felt that the person who occupied the mountain was insane and was dicing with dice, so that he dared to let others know his position so blatantly.

It wasn’t until Scott defeated the first inner force expert at medium stage that everyone realized that the reason Scott dared to

be so blatant was because he had absolute confidence in his own strength.

After that, he beat two consecutive inner force experts at medium stage, and it shocked the entire No. 5 Prison. So far, the reputation of the Edith Mountain had been spread out. No one dared to look down on the people on the Edith Mountain. They all knew there was a great master on the Edith Mountain, and he was not a man to be trifled with.

Today, the fat man looked more excited than usual, because according to Scott, today was the day when potatoes were ripe, and his task today was to test the results of these two months of hard work.

Because of the increase in the number of people on the mountain, the fat man was also promoted from the potato planting commissioner to the captain of the production brigade. During this time, he was only in charge of directing people to grow the potatoes and build houses without having to do it himself. It was extremely easy for him.

In order to let the fat man better manage these people, Scott taught the fat man the method of abolishing the inner force of others in a short period of time, because the validity of this method could only last for a period of time, after which it would be invalid. In order to prevent these people from escaping, it needed to be “updated” every once in a while.

Scott felt it was too troublesome, so he let the fat man take care of the matter. Through this time of getting along, Scott found that the fat man was still a reliable person, and he was a rare kind-hearted person in No. 5 Prison, so he didn’t worry that the fat man would betray him.

What’s more, even if the fat man betrayed, it wouldn’t have much influence on Scott.

The fat man was moved because Scott was willing to teach him such a powerful method. He secretly vowed in his heart that he must work hard to complete the task that Scott ordered, and he must live up to Scott’s expectations.

“Get up, don’t sleep, the sun is shining!” the fat man yelled out loudly.
Before long, everyone in the house walked out.

Although these people had been abolished their inner force and were treated as labor, they had resentment in their hearts, but they were no in a state of anxiety during this time, and Scott had not robbed them of their food, which made them accept this fact.

At the very least, farming here was much more comfortable than dealing with a group of guys who wanted to kill them every day.
Before long, the fat man took everyone to the potato field and started digging potatoes.

Everyone was a little excited, after all, these were potatoes that they had grown by themselves, and after having potatoes, they no longer have to worry about starving.

At this time, in the prison building, in the monitoring room.

There were already a dozen people standing here, staring at the screen, and there was a little excitement in their eyes.

At this time, on the screen, it was the scene of the fat man leading a group of people digging potatoes.

“Unexpectedly, these guys actually succeeded in planting these potatoes. I have watched them for more than a month, and now I feel a little happy,” Conway said with a smile.

Scott easily survived in No. 5 Prison for two months, allowing Conway to win the bet with the two old men. He was getting more and more comfortable to see Scott now.

“It’s not fun to plant potatoes. The key point is that we are in No. 5 Prison. A bunch of people who are arrogant outside are starting to plant potatoes. This is interesting.”

“Well, I think it must be because it’s boring to work here, so I think it’s very interesting to watch them grow potatoes.” “It’s just that they haven’t met a real ruthless person. When the people on List of Malicious People come to them, their good days

are coming to an end.” At this time, a voice faintly sounded.

Everyone present did not refute, and seemed to have acquiesced to this person’s opinion.

When Scott came out of the wooden house, he saw the fat man and a group of people digging potatoes. There was already a pile of potatoes on the ground, and a smile appeared on his face.

“Boss, look at the potatoes we grow by ourselves. They are all very big. Now we don’t have to worry about getting starved!” The fat man saw Scott come out and shouted at him with a smile.

Scott just smiled and nodded, then took out a wooden bench, sat at the door of the wooden house, and took out the martial arts secret book.

He hadn’t slept all night, and had been studying the method of teaching people to practice basic strength described in this secret book.

After more than two months of research, Scott had basically figured out the special features of this book, which should be a martial arts theory completely different from inner force.

In this book, there were many simple and practical little moves, some seemingly more powerful moves, and three moves marked with the strongest attack of “unique move”.

And Scott had used all these moved with his inner force, and the effect was very little, which made Scott feel that this secret book was fake.

But just last night, Scott finally understood the strength-based cultivation method described in this cheat book, referred to as Basic Practicing Skills for Strength.

Only by relying on the strength of Basic Practicing Skills for Strength, could people perform all the moves in this secret book to give play to the strength it should have.

And the description of Basic Practicing Skills for Strength in this secret book was obscure, and Scott read it all night but couldn’t understand it.

Just as Scott frowned and thought about the narration in the secret book, a gust of wind blew by, and Scott didn’t hold the secret book tightly and let it fall to the ground.

Scott reached out and picked up the book, and found that he had taken it upside down. Just as he was about to turn it, a glimmer of light flashed in his mind, and his eyes brightened.


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