The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 713 Growing Potatoes

Scott’s voice spread far away, and many people who were moving nearby laughed when they heard him.

There was such a matter that someone occupied the mountain as its own territory in the No. 5 Prison before, but those who did it all died miserably in the end, so when they heard that there was a person doing it, they couldn’t help but feel a little bit funny.

The fat man also looked at Scott anxiously. He didn’t expect that Scott would suddenly do this. Originally, Scott built a wooden house here, which made him very worried. Now Scott directly announced to everyone that he was staying here. Didn’t he let others target them?

After Scott got down, the fat man ran towards him and said anxiously, “Boss, it doesn’t matter that you occupy the mountain, but why do you have to announce it? Someone must have been eyeing us now. Let’s leave here before someone comes to make trouble. Let’s give up the wooden house. I’ll get you one later.”

Scott smiled and glanced at the fat man, and said, “If I didn’t shout, how could they know that this mountain is mine? If someone is asking for trouble, I will kick them away. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Hearing what Scott said, the fat man couldn’t refute. He thought that Scott was an inner force expert at medium stage, and in a short time, he shouldn’t encounter too much trouble.

And the reason Scott did this was to make people run over and make trouble.

Although he was currently locked in this No. 5 Prison and could not get out, Scott never felt that he would stay in this place for the rest of his life.

Once out, he still needed to face Myles, so he must quickly improve his strength when Myles couldn’t break into No. 5 Prison to kill him.

Fighting was undoubtedly the fastest way to improve his strength.

There were a lot of powerful masters in No. 5 Prison. Naturally, Scott wanted to make good use of this opportunity. He didn’t want to find others one by one. The best way was to let others come to fight with him.

“Boss… Boss, although I have decided to be your follower, with my strength, I can’t actually help you too much. When someone comes to trouble you, can you not let me be cannon fodder?” the fat man said, staring at Scott.

Scott smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s still useful for me to keep you. It would be a waste to let you be cannon fodder.”

“What’s the use?” the fat man asked.

“Open your hand,” Scott said.

The fat man looked confused, but he still stretched out a hand.

Scott put two chubby things in the palm of the fat man, and the fat man looked down, narrowing his small eyes.
“These are… potatoes?”

“Yes, these two potatoes are our important possessions. You must take good care of them. If you lose them, I will screw your head off,” Scott said.

The fat man was more confused and said, “Aren’t these just two potatoes? Why are they important? These two are not enough for me to stuff my teeth.”

Scott glared at the fat man and said, “This is not for you to eat. These two potatoes are for planting. I will show you how to cut them later. You will be responsible for planting potatoes in the future. Whether we can have enough for every meal depends on your planting technology.”

The fat man’s eyes widened immediately, and he glanced at Scott strangely. He didn’t expect Scott to bring in two potatoes for planting.

Immediately he realized Scott’s wisdom. In this No. 5 Prison, food was scarce. Everyone only knew about killing each other and grabbing other people’s food. No one had ever thought about growing their own food to eat.

After all, before these people came in, they were all powerful and never lacked food. After they came in, they had to be frightened every day. No one would even think of getting some vegetable seeds to plant.

Even if someone really thought of this method, they may not be able to implement it successfully. After all, people may be gone before the vegetables had matured.
Scott didn’t take these problems seriously. If he couldn’t even live longer that a potato here, he might as well just kill himself.

In this way, Scott started the life of a king of a mountain in No. 5 Prison. He only had fat man to help him. The position currently assigned to the fat man was a potato planting commissioner, and Scott himself was the security director of the mountain, responsible for fighting all those who try to violate his territory.

On the first day Scott announced to occupy the mountain, a total of eight inner force experts at initial stage came to provoke.

The security director Scott directly convinced these people by beating them, and then used his body’s strength to temporarily abolish their inner force.

This move was learned by Scott from the martial arts secret book.

Although it was not clear what genre this martial arts secret book belonged to, Scott could find some very subtle things mentioned above.

For example, he discovered on a certain page that hitting certain acupuncture points on the human body could cause the person’s breathing to be disordered.

The use of inner force by an inner force expert depended on deep breathing If one’s breathing was disordered, he would have no way to use the inner force in the body, and would be no different from ordinary people.

It was precisely after learning this trick that Scott came up with the idea of occupying the mountain. This trick may not be useful for the inner force experts at medium stage, but as long as he could made these inner force experts at initial stage lose their combat effectiveness, then he could not have to kill them without worrying about their attack.

In this way, many free laborers could appear on Scott’s mountain.

The fat man was amazed by Scott’s methods. The eight inner force experts at initial stage were shocked when they discovered that they had lost their combat effectiveness, and they all followed the fat man to plant potatoes honestly.

The prison building, in the monitoring room.

The two old men who bet with Conway were sitting here. There were countless shots on the big screen in front of them, which strictly monitored the entire No. 5 Prison.

Although No. 5 Prison was a few enclosed mountains, there may be pinhole cameras arranged by prison administrators to monitor the prisoners inside on any trees.

“It’s ridiculous that the new guy actually announced that he was going to occupy the mountain in the morning. I guess he should have been beaten to death by now.”

“Young people are really reckless. Conway still thinks that this kid can live for more than ten days. It’s really naive.” “Switch the picture to the area where that guy is, and see what’s going on with him now.”

Then the two of them switched the picture on the screen to the top of the mountain where Scott was.

When the situation on the top of the mountain came into view, the two old men’s eyes widened.

They saw that on the top of the mountain, Scott was sitting in front of the wooden house, staring at a simple secret book, and not far from the top of the mountain, the fat man was leading eight people with his homemade simple hoes to reclaim wasteland.

The light of the setting sun shines on the top of this mountain, making this picture quite idyllic.
“This…what’s going on? Why do they look so harmonious?” an old man exclaimed.
“Oh my god, what kind of person is this guy, he actually subdued the nine masters in No. 5 Prison, and let them start… farming?”

For a time, Scott became an internet celebrity in the prison building. Anyone who heard about this incident would come to see Scott commanding everyone to farm the land as soon as they had time…


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