The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 712 Be A Local Despot

No. 5 Prison.

On a hill that was neither high nor low, Scott was sitting cross-legged on a boulder, staring down at a bracelet he was wearing on his wrist, trying to take it off. Unfortunately, he tried many times, but he didn’t succeed.

And not far from Scott, a fat man was panting and chopping down a big tree. There were several trees falling down beside him.
What he held in his hand was a simple axe made of stone, although It’s hard to chop trees with the axe, but for an inner force expert at initial stage, it was a piece of cake.

This fat man was the one who hid before and wanted to take advantage of the fight between Scott and others. When he was about to escape, Scott caught him back, and did not kill him as he did with the other three men.

One reason for keeping the fat man’s life was because Scott didn’t understand the situation in No. 5 Prison yet, so he needed someone to explain to him, and the other reason was because Scott didn’t feel the sanguinary breath of the three people who died in his hands on the fat man.

Perhaps more than half of those imprisoned in this prison were extremely wicked people, but there were certainly many people who, like Scott, killed people for revenge, and were eventually imprisoned here.

The fat man’s eyes were much clearer than those of the previous three. Under consideration, Scott kept him. Of course, more of the reason was that Scott wanted to find a free coolie. For example, the fat man was now being asked to build a wooden house before night, otherwise he would be in danger.

“You mean the prison administrator controls us through this bracelet, except for them, there’s no way to take off this bracelet?” Scott asked.

The fat man turned his head and glanced at Scott, and said, “Yeah, don’t underestimate this bracelet. This bracelet can not only track your location, but also release extra high voltage current, which will paralyze you instantly. Even an inner force expert at medium stage cannot resist it for more than a second under this super-strong voltage current.”

Scott raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t expect this little bracelet to have such a powerful effect.

Griffin put it on Scott on the way here. He said it was a unified requirement of No. 5 Prison. It was used for positioning. Scott would not have worn it if he had known that it could still release electricity. Now he knew that he was trapped by Griffin.

It’s no wonder that Griffin and his party dared to enjoy the scenery along the way.
Scott did not pay attention to the bracelet anymore. Anyway, everyone here had it. He was now a prisoner and really needed some restraints.

“Boss, I think we really don’t need to build a house in this kind of place, here, the easiest way to survive is to hide. If you stay in a fixed place like this, you will be a target for others,” the fat man said to Scott.

Scott glared at him and said, “Just do it, don’t talk nonsense. If you can’t build it before sunset, I’ll kill you.” The fat man dared not say anything, and hurried to chop the wood.

In the evening, the already tired fat man breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the construction succeed, although it was a bit crude, but it was habitable.

Seeing that the fat man had completed the task, Scott didn’t say much. After putting his things in the wooden house, Scott asked the fat man how to eat here.

The fat man said that in prison, there was only one chance to get food every day. At 8 o’clock in the evening, everyone could go to the gate and get a boxed lunch.

This boxed lunch was their food source throughout the day.

During the period of receiving the box lunch, no one could take the other people’s box lunch casually, otherwise they would be punished by electric current.

Therefore, during the half-hour of receiving a box lunch every day, it was the calmest time in the whole prison.

However, this rule was only valid within half an hour of receiving the lunch box. After this time, or leaving the gate position, they would no longer be protected by prison administrators, and they deserved to be robbed.

Therefore, the time after receiving the box lunch was often the cruelest time in prison.

In a place where food was so scarce, in order to get an extra meal, some people didn’t care lives of others at all.

At eight o’clock in the evening, Scott followed the fat man to the gate, and saw that there was a pile of boxed lunches neatly placed there. There were already many people in line to get it. Everyone only got one, no one dared to get more.

Scott took a closer look at the people who were in the line and found that their aura was not weak, but most of them were at the initial stage of inner force. Scott did not see an inner force expert at medium stage.

According to the fat man, inner force experts at medium stage would have some subordinates, and they would let these subordinates come over to get food, but they would not come in person.

After taking a box of lunch, Scott felt that the gaze of the people around him was obviously a little unkind, and the fat man was even more worried, because it was easy to know that Scott was a newcomer, and the newcomer’s boxed lunch was often the easiest to be robbed.

Sure enough, on their way back, they encountered four times of encirclement, two of which were single person and the other two were a combination of two people.

These people didn’t know Scott’s strength, thinking that Scott was a newcomer, and being so young, it must be very easy to grab his food, but their final end was the same.

The boxes in these people’s hands eventually fell into Scott’s hands. The fat man saw that Scott snatched other people’s boxes so easily, he was a little bit speechless in shock.

“It’s no wonder that those inner force experts at medium stage rarely go to pick up the lunch in person. With their strength, even if they grab it at random, they won’t starve.”

Back in the wooden house, Scott put down a total of seven boxes in his hand, and the fat man touched the only box in his hand, looking at Scott with envy

Scott noticed the look in the fat man’s eyes, saved two lunches for himself, and gave the rest to the fat man.

“These are enough to me. You helped me build a wooden house today. These are rewards for you. I don’t think you are evil. It should be forgiven for you to be imprisoned here. I won’t embarrass you. Now, after this meal, you can leave,” Scott said.

The fat man looked at the six box lunches in front of him, and he cried. how long he hadn’t had enough. With his body type, he only had this small box of lunch every day, how could he be full?

“Boss, you are my benefactor. Thank you.” The fat man said to Scott, and then gobbled his food.

Scott didn’t say anything, and started eating. Two boxes of lunch were enough for him. As for the future, he didn’t think much about it. Anyway, if he couldn’t have enough food, he could grab someone else’s. Here, he didn’t have any guilt.

Before long, the fat man ate the six boxes of lunch, and then he hiccups.

He turned to look at Scott, stood up, bowed respectfully to Scott, and said, “Boss, I am Foley, I am not a ungrateful and vicious person. Since you are willing to feed me today, then I will never let you lose. From today onwards, I will be your follower. No matter what happens, you can tell me, I will certainly do my best for you and never betray you!”

Scott looked at the fat man and smiled, and said, “It’s up to you.”

The next morning, the fat man was lying on the branch of a big tree not far from the wooden house, sleeping soundly. At this moment, the sound of someone running awakened him instantly.

He opened his eyes and saw Scott rushing to the tallest tree here, tapping his toes, and jumping to the top of the tree in a few strokes.

After that, a powerful voice spread across a radius of more than a kilometer in an instant.

“Today, this mountain will belong to me, Scott. Anyone who steps into my territory will be killed without mercy!”


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