The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 710 It Is Not too Late to Run Away Now

At the end of the tunnel, three men of different body form were standing together. They were staring at the tunnel with their eyes narrowed. It seemed that they were looking forward to something.

These three people didn’t look much different from the people of the outside world. However, if people looked carefully at them, they would vaguely feel that they were brutal people. Only people who always did dangerous things could look like that.

Besides, although they three stood together, they were guarding against each other as if they might suddenly kill the people around.

They three were all inner force expects in initial stage. If they were in the outside world, they would be considered to be powerful.
However, when they were in No. 5 Prison, they were the weakest people here.

In No. 5 Prison, people might run into an expert in fighting in medium stage at any time, so inner force expects in initial stage all lived in danger. Those who were not intelligent and powerful enough basically couldn’t survive for more than three days.

The inner force expects in initial stage, who could survived in No. 5 Prison for many years, were all very smart. Besides, they all had their ways to save their lives when they fought with inner force expects in medium stage.

There wasn’t something like trust, friend, help, and so on in No. 5 Prison. In this place, there was only benefit and desire to live.
To survive, people here would do anything.

Therefore, in this place, no one would trust anyone other than himself or herself.

However, to have a greater chance to survive, some of them would form a short-term alliance with others. Most of those who did that were inner force expects in initial stage. Recently, there were many small groups in No. 5 Prison.

Of course, in just a few days, nearly half of the people who cooperated with others began to kill the people they cooperated with for not liking each other.

When these three people happened to pass by the end of the tunnel, they heard the sound made when the iron door was opened. They realized that there was a newcomer.

What they liked most was that there was a newcomer. No. 5 Prison allowed people that were going to be put into it to take things with them. Many people would take a lot of things with them when they were put into the No. 5 Prison. As long as the people inside kill the newcomers, they could get what the newcomers took with them.

People inside the prison lived in appalling conditions. And there wasn’t enough food. Because of all that, these people would attach great importance to even a small packet of snacks. If someone came here with cigarettes, even the inner force expects in medium stage would come to fight for it.

“What will the newcomer takes with him? I have long not met a newcomer. Even if I met one, the things the newcomer took with him or her would be taken away by others. This time, we’re so lucky that we run into a newcomer as we happen to pass by this place.” The shortest man said.

“When he’s out of the tunnel, kill him. And then we’ll know it.” The man with scary scar on his face spoke.

“Let me make it clear now. The things we get this time must be divided equally. If any of you two have any other ideas, I’ll kill you with my long blades.” The last man carried two long blades on his back. He had the strongest air of forcefulness among them three.

At this moment, in the wood that was not far away from this place, there was someone hiding in the earth beside a tree. Only half of his head was not buried in the earth. Now, he was looking at the three men who were standing at the end of the tunnel.

“Let them fight with the newcomer first, so that I can know how powerful the newcomer is. Then, I’ll take advantage of that. I’m so f*cking smart!”

“Fuck, I almost laughed. Calm down. Calm down. At this moment, I mustn’t expose myself.”

When Scott walked out of the tunnel, he found that there were three people standing at the end of the tunnel. It seemed that they were waiting for him. Scott was stunned for a moment. He thought that they were the staff members of No. 5 Prison and that they specially came to welcome him.

However, he soon found that his idea was somewhat absurd. According to the remarks made by Griffin and other people, it seemed more reasonable that they came to rob him of his belongings.

When they three saw Scott, they were also stunned. Unexpectedly, it was a young man just in his twenties who was put into No.
5 Prison.

“I’ve thought that it would be a powerful person that would come in. Unexpectedly, it’s a reckless young man. Even if a person is very weak, the staff members still put that person into this place. No. 5 Prison is getting worse and worse.” The shortest man spoke.

“Isn’t it great? I can kill a young man in his twenties alone. After I kill him, we’ll get all he has!” The man carrying two blades took the two blades off his back.

The man with scary scar on his face also put on a disdainful expression and said coldly, “Don’t waste time. Hurriedly kill him in case other people will come here.”

Scott gave them a look and said, “I’m serious. It’s not too late for you to run away. When you attack me, I won’t give you the chance to run away.” Hearing that, the three people laughed. They didn’t take what Scott said seriously at all.

“He’s really a reckless young man. Fella, maybe people in the outside world called you a genius, so you believe that you’re quite powerful. But you’re in No. 5 Prison now. There are many people who are more gifted than you are. Don’t pretend to be powerful here.” The shortest man spoke.

“Really? Then you can have a try.” Scott said tonelessly.

“Humph, I’ll let you know how powerful I am!”

The shortest man rushed towards Scott at a speed that rare inner force expects in initial stage could move at.
Scott narrowed his eyes. Feeling the air of forcefulness of this person, he put on a playful smile.

Among inner force expects in initial stage, these people could definitely be said to be among the most powerful people. However, they were just in initial stage. However many tricks they had, they couldn’t defeat Scott, who had entered medium stage.

However, they wouldn’t know that Scott, who was only in his twenties, had already been in medium stage.
After coming close to Scott, the shortest man gave Scott a punch in the face.

Scott took his wrist and then gave him a kick in the belly. Scott waved his arm and heavily threw him to the ground.

That man put on a frightened expression. He didn’t expect Scott to be so good at fighting at all.
“You shouldn’t have attacked me alone.” Scott spoke.

That man opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Scott didn’t give him the chance to do so. He stepped on his.
throat, killing him.

On the note Conway gave Scott, it was made clearly that he must kill his enemies without mercy when he had the chance to do so. Otherwise, he would suffer.

“You’re in medium stage!” The other two men realized that they had misjudged Scott. This person was young, but they couldn’t afford to offend him at all.

They decisively turned around and wanted to run away.
However, Scott had already caught up with them.
Since they came to attack him in a group, then they should go to hell together. In this way, they could accompany each other.

The person, who hid in the wood and was going to rob Scott of his things after the three men fought with Scott, watched Scott kill the three people in shock.

He knew that he would also be killed if he was found out.

Inner force expects in medium stage could tell where a person was by that person’s breath. It was not very safe for him to hide here.

“Fuck, why would he be an inner force expect in medium stage? Fuck, I had better run away now!” That person had been hiding in the earth. Now, he got out of it and wanted to leave before Scott found him.
However, soon after he began to run, he heard someone speak. The voice he heard gave him goose bumps.

“You want to run away soon after you see the fun. It isn’t right, right?”


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