The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 709 Being Put into Prison

Seeing that the old man didn’t believe it, Griffin sighed helplessly, after which he took out a stack of documents from his pocket.
They were reports on what Scott had done in M Country and the documents that had been approved from H Country.

“Conway, you mustn’t look down upon him just because he’s only in his twenties. He’s very powerful.”

This old man was named Conway Young. He was the janitor of No. 5 Prison. He was an inner force expect in medium stage. In the past, he had also served as the captain of a Team of Executor.

Hearing what Griffin said, he twitched his lips and said, “I’ve seen many powerful people. Those who are really very powerful are all not young. It’s impossible that he, a young people in his twenties, is very powerful.”

“Considering that you consider him to be an extremely dangerous person, he should be in initial stage. He’s so young, so he could be said to be very gifted. But people who are put into No. 5 Prison are all gifted.”

“Besides, to tell you the truth, people like him, who are young, gifted but actually not very powerful, are most likely to die. Some of them die within two days of going in. I’ve seen too many such things.”

At ordinary times, there was few people Conway could talk to. Therefore, when he met people, he would talk a little too much.
After taking over the documents Griffin handed, he spoke a lot.

Griffin and other members of Team of Executor all listened to Conway and didn’t interrupt him. However, Tony wanted to laugh because the way Conway acted was very similar to the way he acted when he just met Scott. When he lost face because of Scott again, he felt worse than others because he had looked down upon Scott.

Conway noticed that Tony was holding back his smile. He immediately glared at him and questioned, “Why do you laugh? Could it be that I was wrong? Look at you. You’re so ignorant. Listen, being a janitor here, I’ve seen a lot of geniuses. And the person you bring here is not so gifted.”

“You’re right. But in my opinion, you should take a look at the investigation report about Scott.” Tony spoke.

Only then did Conway lowered his head and read the investigation report about Scott. When he saw that Scott had been in medium stage, he exclaimed, “What! This guy has been in medium stage? How it is possible? He’s only in his twenties. Could it be that he just seems to be young?”

“Conway, he’s indeed just in his twenties. You don’t have to suspect it.” Griffin said.

Conway gave Griffin a glance and then looked at Scott. After that, he continued to read the investigation report.

After finding that Scott had killed the student of Myles, a Grandmaster, Conway couldn’t help raising his head and giving Scott a glance.

“How is it possible for this guy to kill a student of a Grandmaster?”

When he found that Scott injured Griffin, who had tried to stop him, and then killed all the people of the Turner family, Conway sighed, shook his head and said, “Silly boy. You’re so silly. You’re so gifted, but you should do such a silly thing. You’re completely ruining your future!”

Before, Conway was contemptuous of Scott. Now, Conway completely considered Scott to be a rarely see genius. He had been a janitor here for many years, but it was the first time for him to find that someone entered medium stage in his twenties.

Scott did surprise him.
“Conway, can you open the door and let him in now?” Griffin asked.
Conway nodded and said, “Come with me.”

They approached the iron door together. Conway took out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket, handed it to Scott and spoke, “Boy, there are rules of No. 5 Prison on this piece of paper. Have a look at it. You just need to remember one thing: Don’t try to run away by climbing up the wall. Except this, you can act in the way you like. People inside are powerful. You had better be smart. If you can kill someone, just do it. If you don’t kill them, they’ll kill you.”

“Thank you.” Scott said.

“You’re welcome. Even if I give you these suggestions, you might not be able to survive for a few more days. Don’t think that you’re safe because you’re in medium stage. Some inner force expects in medium stage are more powerful that other inner force expects in medium stage. And there are many inner force expects in medium stage inside. Besides, many of them are very powerful. You had better be careful.” Conway kept talking.

Scott was a little embarrassed. In his opinion, the reason why this old man kept talking was that he was too lonely when he worked as a janitor.

Soon, they were close to the iron door. Conway came close to it, entered the password and pressed a button. Then, the iron door opened slowly.

There was a tunnel that was a hundred meters long behind the door. The reason for building this tunnel should be to prevent prisoner from taking the opportunity to escape when the door was opened.

If Scott was right, there should be some mechanisms in this tunnel that were used to prevent prisoners from escaping.
Otherwise, it was not very difficult for inner force expects, who moved very quickly, to pass through this 100-meter tunnel and run away after they heard that the door was opened.

“Well, go in. Remember to guard against a man named Ewing. That person is a mad man. When you meet him, you had better run away at once. Otherwise you’ll suffer.” Conway spoke.

The members of Team of Executor also gave Scott a glance. Then, Griffin spoke, “Good luck.”

Scott nodded and walked into the tunnel without any hesitation.

Scott knew that it would be very difficult for him to go out after going in, but he didn’t struggle. After all, even if he managed to avoid being put into No. 5 Prison, he would be hunted by Grandmaster.

Staying in No. 5 Prison was a good chance for him to temporarily avoid being hunted by Grandmaster. Moreover, there were many experts in fighting here and that he could take the opportunity to become more powerful by fighting with them.

Scott was only sorry that he couldn’t attend the banquet held on the 100th day after his daughter was born.

However, he had taken his mobile phone with him. He also bought a solar charging mobile power supply. He tried before and found that he could make phone calls. After all, people working here needed to make phone calls.

As long as he kept video chatting Edith, everything would be fine. At that time, he could say that he was forced to attend the activity of surviving in the wilderness. Occasionally, he could show Edith his life through videos.

After Scott went into the tunnel, the iron door was closed. After seeing the members of Team of Executor off, Conway quickly entered the building and approached an office. He pushed the door open and went in. There were two other old men sitting inside.

“Come on, a person was put into the prison just. This time, it’s a young man in his early twenties, but I believe that he has great potential. I bet that he can survive for more than 10 days.” Conway said with a smile.

“What? A young man in his twenties? Conway, are you out of your mind? Few people coming here in their twenties could survive more than five days. I bet that he can survive three days.”

“I bet that he can survive for two days. Recently, the people inside are divided into small groups. After going in, this young man might encounter both single and a group of people. And he’s so young. So, he won’t survive for a long time.”

Conway put on a playful smile. To win money from these two old men, he was not going to tell them that Scott had been in medium stage…


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