The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 708 The Choice Scott Made

After hearing what Scott said, both Nicolle and Caro were astonished. Soon after that, Caro hurriedly spoke, “Scott, don’t go to No. 5 Prison. If you’re put into it, you’ll never be able to leave it.”

Scott smiled and said, “If I don’t go there, I’ll be hunted by a Grandmaster. I’m afraid that I’ve been an enemy of Myles. If another Grandmaster hunts me, I’ll soon be killed. It’s better to hide in No. 5 Prison.”

Hearing that, Caro didn’t know what to say. Considering the current situation of Scott, comparing staying outside the No. 5 Prison, it might be really safer to be in No. 5 Prison.

When Scott said those words, he was serious. After all, considering how powerful he was now, if he fought with a Grandmaster, he would definitely be killed. Although it seemed that people would never be able to leave No. 5 Prison after being put into it, there was still some hope.

The members of Team of Executor didn’t expect that Scott would respond to them in this way. They had expected that they would had a fight with Scott. After hearing what Scott said, they were a little astonished.

“Before going to No. 5 Prison, I want to ask you two questions.” Scott said.
“Go ahead.” Griffin spoke.
“Is there any Grandmaster in No. 5 Prison?” Scott asked.

“The Warden of No. 5 Prison is a Grandmaster. Except the Warden, the most powerful people is just in medium stage. But the levels of inner force expects in medium stage are different. Some of them are no weaker than a Grandmaster.” Griffin replied.

Scott nodded and then asked, “Then, can Grandmasters casually enter No. 5 Prison?”

No, they can’t. I understand your worry. Many of the people in No. 5 Prison have the experience of offending, but no Grandmaster has especially ever gone to No. 5 Prison to take revenge on them. With the Warden, even if there is a Grandmaster wanting to break in, he or she has to consider whether it’s worth it or not.” Griffin answered.

Hearing that, Scott made a sound in return and said, “I don’t have any question now. You can take me to No. 5 Prison now.”

Both Caro and Nicolle were seriously staring at Scott. It was not a trivial matter. After all, it would affect the future of Scott.
However, Scott acted as if he didn’t take it seriously. Seeing that, they were all anxious.

“Scott, you…You must protect your life. Guanling needs you. If boss knew that you are put into No. 5 Prison, he would be worried about you.” Caro spoke.

Scott gave her a glance and said with a smile, “Don’t worry. These days, I’ve been reading the book on martial arts given by you. I’ve learned something. If I can completely learn what is taught in this book, I should be able to be essentially more powerful. At that time, it should be easy to make half of the prisoners to vote for me.”

Caro was immediately stunned. She didn’t expect that Scott stayed so calm because of that book on martial arts.

Besides, hearing what Scott said, she was astonished. Now, Scott had entered medium stage. If he became essentially more powerful, didn’t it mean that he would become a Grandmaster?

She had never heard that anyone could become a Grandmaster in his or her twenties.
“Are you serious?” Caro asked while staring at Scott.
Scott smiled, but he didn’t answer. Then, he came close Griffin and other members of Team of Executor.

Griffin and other members of Team of Executor didn’t relax their concentration because of the attitude of Scott. They were worried that Scott was trying to fool them and that Scott was just pretending. Therefore, they were still alert.

Watching Scott being taken away by the members of Team of Executor, Nicolle sighed helplessly and murmured, “He’s so gifted. It’s a pity that he’s impetuous. If this thing didn’t happen, he would definitely be a bigwig among the martial artists of H Country in the future.”

“Dad, do you really think that Scott will be in No. 5 Prison for the rest of his life?” Caro asked.

Nicolle didn’t know how to answer. If it were an ordinary genius that was put into No. 5 Prison, he could speak those words. But it was Scott, who had made too many miracles, that was taken away. He shouldn’t think about the things about Scott in the way he thought about the things of other people.

“Maybe he can really fight his way out of No. 5 Prison. For the time being, let’s expect it.” Nicolle murmured.
Caro nodded seriously.

“By the way, Caro, do you have a crush on Scott?” Nicolle moved to another topic, turning his head and asking.
Caro blushed at once. She glared at Nicolle and said, “I don’t like him. Dad, stop kidding me.”

Nicolle laughed and said, “I have no idea if you like him or not.”

In the Rocky Mountains of M Country.

In a few continuous mountains, several people were walking towards the foot of the mountain. Compared with these towering mountains, they were as small as ants. Looking down from the peaks, people could only vaguely see a few small black spots.

They were exactly Scott and the members of Team of Executor of Chinatown of M Country who were escorting Scott. It took them a day to take Scott to this place.

It was a depopulated zone. And the famous No. 5 Prison was located in this place.

When they were far from No. 5 Prison, they could see that these mountains were surrounded by a wall about thirty meters high.
The space inside the wall all belonged to No. 5 Prison.

This wall was built to prevent the prisoners from escaping. There was electricity of 300000 volts on the wall. If someone wanted to climb up the wall, the person, even if he or she was a Grandmaster, had to think about if they would be instantly electrocuted.

They came to the only place where people could come in and out. It was a hidden building. The staff members, who kept the No.
5 Prison functioning normally, all lived in the building.

The Warden, who was a Grandmaster, also lived in this building. Of course, there was no need for the Warden to take over him in person. Therefore, Scott certainly had no chance to meet the Warden this time.

Soon, the members of Team of Executor came close to a huge iron door with Scott. There was a small house in front of the door, in which an old was sleeping. Half of his hair was white.

Griffin approached the door of that small house, knocked on the door and said, “Hi, we come to send someone here. There is a person who is considered to be extremely dangerous and we need to put him into No. 5 Prison. Please open the door and let him in.”

The old man opened his eyes, but he was still sleepy. After seeing Griffin, he spoke, “Oh, it’s you, Griffin. You should catch a

person that is considered to be extremely dangerous? You’re so capable! Bring him over and let me have a look.”

Sullivan came close to the small house with Scott. At this time, Scott’s hands were tied with a chain. Griffin required to tie Scott’s hands several times, so Scott put it on.

The old man looked at Scott up and down. Then he sneered and said, “Griffin, could it be that you’re out of your mind? This guy seems to be in his twenties. Is it possible that he is an extremely dangerous person? In my opinion, he’s not as dangerous as the wild wolf in the opposite mountain. Stop kidding me.”


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