The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 707 No. 5 Prison

Griffin and the rest six members of the team went into the living room. Tony walked in behind Griffin, looking at Scott with a serious expression. This time, seeing that Scott was so powerful, he was shocked again.

Griffin had always been the most powerful member of the Team of Executor in Chinatown of M Country. However, he should be injured by Scott and even make the judgment that all the members of Team of Executor should deal with Scott together.

Previously, when Tony was facing Scott, he felt a little proud. Now, Tony was afraid. He thought: Luckily, Scott was not a mad man, otherwise I would have been killed that night.

“Chairman Nicolle, we’re performing our duty. Please forgive us for any trouble we may bring to you.” Griffin spoke to Nicolle.

Nicolle smiled with embarrassment and said, “Griffin, what happened? It’s been more than 10 years since all the members of Team of Executor worked together last time. Is there anything that is so serious?”

Griffin looked at Scott and spoke, “As a matter of fact, I’m a little afraid now. Although all members of our team will work together, I’m not sure whether we can catch him.”

Nicolle followed Griffin’s eyes. Hearing that, he was startled, murmuring, “You…You’re not sure…Scott…”

“Dad, this afternoon, the people of the Turner family wanted to dig the corpse of Scott’s grandpa out of his tomb. Scott acted on an impulse and the people of the Turner family were all…” Caro told Nicolle what happened today.

Nicolle gasped. He didn’t expect that Scott would attack the people of the Turner family. Besides, hearing that all the people of the Turner family were killed, he was scared.

“Scott, you’re indeed the most powerful genius among the geniuses I’ve ever seen. You even kill the student of a Grandmaster.
You might be the most gifted person ever in history.” Griffin spoke to Scott.

“However, you shouldn’t kill so many ordinary people. If you use other tricks, I won’t interfere with it. It’s normal that there is rivalry between two families. However, you used the most stupid way. So we have to deal with you.”

“Maybe we seven can’t catch you even if we fight together, but we’ve already reported it to headquarters. If you resist, it’ll be Grandmaster that will come to catch you next time.”

Griffin explained to Scott with a trace of pity in his eyes.

Sullivan also sighed. Their Captain was not the kind of person who would easily admitted that someone was powerful.

Now he believed that the seven members of Team of Executor, among whom there were two inner force expects in medium stage and five inner force expects in initial stage, should be unable to catch a young man who was only in his twenties.

It was definitely the top remark Griffin had given someone in his life.

Scott raised his eyebrows. Now, he had already offended a Grandmaster. If another Grandmaster was sent to deal with him, however powerful he was, he would live a difficult life.

“Don’t be anxious. I won’t run away now. Why not tell me how you’ll punish me after you catch me now?” Scott asked.

“We’ll put you into No. 5 Prison.” Griffin answered.

“That’s all?” Scott was a little puzzled.

“Yes, we’ve decided to put you into No. 5 Prison.” Griffin spoke.

Scott looked at the seven members of Team of Executor, finding that they were all staring at him with sympathy in their eyes.
Seeing that, he couldn’t help wondering what No. 5 Prison was like.

“It turns out that you’ll just put me in jail. I thought that you would punish me severely.” Scott said with a smile.

“Boy, No. 5 Prison isn’t just like a general prison. Generally speaking, we prefer to call it No. 5 Purgatory.” Sullivan spoke.

Griffin nodded and said, “He’s right. If an inner force expect makes a big mistake outside H Country and is meanwhile considered to be extremely dangerous, that person will be put into No. 5 Prison.”

“You can consider being eligible to be imprisoned in No. 5 Prison as an acknowledgement of your power. However, the overwhelming majority of those who are put into No. 5 Prison will die.”

“I’ve never been to No. 5 Prison, so I have no idea what it is like. However, there is a rumor that it’s a jungle. There isn’t much food there, and people who are put into there are powerful. Therefore, those who are not powerful enough even can’t survive the first day.”

“It’s said that No. 5 Prison is originally set up to give gifted and powerful people like you an opportunity to reform. However, as far as I know, the reason why No. 5 Prison is founded is that Executors don’t want to spend too many resources to kill those who have made mistakes. After all, they’re all powerful and it takes a great price to kill them. Therefore, Executors put them into the same prison and let them kill each other, so that they will kill the people who have made mistakes themselves.”

Hearing that, Scott had a general understanding of No. 5 Prison.

It was more like a gathering place of experts in fighting and geniuses than a purgatory. It was just that these experts in fighting and geniuses there had made great mistakes.

“Then, how long are you going to keep me in there? Could it be that I’ll stay there all my life?” Scott asked.

“You may well say so. There isn’t term of imprisonment for anyone who is put into No. 5 Prison. If someone is put into No. 5 Prison, it’s nearly impossible for that person to come out.” Griffin said, “But there’s a rule in No. 5 Prison. Every prisoner in No. 5 Prison will be given a chance to vote. When more than half of the prisoners in No. 5 Prison agree someone to come out, that person will be able to leave No. 5 Prison.”

“This rule is actually meaningless. Those who are put into No. 5 Prison all think highly of themselves, so they won’t agree to let others leave the prison. There is nearly no one who can get the vote of one tenth of the prisoners, not to mention the vote of half of the prisoners. This rule has been always effective. However, no one could come out of No. 5 Prison in so many years.” Sullivan added.

Hearing that, both Nicolle and Caro put on serious expressions.

Being put into such a prison was basically the same as being sentenced to death.

Even if Scott was powerful and was able to survive in that place, he would never be able to come out.

Scott thought about it. He seemed to be comparing being put into No. 5 Prison and being dealt with by two Grandmaster.

“You can choose to resist or even run away. However, if you do so, you’ll be done. Once a Grandmaster is sent to deal with you, you’ll be killed at the moment Grandmaster catches you.”

“Scott, go ahead.”

The members of the Team of Executor immediately walked and stood in a formation. They were all serious. They were just going to deal with Scott alone, but they didn’t relax their concentration for a moment for it.

Scott gave them a glance, after which he waved his hand and said, “Don’t bother. I’ll go with you.”


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