The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 706 Killing

Freeman was getting cold feet. Scott was at the medium stage of inner force, so he couldn’t resist his strength at all.
If Scott planned to kill them, it would be the doom day for the Turner family.

“Scott, please don’t be impulsive. I’m the brother of your grandfather. We are relatives. It is not right for you to attack us.” Since Freeman couldn’t deal with Scott, he could only hope that Scott would let him go because of their kinship.

“Relatives? You are not worthy of it. Now you remember that my grandpa is your brother. Why didn’t you think of it when you chose to bury him near the public toilet?” Scott growled and broke the arm of Freeman directly.

Freeman screamed and was breaking out in a cold sweat in an instant.
“Please let me go. I beg you. I can give you all the property of the Turner family. Please let me go, please,” Freeman begged.

“I’ve thought you would rather die than surrender. But I didn’t expect you to be a coward. I’m ashamed to be related to you,” Scott snorted.

“You bastard, how dare you to scold me? I am the patriarch of the Turner family. You’re just the grandson of the loser.” Freeman realized that Scott wouldn’t let him go, so he began to scold Scott directly.

“You can tell these words to Death when you meet him. Today, the Turner family will disappear in this world.”

Scott didn’t continue to speak. He directly wrung the neck of Freeman. Then he carried Freeman in his hand and looked at the members of the Turner family.

At this moment, he was the god of Death from the hell.
Those who were evil would be killed by him.

“He is crazy. Run!” At this time, someone shouted. The members of the Turned family ran away in all directions.

Scott threw the corpse of Freeman at those people.

As ordinary people, they couldn’t escape from the person who was at the medium stage of inner force.

How far can these ordinary people run even if they run in front of a master with great internal strength?

He shuttled between those people. Then everyone screamed and fell down to the ground.

Scott killed them. Every member of the Turner family was slaughtered like a lamb. They all died in Scott’s hands.

He didn’t care that the Executor would punish him. Freeman had gone too far. If he didn’t take revenge on them, it would be meaningless for him to be an inner force expert.

Griffin, lying on the ground, looked at Scott, who looked like the god of Death. He sighed helplessly and knew that Scott had made a big mistake.

Caro felt very worried. Although she wanted to stop Scott when she saw him killing the members of the Turner family, she couldn’t speak anything. After all, the Turner family was doomed to die. But she was worried that Scott was targeted by the Executor because of this matter.

Scott killed so many people this time. Nobody knew how the Executor would punish him.

After a long time, when all the members of the Turner family fell to the ground, Scott stopped and kept panting.

He glanced at the blood on his hand. He tore a piece of a man’s clothes and wiped his hand casually. Then he walked to Caro.
“Let’s go,” Scott said.

Caro thought of many things. She wanted to talk to Scott, but in the end, she just nodded and walked with him to the car.

Nobody had expected that the powerful Tuner family would decline in this way.

The members of the Turner family who followed Freeman to the suburbs survived no more than five people. 90% of the senior members of their family were killed. Even if the Guanling didn’t attack them, they would fall apart.

After returning home, Scott went to a bath and changed his clothes. Then he made a video call with Edith, saying that he might have been in some trouble and couldn’t be able to attend Sherry’s birthday party.

Edith didn’t blame him this time. She asked him worriedly if he was fine. Scott told her that it was not big trouble and he would handle it. As long as he was free, he would make a video call with Edith to make her not worry.

After that, he called Terence and told him that he had destroyed the Turner family.

Terence was surprised and delighted when heard it. Finally, the vendetta between the Davies family and the Turner family came to an end.

Scott didn’t tell Terence that he killed them in front of the leader of the Team of Executors. After all, he couldn’t change anything even if he knew it.

Scott knew that the Team of Executor would come to him. But he didn’t know how they would punish him. If they wanted to kill him, he wouldn’t await his doom.

As long as there was no Grandmaster coming to arrest him, he was confident that he could escape. The rules of Executor could control the inner force experts. But it didn’t fit the Grandmaster.

If they were going to kill him, Scott would hide became a Grandmaster.

After hanging up the phone, Scott took a deep breath and recalled what happened today. He knew was impulsive.
But he came here for revenge. No matter what means he took, the Turner family was destroyed, so he was not regretted.

He came to Caro and asked her to find someone to dig out Otis’ skeleton from the place near the public toilet and sent it back to H country. Then they could bury it in the cemetery of the Davies family.

Caro agreed. But she asked worriedly, “The Executor s won’t let you go. What are you going to do next?”

Scott smiled and said, “It will be a solution. Don’t worry. I’ll wait before they come to me. And I’ll ask how they will punish me. If they want to kill me, I will run away. According to the strength of Griffin, the Team of Executor of Chinatown in M country couldn’t stop me.”

Hearing his words, Caro didn’t know whether she should praise his strength or blame him for his recklessness. There were few people who dared to say these words.

Scott and Caro sat in the living room in the evening. Scott was reading the book on martial arts. Caro was uneasy. She would stand up and go to check the situation outside from time to time.

At this time, Nicolle came back from the outside. When he saw Caro’s action, he asked, “Caro, what’s wrong with you? You look unsettled.”

“Dad, today…” Caro began to explain what happened today to Nicolle.

At this time, they heard the steps of some people outside the living room. After a while, seven people appeared at the door.
Caro’s face changed and she knew they were members of the Team of Executor.

Nicolle turned to look at the door. His eyes widened when he saw the seven people.

As the president of H Country Alliance, he knew the members of the Team of Executor in Chinatown of M Country.

He looked at these seven people carefully to confirm their identities in his heart. Then he murmured, “All the members of the Team of Executor are here now. What happened?”


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