The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 705 The Rule Is Bullshit

“It’s just your bravado. You wouldn’t dare to kill us. As long as you attack us, the Team of Executor will find you. They’ll teach you a lesson at that time.”

A member of the Turner family laughed at Scott smugly. He didn’t take it seriously.
Scott squinted at the man, then he rushed to throw a punch at his chest.

The ribs of that man were broken in an instant, and many of them were directly inserted into the internal organs. He wouldn’t die for a short time, but he had to suffer the pain.

1.1…” The man wanted to say something with his eyes widened. However, he had no chance to speak again.

All the people of the Tuner family were surprised by Scott’s attack on that man. They all took steps back and didn’t dare to provoke him.

Seeing that Scott killed the man with a punch, they were all scared.

“You killed an ordinary people. Are you not afraid of being sanctioned by the Executor?” Someone shouted with horror.
“Ordinary people? You are doomed to die today. I’ll kill all of you,” Scott said in a cold voice.

Seeing Scott so furious, Caro knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop him at this time.

Freeman didn’t expect Scott to kill that man. His body trembled and he was horrified.

“Scott, do you know what you are doing? You killed him, so you will be punished. How could you be so foolish?” Freeman said.

Scott’s eyes fell on him and smiled at him. He said, “I killed him. And I’ll kill you. You can’t do anything to stop me.”

After that, he walked slowly to Freeman.

The members of the Turner family all looked at Case with fear. None of them dared to stop Scott. Theodore was even killed by him. How dare they challenge Scott?

They had thought that Scott would be limited by the rule of inner force experts. However, Scott didn’t care about it at all. If they had known it, they would have run away early.

Freeman felt his forehead sweating. Now he provoked Scott and didn’t know how to handle it. Freeman was scared that he would be killed by Scott. At this time, a man stopped Scott. It was Griffin.

“Scott, stop. You have killed a person. Don’t ask trouble for yourself,” Griffin said.
Scott took a look at Griffin and asked, “Are you a member of the Team of Executor?”

Griffin nodded and said, “Il am the leader of the Team of Executor of Chinatown in M Country. I’m Griffin. I have been watching you for a long time, in order not to let you do anything wrong.”

“To do something wrong? They have planned to dig out my grandfather and torture his body. I just want to take revenge on them.
Is there anything wrong?” Scott asked.

Griffin sighed helplessly and said, “I can understand that you are angry with them. But you are an inner force expert. They are all ordinary people. According to the rule, you can’t kill them.”

“The rule is just bullshit. I’ll kill these bastards today. Nobody could stop me,” Scott shouted.

“If you insist on it, I’ll stop you,” Griffin replied.

When the members of the Turner family heard that Griffin was the leader of the Team of Executor, they felt relieved. Since Griffin was the leader, he would be able to stop Scott.

“Scott, you’d better surrender now. The leader of the Team of Executor has come here. You can’t be unscrupulous. Stop it and confess your mistakes now.”

“Scott, don’t be so arrogant. There is a man who can control you. Since the leader is here, you won’t be able to kill anyone,” Freeman shouted at him. He felt relieved and was not afraid of Scott at this moment.

Scott narrowed his eyes and took a look at Griffin. After that, he snorted and rushed towards Griffin.
Griffin was ready to fight. Seeing Scott attacking him, he immediately moved.

They began to fight against each other. Their strengths were so powerful that people around them had to take steps back because of the force caused by their fighting.

Now they knew the strength of a man who was at the medium stage of inner force. They all felt scared when thought of it.

“Gosh! You have reached the medium stage of inner force at such a young age. You should cherish your talent. If you stop now, ll help you join the Team of Executor. With your talent, it must be easy for you to become a senior Executor,” Griffin said while fighting.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in it,” Scott replied.

Griffin paused and then said, “I can allow you to beat these people to vent to your anger. But you can’t kill them. I’ve made a concession.”

“Don’t try to persuade me. I’ll kill all of them today.”

Scott had released all his strength. He was advanced in outer force and at the medium stage of inner force. Even Griffin was no match for him.

After a while, Griffin felt that it was hard for him to fight with him. He regretted that he came here alone. He should ask Sullivan to come with him.

“How do you practice your inner force? Why is it so powerful?” Griffin asked.

“I’ll tell you later. I’m not available now.”

After finishing his words, Scott took the chance and found the flaw of Griffin. He then gave a punch at his chest.
Griffin’s face changed and he fell down on the ground with the blood flowing out of his mouth.

Scott didn’t plan to kill Griffin, so he just made him faint. Then he could kill all the members of the Turner family.

Seeing that the leader of the Team of Executor was defeated by Scott, everyone gasped in astonishment and they looked very heavy.

Freeman had thought that Griffin would solve Scott easily. However, Griffin was beaten by Scott. At this time, he finally knew how powerful Scott was.

He looked around and immediately ran to the car. He wanted to escape here. As for other members of the Turner family, he couldn’t help them.

After Scott defeated Griffin, he noticed that Freeman intended to run away. He rushed to him at full speed and grabbed him by the shoulder.

Freeman trembled and turned his head slowly. Then he saw Scott with a fierce expression.

‘Isn’t it late to run now?”


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