The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 704 I’ll Destroy the Turner family

The next afternoon, Scott was reading the book given by Caro. At this time, Caro came to his room again.

Caro was wearing a dress like yesterday. It was an orange dress. Since Scott said that she looked pretty in the dress, she was gradually used to being in a dress.

“I just received news from our men. They said that Freeman went to a mountain in the suburbs with senior members of the Turner family. And they took several excavators. But we don’t know what they want to do.” Caro said directly.

Scott raised his eyebrow and put away the book in his hand. Then he asked, “Excavators? Do they plan to find a place for Theodore’s tomb?”

“No. In recent years, your father has been asking me to investigate the tomb of your grandfather after his death. Only the Turner family knows the location of his tomb. However, after the investigation in recent years, I have roughly determined the general place of the tomb. It is in the suburban area where they are going today,” Caro replied.

Scott suddenly narrowed his eyes. He then stood up and said, “Let’s go to it now. I want to know what they want to do.”

Caro nodded and immediately went to arrange the car for him.

They were at the foot of a mountain in the suburbs.

At this time, the members of the Turner family were surrounding a public toilet. There were several excavators next to them. The people who went to the toilet were scared away by them.

Freeman stood at the front, squinting at a place beside the public toilet. He said coldly, “Otis, have you expected that you would be buried near a public toilet after you died?”

“You are rubbish and should stay with the excreme all the time. You didn’t deserve to be buried in any fine place.”

“You must be satisfied that your grandson has killed my grandson. But I’m not satisfied. Theodore is my most excellent grandson. He would bring glory to our Turner family if he were alive. Now he is dead.”

“I come here to vent to my anger. Even you are dead, I’ll never let you go.”

“If I guess it right, your grandson will come here later. I’m expected to his expression after he knows that you have been buried in such a place.”

“Theadore had told me that the inner force expert is not allowed to attack common people. Therefore, even if he comes here, he could only watch me destroy your tomb and couldn’t do anything. I’ll let him know I’ll get even with him after he killed my grandson.”

People around Freeman heard his words. They knew that Freeman was stimulated by the death of Theodore and he was mental now.

“Damn! How dare Scott take revenge on our Turner family? He is annoying.”

“Yes, why couldn’t he stay in H country? Why does he keep making trouble for us?” He is crazy.”

At that time, a car stopped not far away from them. Scott and Caro get out of the car and looked at the Turner family.
“Why are they surrounding the public toilet?” Caro asked doubtfully.

Scott snorted. He had guessed the truth. Then he said coldly, “Let’s go and take a look at it.”

At this time, a person appeared not far from Scott. It was Griffin, the leader of the Team of Executor.
Griffin stared at the Turner family ad sighed helplessly. Then he said, “I hope it will be nothing happened today.”

Scott and Caro walked to the back of the Turner family. Scott said, “Freeman, what are you gaing to do with your men? Do you want to let them dig a tomb for you?”

When they heard the voice of Scott, they all turned to look at him. They made a way for Freeman to let him see Scott.

Freeman turned around and saw it was Scott. He burst into anger. He had been thinking of the face of Scott and wanted to kill him these days.

“Bastard. I knew you would come here. You are the grandson of the loser. How dare you kill the heir of our Turner family? In the past, it would be treason and heresy for you to kill Theodore. You would be condemned to hang,” Freeman said coldly.

“Wasn’t it because Theodore was weaker than me that he lost? If I am the descendent of the loser, isn’t it meant that you are even inferior to the loser?” Scott sneered.

Freeman’s face darkened immediately. He said, “You do have a sharp tongue. But no matter what excuse you made, you are a traitor and bring shame on the Turner family. It is an undeniable truth.”

“Humph, now I know why my grandpa chose to left and changed his first name after I saw you and your family. If it were me, I wouldn’t stay in such a shameless family either,” Scott retorted.
Freeman was angry and his face turned red. He didn’t expect himself to lose to a man much younger than him. He felt

uncomfortable in his heart.

“Damn! No matter how much you said, it couldn’t change the fact that your grandfather is a disgrace to the Turner family. Your grandfather was buried by me next to the public toilet. I’ll let him stay with the excrement forever. You and the Davies family can never change your situation.” Freeman had a smirk on his face.

Hearing what Freeman said, Scott clenched his fists and his eyes became fierce. Although he had guessed why Freeman came here with the members of the Turner family, he was angry after Freeman said it to him.

‘I’ll kill you!” Scott said and gnashed his teeth.

Freeman didn’t fear him and said, “Il know that there is a rule that inner force experts have to follow. You can’t attack me as an ordinary person. If you killed me, you would ask trouble for yourself. Scott, now your strength becomes your limit. I know you can’t do anything to me. Haha.”

Caro tugged at Scott’s arm and said, “Scott, don’t be impulsive. I’ll ask the people in Guanling to come here. They will deal with the Turner family.”

Scott heaved with anger. He had never furious. Freeman buried his grandfather next to the public toilet. Nobody would bear it.

“What a funny thing! Even if you are powerful and string, you can’t kill any of us. You’d better get away now. You can never defeat our Turner family.” They mocked Scott.

Hearing their words, Scott was so angry that he wanted to kill all of them to vent his anger.

“Scott, today I’ll dig out your grandfather and torture his body. What can you do with me? You killed my grandson, so you have to pay the price,” Freeman shouted at Scott.

Scott couldn’t bear it anymore. Freeman was hateful. Even if there were a rule in the inner force experts, he must kill the people of the Turner family today.

The rule couldn’t stop him from taking revenge on them.

“Nobody could stop me today. I’ll kill all of you. I’ll destroy the Turner family,” C Scott growled.


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