The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 703 A Secret Book on Martial Arts

Scott was making a video call with Edit in his room. Seeing that Edith and their daughter were and sound, Scott felt at ease.

He would make a video call with Edith every two days to tell her about his condition. If he called her late sometimes, she would blame him. It seemed that she was scared by his accident last time.

Now Darius was in charge of the affairs of the Davis family. Edith was protected by Baron who was an inner force expert.
Therefore, Scott didn’t have to worry about their situation in B City.

Scott was immersed in his memory with a smile on his face. At this time, someone knocked on the door of his room, which made him come back to himself.

“Come in,” Scott said.

When the door opened, Caro entered the room. She didn’t wear her usual leather pants and black jacket and was wearing a blue dress with her hair scattering on her shoulders. She put on a bow hairpin and had light makeup. She looked completely different from that of her being aloof and detached.

Scott was stunned when he saw Caro. He almost didn’t recognize her.

Caro seemed to be a little shy. She blushed when she saw his reaction.

“You look prettier than before. It is lovely that you are dressed like that,” Scott praised. He regarded himself as an elder.
‘It’s none of your business. I can do whatever I want,” Caro retorted immediately.

Scott sighed helplessly, thinking that she would not change her character for the time being even if she changed her dressing


“Why do you come to me?” Scott asked.

Caro handed an ald book to Scott. It seemed that the book had been stored for a long time. The edge of the book had been crumpled. Fortunately, it was made up of the best printing papers. Otherwise, the book would have been decayed.

The cover of this book was blank. There was nothing on it. Nobody could tell the content of the book from its cover.

“My dad asked me to give it to you. He wanted to thank you for helping me get rid of Carver. Since you don’t lack anything, it is the only thing that he can give to you in return,” Caro said.

“What kind of book is it?” Caro was interested in it when he heard her words. Nicolle was the president of H Country Alliance.
The book sent by him wouldn’t be common.

“My dad said that the book was found by my grandfather from the tomb of inner force expert who was living in the time of the Republican period. Although they don’t know the strength of the expert, it is a secret book of martial arts.”

“However, its content is very different from the way of deep breathing that we use nowadays. My dad has tried to practice according to the way written in the book, but he has never succeeded.”

“He thought you are very talented, so he chose to give it to you. Maybe it is useful to you.”

Hearing what Caro said to him, Scott had a strange smile on his face. This book was taken by her grandfather from the tomb.
To be exact, he thought that the book was stolen from the tomb.

“Excuse me, was your grandpa a grave robber?” Scott asked.

“What are you talking about? The tomb was in M Country at that time. The people of M Country intended to dig up the tomb to do research about it. My grandpa thought that even if the expert died, his things belonged to H Country, which couldn’t be taken by M Country. Therefore, he went to dig the tomb before them. After that, he spent a lot of money sending the ash of the expert back to H Country. Anyway, his home was in H Country,” Caro explained.

Scott nodded at her. But he still felt it funny. To prevent the people of M Country from digging the tomb, Caro’s grandpa chose to dig it before them. It seemed reasonable. But Scott felt it strange.

“Well, I’ll accept it. Please help me express gratitude to your father.” Scott stretched out his hand and took over the book. Since the book was of the inner force expert before, he was interested in it.

After that, Caro became hesitant. It seemed that she had something to tell him.

Scott asked, “Is there anything else?”

Caro took a deep breath and then put a small thing into his hand. She said, “This is for you. Thank you for driving away Carver.” After finishing her words, Caro quickly ran out of his room.

Scott looked down at the thing in his hand and found that it was a hand-woven scented sachet of the crooked shape. Obviously, it was made by a novice.

If he guessed it right, it was made by Caro. He didn’t expect that Caro, who looked cold and aloof would make the sachet for him. Although it looked terrible, he accepted it for her intention.

After putting away the sachet, Scott took a glance at the book in his hand. He turned on the first page and found it was ancient characters on it. Although Scott could distinguish the meaning of most of the characters, it was difficult for him to read.
The book told a way of practicing martial arts, which was very different from the way of breathing deep breathing. Besides, it was

extremely difficult, he had to spend a long time learning it.

“Maybe I can take it for recreation. It is more important for me to improve my inner force,” Scott said to himself.

It was in the Turner family.

All the senior members of the Turner family gathered together in the hall. The dread in the hall seemed to weigh in the air. There were broken cups everywhere and even two tables were broken.

Freeman was furious with his red eyes. He stared at everyone in the hall as if he went crazy.

“Theadore, my boy, he is the hope of our Turner family. Now he died. Why did he die? Scott should be the one to die. God, it’s unfair.”

“Theadore was the disciple of the Grandmaster. He was at the medium stage of inner force. How could he be killed by Otis’ grandson?”

When Freeman was in sadness, someone came to persuade him to calm down. Freeman hit the men who came to persuade him.

“How could I Calm down? My most excellent grandson is dead. How dare you ask me to calm down? I won’t reconcile unless you can bring Theodore back to me.”

Everyone became silent after hearing his words. They didn’t dare to say anything.

Freeman narrowed his eyes and then said, “It was all caused by Otis. If he hadn’t left the Turner family and set up the Davies family, Theodore would have been killed by his grandson.”

“Listen! Find several excavators for me tomorrow. I’m going to dig Otis’ tomb. I’ll take the revenge and torture his corpse.”


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