The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 702 The Pantheon

Scott, who was standing aside, was stunned when he heard Nicolle’s words. Why did Nicolle say that he was his future son-in- law?

At the same time, Nicolle winked at him. Scott knew that Nicolle used him as a tool to drive away Carver.

He found that both Nicolle and Caro disliked Carver. But he was powerful, Nicolle couldn’t take strong measures to deal with Carver. He had no choice but to use Scott to drive him away.

Since Nicolle and Caro had helped him a lot when he stayed in the H Country Alliance these days. Scott thought that he should give them a hand. Anyway, he was just pretending to be Nicolle’s son-in-law, so Scott nodded to him.

Carver turned to look at Scott. When he saw Scott, his eyes were full of disdain.

“Nicolle, are you joking? Will this guy compete with me for Cara?” Carver asked.

“He is not worse than you. Most importantly, Caro likes him. Now it has nothing to do with you. You can go now,” Nicolle said.
Carver turned to look at Caro and asked incredulously, “Caro, do you really think this guy is better than me?”

Although Caro was shy, she understood that this was the way for her to get rid of Carver. She blushed and said, “Yes, he is much better than you. I like him. I won’t marry you.”

Carver’s face darkened and he looked at Scott fiercely.

“Boy, you dare to pursue the woman I like. You’re gonna die. Anyway, for the sake of fairness, let’s have a fight. The winner could marry Caro. If you can defeat me, I won’t pursue Caro. Otherwise, Caro will be my wife,” Carver said.

Hearing the words of Carver, Caro was furious. She didn’t expect that Carver was so shameless that he even wanted to compete with Scott after knowing that she liked Scott.

However, before she could speak anything, Scott said calmly, “Okay.”

Seeing Scott agreed to have a fight with him, Carver smiled meaningfully. It was obvious that he didn’t think the boy, who looked only in his twenties, could beat him.

Carver went to the place under the Tai ji Pattern in the living room and looked at Scott provocatively.

Scott also walked over. The reason why he agreed to fight with Carver was that he found Carverwas not a pushover. If he wanted to let Carver give up pursuing Caro, he could only defeat him.

As for Carver’s strength, Scott was not afraid of him. He had reached the top of outer force and was at the medium stage of inner force. Except for the Grandmasters, Scott thought that nobody could defeat him.

As long as Carver was not a Grandmaster, he would beat him today.

“Dad, why does Scott agree to fight with Carver? If Scott lost, that bastard would keep stalking and pestering me. I don’t want to marry Carver.”

Nicolle looked at Caro calmly and said, “Don’t worry. Don’t forget that Scott is also at the medium stage of inner force, so he may not lose. Let’s watch them fight first.”

Caro nodded at him. Now she can only rest her only on Scott.

Carver stared at Scott and said, “Boy, let me introduce myself. I’m Carver from the Pantheon. I hope you can remember my name. Because I will become your nightmare forever.”

Scott was stunned and he felt that he seemed to be familiar with the name of the Pantheon.

He remembered that when he left Guanling, Terence had asked him not to provoke people from the Pantheon.

Since he left Guanling, Scott had never been in contact with the Pantheon. And he had never even heard of any news about the Pantheon.

It was the first time Scott heard someone said the Pantheon to him.

Although Scott was a little surprised, he still looked very calm. He replied, “I’m Scott Davies.”

“Scott Davis? It sounds familiar, but it doesn’t matter. You will eventually lose to me.”

After that, Carver directly rushed to Scott at full speed. He stretched out his hand and intended to pinch the neck of Scott.
Scott raised his hand to resist him. Then he fought back with his palm and pushed straight at Carver’s chest.

Carver narrowed his eyes, and he stopped Scott by using his other hand. After that, he looked at Scott with surprise.
“Are you at the medium stage of inner force?” Carver exclaimed.

“What’s the problem?” Scott asked.

“You are very young. How could you be at the medium stage of inner force? Well, your name is Scott. Are you the man who killed Theodore?” Carver asked and stared at Scott with wide eyes.

“Congratulations. You guessed it,” Scott said with a smile. He rushed forward and began to attack Carver’s head.
At this time, Carver did not dare to look down at Scott. He began to fight with Scott with all his strength. They fought against each other fiercely. Caro was dazzled by their movements.

Caro began to admire Scott. She had just heard that Nicolle said that Scott was at the medium stage of inner force. Now she saw it in her eyes and was deeply impressed by his strength in the fighting.

At this time, Nicolle stared at Scott with a heavy face. He said to himself, “The strength of this boy is above me. What an incredible thing! How can he have such strength at such a young age, It makes people green with him.”

As they fought, Carver gradually found that he was down in it, which made him horrified. He was beaten by a boy who was only in his twenties. If the people in the Pantheon knew it, they would definitely laugh at him.

“You are no match for me,” Scott said to Carver.

Carver snorted and punched in Scott’s chest. Scott stretched out his hand to stop him. By using the strength of Carver, he pushed the hand to Carver quickly.

Carver took the opportunity to hold back. For an instant, he had already arrived at the door.

He smiled at Scott evilly and said, “Boy, you are really surprising. I didn’t expect that I could meet you with such powerful strength today. Caro is yours now. But you have attracted the attention of our Pantheon. I will meet you again.”

After finishing his words, he disappeared into the door.

Scott didn’t expect Carver to escape, but he didn’t chase after him. Now it seemed that the trouble of Caro was solved.
But Scott himself seemed to be in the trouble.

He walked to Nicolle and asked, “Mr. Britt, do you know the Pantheon?”

Nicolle looked solemn and said, “The Pantheon is always very mysterious. I don’t know much about it. But I’ve heard that the Pantheon claims to be the strongest organization in the world. Carver is just ordinary member of the Pantheon.”

‘It is said that the Pantheon could control the world and nobody could stop them.”


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