The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 701 Carver

When Vince, Ulysses, and other disciples left, they all looked dull. Vince was absentminded and walked in a daze.

He suffered the biggest setback in his life today. He had planned to find Scott to have a fight with him, so he could prove his strength through the fight.

However, he learned that Scott was at the medium stage of inner force. It was shocking to him. He lost his fighting spirit instantly.

His father had spent so many years to reach the medium stage of inner force. Scott was almost the same age as Vince. But he reached it easily, which made Vince think that his own talent was insignificant.

Since then, Vince had known there was a big gap of strength between Scott and him. No matter how hard he worked, it was impossible for him to come across it.

In the next two days, the news that Scott killed Theodore spread all over Chinatown. Meanwhile, the name of God of Death also became a hot topic.

Because of the restriction of the rules, Scott did not continue to attack the Turner family after killing Theodore. He asked Caro to use the power of Guanling to keep the Turner family in check.

After that, Scott had been staying at the H Country Alliance.

The leader of the team of the Executers was afraid that Scott would do something out of wack. Therefore, he often went to Visit the H Country Alliance during this time. Scott noticed that Griffin was surveilling him, but he did not complain about it.

One afternoon, Scott and Nicolle were drinking tea in the living room.

“What! You’re married. You even have a daughter.” Nicolle put the cup on the table and looked at Scott in surprise as if Scott had done something bad.

“Yes, my daughter is a month old. Is it strange?” Scott stared at Nicolle and asked.

Nicolle sighed helplessly. It looked like that he had missed the good opportunity.

‘It is a pity that he gets married and has a daughter,” Nicolle said to himself.

Hearing his words, Scott felt speechless. How could Nicolle think that it is a pity that he got married and had had a daughter? “Mr. Britt, it is a happy thing that I have a daughter. Why do you say itis a pity?” Scott asked.

‘It’s a good thing for you. But it’s pity to me. I thought you could be my son-in-law. But now it is impossible. You even have a daughter, and my daughter won’t have any chance at all,” Nicolle said helplessly.

Hearing what Nicolle said, Scott didn’t know how to reply to him. He didn’t know what to say.

At this time, Caro came into the living room. Seeing Caro, Nicolle said, “Caro, you have no chance now.” Caro was confused and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Case is married and even has a daughter. You have no chance now,” Nicolle said directly.

Now Caro understood what Nicolle meant. She blushed and glared at him. Then she said, “Dad, what are you talking about? It has nothing to do with me.”

‘It has something to do with you. Scott is a very excellent young man. How can I find a man like him for you in the future? Alas, he is married. I can only envy that his wife has such a good husband,” Nicolle replied.

Caro was very angry with her father. She took a glance at Scott. Her eyes twinkled when she saw him staring at her. Then she instantly looked away.

She felt that if she continued to stay here, it would be very embarrassed for her. She turned around and walked out of the living room.

“Caro seems to be aloof and detached. But she is very shy,” Nicolle said.

Scott smiled with embarrassment. If he were Caro, he would be shy when he heard what Nicolle said just now.

Soon, Caro, who went out of the room just now, turned back again. When Nicolle intended to ask her why she came back, he heard the sharp voice of a man.

“Caro, why do run when you see me? I won’t hurt you. Stop it. I have taken the betrothal gifts this time. I will marry you. Please accept my proposal.”

After Nicolle heard this voice, the smile on his face suddenly disappeared and he stood up from his chair.
Caro’s face darkened and she hid behind Nicolle. Then she secretly glanced at Scott.

At this time, a man went into the living room quickly. His speed was very fast and looked powerful. People could find that he was not a simple person.

Scott looked at the man and found that he was in his thirties. He had a mustache and his eyes were deep set. He looked gloomy.

“Carver, what are you doing? I have told that we H Country Alliance won’t accept your visit,” Nicolle said with a dark face.
Carver smiled and said, “Nicolle, you are wrong. As your future son-in-law, I come to propose to Caro. You should welcome me. I have prepared the betrothal gifts. Please let Caro marry me.”

“Stop talking nonsense. You’re not my son-in-law. Caro won’t marry you. Get out now. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson.” Nicolle snorted.

Carver didn’t leave. He was brazen and said, “Nicolle, it will hurt our relationship if you fight with me. As you know, we have similar strengths. We can’t defeat each other. Besides, you are older than me, and I am your future son-in-law. It’s not good for you to hit me.”

“Damn it. Get out now! I won’t accept a bastard like you to be my son-in-law,” Nicolle said angrily.

“Don’t talk to me like this. Why do you call me a bastard? At least I have reached the medium stage of inner force. You should be happy that I can marry your daughter. I am just more than a decade older than Caro. I think it is acceptable. Don’t interfere in our marriage,” Carver said shamelessly.

Scott narrowed his eyes when he heard his words. He didn’t expect that Carver had reached the medium stage of inner force.
And he was just in his thirties. He was indeed a rare genius.

“I won’t marry you. You are disgusting. Even if you have powerful strength, I will not like you,” Caro shouted at him.
“Caro, don’t say it. I am hurt.” Carver’s words make the other three of them feel sick.

Nicolle looked at Carver who was shameless in front of him. He felt annoyed. Carver had pursued Caro for more than half a year.
Although he was at the medium stage of inner force, he indulged himself in s*xual proclivities. People could find that he was obscene judging from his appearance.

In addition, Carver was eccentric and weird, which made others scared. Therefore, Nicolle didn’t dare to let his daughter marry him.

At this time, Nicolle noticed Scott next to him. His eyes lit up and he thought of something. He made up his mind and then talked to Carver.

“Stop daydreaming. I have a future son-in-law, and my daughter likes him very much. They have been engaged, so you have no chance.”

“He is my son-in-law is here. Carver, get out now.”

As Nicolle spoke, he stretched out his hand and pointed to Scott.


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