The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 700 Do You Still Want Fight with Me

In the living room, Nicolle and Caro had been staring at Scott seriously for a long time.

“Scott, Theodore is the disciple of Myles. I heard that Myles is concerned about his own disciples. Now you killed Theodore. He will definitely not let you get away with it,” Nicolle said in a worried voice.

Scott looked calm and said, “The Turner family conduct a vendetta against me. No matter who is supporting Theodore, I must kill him. Mr. Britt, you don’t have to worry about me. Myles is abroad now. The time that he knows that I have killed Theodore will be half a month later. At that time, I should have left here, so you don’t have to worry about being implicated in this matter.”

“lm not worried about being implicated. You are a young talent. I’m afraid that you will be the target for Myles. It is rare for a man like you to reach the initial stage of inner force at such a young age. It is a pity if you are retaliated by Myles,” Nicolle said.

Scott just smiled and didn’t say anything to Nicolle.
At this time, a man ran in from the outside. When he glanced at Scott sitting in the living room, he wore a grave expression.
He went to Nicolle, bent his head, and whispered to him. Then Nicolle stared at Scott with wide eyes. He looked startled.

Caro was confused when she saw Nicolle’s reaction. She thought that something had happened again. Then she asked, “Dad, what’s going on? Why do you stare at Scott?”

Nicolle didn’t reply to her. He stood up and walked to Scott. He directly raised his hand and gave a slap on his body.

“Dad, what are you doing?” Caro exclaimed when she saw the scene. And she almost rushed to block the front of Scott.
Scott didn’t expect Nicolle to suddenly attack him. He shot out his hand to block Nicolle’s palm. But he still in a chair and didn’t move at all.

“Gosh! It is true that you have already reached the medium stage of inner force,” Nicolle exclaimed.

His man just now told him what happened in the underground boxing field last night. They had confirmed that both Theodore and Scott, who fought against each other in the boxing field, had reached the medium stage of inner force.

Caro walked to Nicolle when she heard his words. She gasped in astonishment and asked in surprise, “What! Has Scott reached the medium stage of inner force?”

“Yes, for a man who is at the initial stage of inner force, even if he could take my strength when I hit him, he wouldn’t take it easily and sit in the chair steadily. Because the strength of my slap could destroy the chair. However, the chair is complete now.
Only the man who is at eh medium stage of inner force could counteract my strength.” Nicolle narrowed his eyes and said.

Caro gazed at Scott in surprise. She remembered that she said Scott only took a year to reach the initial stage of inner force but Scott said she was wrong. She didn’t believe his words that day.

Now she realized that she was really wrong. In fact, Scott had reached the medium stage of inner force, not the initial stage.
It was all so unbelievable.

Being stared at by Nicolle and Caro, Scott felt a little embarrassed. He cleared his throat and said, “I’m indeed at the medium stage of inner force. But it is not a surprising thing. Mr. Britt, you have also reached the same stage.”

Nicolle was depressed. He reached the medium stage of inner force in his forties. It took him nearly 20 years to achieve it.
However, Scott had reached the medium stage of inner force at a very young age.

He couldn’t be compared with Scott.

Hearing Scott’s words, Nicolle was very embarrassed.

Nicolle and Caro were shocked by Scott’s talent and strength. At this time, they heard a commotion outside. Then a group of people walked into the living room.

These people were headed by Vince. Ulysses followed him and looked helpless.

Nicolle took a glance at them and asked Ulysses, “What do you want to do?”

“Nicolle, I’m really sorry. My son has been feeling uncomfortable since he lost to Scott. He thinks that he lost because he made mistakes that day. He doesn’t listen to my words and insists that he wants to fight against Scott again. My disciples don’t believe that Vince has lost to Scott, so they all follow him to come here,” Ulysses explained.

“Scott, let’s have a fight now. I won’t lose to you this time,” Vince shouted fiercely at Scott.
‘That’s right. How could Vince lose to you? He has just made a mistake last time.”

“Vince is a unique genius. He will never lose to you. He can fight against you to prove his strength this time,” Those who followed Vince also said to Scott fiercely. They were not convinced that Scott could defeat Vince.

Nicolle felt awkward when he heard their words. He just learned that Scott had reached the medium stage of inner force. He knew that Vince was making trouble for himself this time.

If Vince fought with Scott today, he would lose faith in himself. Because Scott was much stronger than Vince.

“Well,” Nicolle swallowed and said to Ulysses, “In my opinion, you’d better take them back now. Don’t let Vince ask for trouble.”

Before Ulysses began to speak, Vince said, “Nicolle, what do you mean? Do you think I can’t beat him? I am the most outstanding talent in our H Country Alliance for many years. Why do you speak for Scott? I’m your nephew.”

Hearing Vince’s words, Nicolle felt more embarrassed. If he were Vince, he would blush for what he said today.
“Vince, just give up. You can’t beat Scott,” Caro said to Vince.

Seeing that the girl he liked thought he couldn’t defeat Scott, Vince was more eager to prove himself in front of her. He said firmly, “I will prove myself with strength. Scott, if you are a real man, you should have a fight with me today.”

Nicolle was helpless. He had thought that he couldn’t tell others that Scott was at the medium stage of inner force. However, seeing Vince insisted on fighting with Scott, he must tell them the truth.

Therefore, he told them what happened in the underground boxing field last night.

‘I have verified that Scott has indeed reached the medium stage of inner force,” Nicolle added.
When they heard what Nicolle said, they were all startled.

Vince, who was full of confidence, turned pale instantly. He froze and stood still like a statue.

He was a novice in the field of inner force. He couldn’t do anything in front of the men who were at the medium stage of inner force.

Scott took a look at Vince and asked in a joking voice, “Do you still want to fight with me?”


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