The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 7 Win the Cooperation

Everyone in the villa hall became quiet because of Scott’s words.

Then there was a burst of laughter, and everyone looked mockingly at him.

“Is this man really stupid or not? Can’t he see that we said this on purpose? He even took it.”

“He is really a magic assist. No one has taken this task. I am laughing to death. Edith is really married to a ‘good’ husband.”

“I’m afraid he’s the only one who thinks that 5 million yuan can buy the office building of TY Real Estate Inc. Edith tends to hate him.”

“Keep your voice down, don’t let the Patel hear you. Since Scott took that, they deserve it.”

Amara Stevens was the first to realize that conspiracy. She grabbed Scott’s arm and shouted, “Are you crazy? Who told you to give such a promise? the Patel only gives 5 million yuan. Do you have the ability to pay for the extra money? ”

Edith Patel didn’t expect Scott to promise for her at this time, although she also knew that she couldn’t get rid of this matter today.

She looked at Scott with a puzzled look on her face, and showed him an inquiring expression.
Scott looked serious and said to Edith, “I said, I won’t let you suffer from other people’s cold eyes again. Do you believe me?”

Edith hesitated, but nodded to Scott.

“I will help you to get the office building and what you need to do is to promise grandpa.” Scott said.

Although Edith didn’t know where Scott got the confidence to promise such a thing, she could feel that Scott was not joking with her.

Anyway, the situation was already like this, so it’s better to trust him. So Edith nodded her head.

When Amara heard the words of these two people, she immediately widened her eyes and quickly said, “Edith, don’t be stupid, you can’t listen to this loser!”

Edith ignored Amara, but turned around and looked at Francis and said, “Grandpa, since you gave me your order, I will do it according to your request.”

Albie and Nyla were a little surprised to hear what Edith promised. Albie felt that it was a good chance to set them up. Her eyes turned and she said, “It is not enough for you to promise. Who knows if you are making trouble with the future of the company? Five million is not a small amount for the company. If you waste this money, it will have a great impact on the company.”

Edith immediately looked at Albie with a frown and asked, “Albie, I have promised Grandpa that I will find a way to buy that office building. What else do you want?”

“Is not what I want, I’m just thinking about grandpa. We give five million to you but what should we do if you have money and spend it yourself? And who can guarantee that you will be able to buy the office building? If you can’t buy it, isn’t ita waste of grandpa’s time? “Albie argued.

Edith was very angry. Albie said that Edith could buy the office building just now, but now she is worried that she might not buy it.
This guy has done everything she can to deal with her.

“Albie’s concern is not unreasonable. You said that you can buy the office building for 5 million yuan. Who can guarantee it?” Francis also said.

“I can guarantee that Edith will definitely buy the office building back.” Scott spoke again.

Albie immediately laughed and said, “You? Everyone knows that you are a loser, your guarantee is not as good as shit!” Scott was not angry at all, but smiled and said, “Since you don’t believe it, why don’t you make a bet with me in front of Grandpa?”

Albie immediately laughed. Scott was sent by God to help her. She was thinking about how to mention that if Edith could not buy the office building, she has to leave this family. Now Scott gave her a chance.

“Well, bet on it. If Edith can’t buy the office building back, you and Edith have to get out of Patel family early and never come back!” Albie said with a cruel face.

“Yes, but if Edith does it, you need to kowtow to Edith in front of Grandpa. Do you dare to bet?” Scott stared at Albie and asked.

Albie doesn’t believe Edith can buy back the villas of TY Real Estate Inc with 5 million yuan. If she really wants to gamble, she will definitely win, so she swears: “I have nothing to dare to, in this case, it’s a deal. Grandpa will testify that. If you can’t buy the office building, you could just wait to get out of Patel family!”

Scott stopped talking and walked to Edith.

Francis saw that the matter had been settled, and announced that the family meeting was over, and gave Edith five days to buy an office building.

Community gate.

Amara reached out and stopped Scott, and refused to let him in.

“You are such a loser to kill our whole family! Why did you bet with Albie? Great. If Edith can’t buy that office building, our family will have to be driven out to have nothing. Do you just want to make our family as cowardly as you? ”

On the way back, Amara was very angry she scolded Scott all the way, and even refused to let Scott in.

Edith and Nicolas Patel both stopped Amara, otherwise Amara would have rushed to fight Scott.

“Mom, Albie and Nyla deliberately did everything today. Even if Scott didn’t say that, it would fall on me in the end. Don’t blame Scott.” Edith persuaded.

“Fart! All this is because of this loser. If it weren’t for him, how could our family be looked down upon and bullied everywhere? Today, I must never let him step into our house again. “Amara said hysterically.

“Mom, don’t worry. I bet with Albie because I believe Edith can buy the office building. When Edith buys the office building, Albie can do nothing with us.” Scott explained to Amara.

“Is your belief useful? Will the building which deserves ten million be sold to you with just five million? Do you think TY Real Estate Inc is doing charity?” Amara resented.

Scott was helpless and didn’t know how to explain it to Amara.
“Come on, mom, with so many people watching, do you have to make everyone know that?” Edith said with a frown.
Amara looked around, and found that there were many people watching and then stopped.

She gave Scott a vicious look and said, “You only have five days left. After five days, if Edith doesn’t buy the office building, you two have to get divorced!”

Amara walked toward the inside after finished her words.

Scott’s eyes narrowed and murmured, “It won’t take five days. Ryanorrow, I will let you know whether what I promised is true.”


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