The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 699 Extremely Dangerous Person

In an unknown house in Chinatown.

Seven men with yellow skin and black hair are sitting together. These people had different auras and bodies, but if a knowledgeable person came here to take a look, he would find that these seven people were all real masters.

The aura exuding from them was enough to scare an ordinary person directly.

It was just that at this time, one of these seven people looked a little worried, and his look was a little dignified, as if he had experienced something incredible.

This person was Tony, and everyone present was all the members of Team of Executor in M Country.

There were two experts who reached the medium stage of inner force among these seven people. And the other five were at the initial stage of inner force. It could definitely be regarded as an extremely terrifying force.

“Tony, what’s the matter with you? Why did you call us all in the middle of the night. What can happen in Chinatown that is so serious that we all need to show up together?” A person who looked a little lazy said.

This person was one inner force expert at medium stage among Team of Executor, named Sullivan. Because he had not slept enough, so he always looked groggy.

Tony pulled back his thoughts and he looked serious. He was just thinking about what happened after he went out of the underground boxing ring with Scott at that time.

As a executor, Tony was still very responsible to mention to Scott that he was so strong that he must not act in disorder, otherwise he would be targeted by Team of Executor. Scott’s answer was that he would not do anything except deal with the Turner family.

This made him worry for a while. After all, in the entire Turner family, except for Theodore, the rest were ordinary people. If Scott attacked them, it would be against the rules.

When he mentioned this to Scott, Scott just smiled and then left, which made him worry that Scott would attack the Turner family.

“Tony, don’t prolong the agony, tell us what happened to you,” Griffin, the captain said. He was almost two meters tall and looked like a little giant.

Tony took a deep breath, glanced at everyone, and said, “If I say that there are two new inner force experts in Chinatown, what do you think?”

“It’s just two inner force experts. Isn’t this a normal thing?” Sullivan said, and the rest of the people nodded together.

“What if they both reached medium stage of inner force?” Tony continued.

Now the whole room became quiet, and Sullivan, who hadn’t taken this matter seriously, also became serious.

“Is it true?” Griffin stared at Tony. Two inner force experts at medium stage indeed worthy of their attention.

Tony nodded and said, “It is true, and these two inner force expert are only in their twenties.”

At this time, everyone present was not calm, Sullivan stood up and exclaimed, “They are only in their twenties? You are kidding, if there is one, I can still accept it. But two appear at the same time. Is it so easy to reach the medium stage of inner force?”

Griffin was also a little frightened by Tony’s words, and quickly asked, “Tell me what happened.”

Tony told everything he knew to Griffin. He told him that met Scott yesterday, and today he saw him fighting Theodore in the underground boxing ring.

After speaking, the seven people were silent for two minutes, with some disbelief on their faces.

“Unexpectedly, Theodore had already reached the medium stage of inner force and he deserved to be a disciple of the Grandmaster,” Sullivan sighed.

“So what? He was still killed by the guy named Scott. Scott is really fierce. He even dared to kill the disciple of the

Grandmaster. Isn’t he afraid of being chased by Grandmaster?” the man sitting next to Sullivan said.

“I simply checked Scott’s basic information and learned that he was a member of the Davies family in B City, C Country. The Davies family and the Turner family should have an irreconcilable hatred. That’s why Scott came here to kill Theodore, and he plans to attack the whole Turner family,” Tony said.

Griffin frowned, took a deep breath for a while, and said, “For the time being, Scott will be positioned as an extremely dangerous person. During this time, I will observe him. Once he has any abnormal behavior, the whole team will go out.”

“I hope he can abide by the rules between the inner force experts, otherwise we can only arrest him.”

“This is the first time that such a matter has happened in so many years. If Scott really ignores the rules and kills ordinary people in the Turner family, would he be eligible to be imprisoned in No. 5 Prison?” Sullivan asked.

Hearing the words “No. 5 Prison”, everyone present shivered.

The next day.
H Country Alliance.

After Scott got up, he came to the martial arts practising field with Nicolle’s disciples, practiced martial arts to make himself sober. After killing Theodore, a stone in his heart fell, and he looked a lot ease.

At this moment Caro walked over here, glared at Scott, and then practiced.

“Actually, I didn’t mean it that day. I usually fight with men, so I didn’t think about this kind of problem, so I’m really sorry,” Scott said.

“Who cares if you did it on purpose, you are a rascal anyway!” Caro said angrily.

Scott shrugged helplessly, stopped struggling with this question, and said, “You can mobilize Guanling’s power here to launch an offensive against the Turner family.”

Caro was taken aback, and said, “Theodore is your worst enemy at the moment. Don’t be so anxious to deal with the Turner family. Once you do this, Theodore will be prepared.”

Scott smiled and said, “Don’t worry about this problem. As for Theodore, I have killed him.”

Caro just felt like thunder in her ears, and her eyes widened at once.

“What are you talking about! You killed Theodore???” Caro exclaimed, startling everyone around who was here.
Scott nodded seriously at Caro.

“This… how is this possible, what happened last night?” Caro asked.

“Well, last night, Theodore went to the underground boxing ring. I fought with him and killed him.” Scott’s tone was flat, as if he was talking about a common thing.

At this time, Nicolle also walked over here. Seeing Scott and Caro talking, he smiled and said, “What are you two talking about? Caro, what’s wrong with you, you look surprised, what happened? Is something wrong?”

Caro swallowed and spit, turned to look at Nicolle, and muttered, “Scott…Scott killed Theodore!” “Didn’t I just kill Theodore? Why you are so…”

“What did you say?! Say it again! Scott killed Theodore???”


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