The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 698 The Death of Theodore

Theodore squinted his eyes and stared at Scott. Scott’s palm just now caused him a serious injury. If he continued to fight, he would only lose. At this moment, he already had the idea of retreat in his heart.

He thought he just came here to get rid of a small trouble, but he didn’t realize that things had had come to this point.

“Scott, don’t think that you are better than me now, so you can be complacent. My teacher is a Grandmaster. Confront Grandmasters, we all are ants. If he comes over, he can slap you to death with a move!”

Theodore had already made up his mind. After today, he immediately asked his teacher to come out. Scott’s talent was too terrifying. If he was allowed to grow, it may be possible to grow to the advanced stage of inner force, so he must get rid of Scott as soon as possible.

Scott laughed, having noticed the retreat in Theodore’s eyes, and said, “Didn’t I say that before, I won’t let you walk off this arena alive, your teacher is now far overseas, so he shouldn’t be able to save you, right?”

Hearing Scott’s words, Theodore rolled his eyes, turned and rushed towards the bottom of the arena, without hesitation.
At this moment, all he had in mind was how to save his life.
Scott snorted coldly, stepped out, reached out and grabbed Theodore’s shoulder, and pulled him back with force.

Theodore tried his best to resist, and hit Scott with a few killer moves, but because he was injured, the power of his moves had been greatly reduced at this time.

Scott took his move and said coldly, “Don’t resist, I won’t let you go today.”

“You are f*cking dreaming, you’re far from being able to keep me!” Theodore roared.

Scott lowered his head and glanced at Theodore, then quickly kicked his foot directly onto his calf.

Scott’s inner force was very penetrating. Even if Theodore used inner force to protect his body, he still couldn’t withstand the impact of Scott. There was a sound of broken bones on his calf. Then, Theodore softened and knelt on the ground.

“Scott, f*ck your ancestors!” Theodore gritted his teeth and shouted at Scott.

Scott was expressionless and said, “To be exact, my ancestor is also your ancestor, don’t you be afraid of being cursed when you say this?”

“I tell you, my teacher Myles, but famous Grandmaster in the world. If you really kill me today, he will definitely take revenge for me. At that time, not only you, but all the people who have a relationship with you will die!” Theodore knew that he had no hope of escape, and directly threatened Scott.

“Do you think I wouldn’t think about it before I came here? No matter how powerful the Grandmaster is, my anger of vengeance can’t be extinguished. Not only you, but everyone in your the Turner family will die with my grandfather. Whether your teacher will avenge you after your death is not something you should worry about! “!”

After speaking, Scott grabbed Theodore’s arm again, twisted it hard, and broke his hand.
Theodore endured the sharp pain, and hit Scott with the other hand, trying to make a desperate blow.

Scott raised his hand to block, then grabbed Theodore’s neck and said, “I, Scott, came to M Country for revenge and killing you. The Turner family is just a colony of ants for me. Everyone in the Turner family must be responsible for the mistakes they made in the past!”

Theodore’s eyes were full of horror. At this time, he had a foreboding the threat of death, so he instinctively began to survive.

But Scott wouldn’t give him any chance, and in order to avoid accidents, he made a decisive decision, and violently choked Theodore’s neck.

Theodore’s eyes were round and he seemed to want to say something to Scott, but he never had a chance to say it again. His bloodshot eyes quickly lost their luster and his body weakened weakly.

Everyone in the audience fell silent after seeing this scene. The shock in their hearts was no longer something that could be expressed by shouting. Everyone looked at Scott in admiration, as if worshiping a god.

Scott held Theodore until his entire body was completely cold before throwing Theodore onto the arena like trash.

The people in the audience followed Scott until he threw Theodore down before making any movement.

Overwhelming screams filled the entire underground boxing ring, and everyone seemed crazy, shouting the word “Reaper”.
Tony stared at Theodore who was lying on the arena in disbelief. After a long time, he uttered a question, “Reaper?”

What happened tonight was about to explode Tony’s mind. First, Scott showed off the strength at the initial stage of inner force, and then Theodore displayed the strength of an inner force expert at medium stage. Scott also became an inner force expert at medium stage. Now that one of these two inner force experts at medium stage had died in the arena, Tony no longer knew how to describe his current mood.

His gaze fell on Scott, at this time he had no arrogance towards Scott, and the rest was all in awe.

“It seems that when I go back today, I have to let the captain hold an emergency meeting. I am afraid that what happened tonight can be recorded in the history of Team of Executor.” Tony said to himself.

The person who came with Theodore in the audience saw that Theodore had been killed by Scott, and he showed an expression of horror. He swallowed, then quickly turned around, and ran away.
Scott stared at Theodore’s corpse on the ring for a long time, then let out a long sigh of relief, and finally solved the big trouble.

But he didn’t feel that his pressure had become much lighter. After all, killing Theodore meant that he had to face a Grandmaster in the future.

Without staying any longer, Scott jumped from the arena and walked outside.
Upon seeing this, Tony hurriedly followed.

He wanted to ask how Scott managed to reach the medium stage at such a young age. By the way… he wanted to apologize for his attitude towards Scott last night.

The Turner’s house.

Freeman Turner was worshiping in the ancestral hall of the Turner family. He put a few sticks of incense in front of the mourning hall, and then said, “There is a prodigy in the Turner family now, he is Theodore. Under his leadership, the Turner family will be famous in history!!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a person staggered in from the outside, and then fell directly to the ground.

When Freeman saw this, he frowned, and just about to get angry, he heard the man shout, “Master, terrible! Mr…. Mr. Theodore was killed!”

“What are you talking about!” Freeman trembled twice, quickly grabbed the man by the collar, and questioned him.

“Mr…. Mr. Theodore went to the underground boxing ring today, and met the boy of the Davies family. The two went to the ring to fight each other. Mr. Theodore lost and was directly choked to death by. he man explained.

At this moment, the three sticks of incense that Freeman inserted in front of the mourning hall was blown by a gust of wind, and they all fell down.


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