The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 696 Fight Against Theodore

Theodore stared at Scott for a few seconds. Then, his astonished look gradually changed into a playful look.

“In fact, I just thought of several people, but I really didn’t expect that it would be you. Unexpectedly, you were so lucky that you survived after falling off such a high cliff.” Theodore said with a smile.

“Maybe it was God that didn’t want me to die. After all, I haven’t destroyed the Turner family yet. How could I die easily?” Scott spoke.

Theodore twitched his lips and said, “As a matter of fact, after you survived, you should cherish your life. You can live a happy life in H Country. As long as I don’t know that you are still alive, you’ll be able to live a carefree life in the rest of your life.
However, you made the stupidest choice.”

“Do you believe that you can survive after fighting with me in this ring?”

“Maybe you’re totally wrong.” Scott said.

Theodore laughed and said, “Why, could it be that you believe that you have a chance to kill me in this ring?” “It’s not that I have a chance to kill you. I’ll definitely kill you.” Scott put on an evil smile.

“Do you think that you’re able to defeat me just after you have inner force? Scott, listen, the levels of inner force expects are different. And my teacher is a Grandmaster. You’re not very powerful. Do you think it possible for you to defeat me now?” Theodore questioned.

“Let’s fight, and then you’ll know it.” Scott spoke.

Theodore sneered and decided to stop talking nonsense with Scott. He said, “Well, I’ll let you know one thing. In front of me, you’re always as weak as an ant!”

After saying that, he became very serious and immediately rushed to Scott. He tried to give Scott a punch in the face with great strength.

Scott quickly responded to it. He dodged Theadore’s hand and then attacked his chest with a hand.

They attacked each other dozens of times. They moved so quick that people present all screamed in surprise.

When Theodore attacked Scott on Moon Island, Theodore didn’t try his best. Instead, he just used as much strength as Scott had, so that he could make Scott believe that he could win.

This time, Scott did the same thing that Theodore had done. He fought in a way as if he were just in initial stage. He was going to fight with Theodore for a while before killing him.

After Theodore and Scott used many moves to attack each other, Theodore frowned. Before, he thought that Scott came to take revenge on him just after he had just mastered inner force. Unexpectedly, Scott has already been in initial stage. It was really beyond his expectation.

Tony watched two inner force expects in initial stage fight in the ring with a shocked expression. He stared at Scott and couldn’t look away.

“This… This boy should be in initial stage? How is it possible! We should have no any record of him, an inner force expect in initial stage! Could it be that he entered initial stage in a very short time so that we failed to record something about him in time?”

Tony had firmly believed that Scott had just mastered inner force and that Scott would be beaten up after provoking Theodore.
However, he didn’t expect that there would be a third genius who could enter initial stage in his twenties in Chinatown of M Country.

Remembering how Scott treated him yesterday, Tony suddenly understood one thing: He was so powerful. No wonder he didn’t take me seriously.
Remembering that he entered initial stage at the age of forty, Tony was envious of Scott.

Could it be that there were so many geniuses now? The captain just assigned me a task at random, but I should run into such a rarely seen genius.

Humph, I shouldn’t look down upon myself. Even if this guy was a genius, he was just in initial stage. I was no much worse than him. He did treat me in too bad a way yesterday. Even just considering that I was an elder, he shouldn’t have treated me like that.

In the ring, Scott’s fist met Theodore’s fist. Their inner force was so strong that both of them took a few steps back.

Theodore stared at Scott and said coldly, “No wonder you dared to brag in front of me. It turns out that you have been in initial stage. Unexpectedly, you should be able to become so powerful in such a short time. You have more potential than I have anticipated.”

Scott smiled and said, “Then, why don’t you just admit that you lose to me and let me kill you? In this way, we can save a lot of time.”

Theodore sneered and spoke, “Don’t think too highly of yourself. Do you think that you can kill me after you’re in initial stage? Naive!”

After saying that, Theodore had a stronger air of forcefulness. In a very short time, he became twice as powerful as before.
Scott narrowed his eyes. It was beyond his expectation that Theodore didn’t show him how powerful he really was before. He should have been in medium stage.

Theodore looked at Scott with a sneer, and said, “Being able to be in initial stage in your twenties, you’re a genius in a million.
However, it should be beyond your imagination that I can enter medium stage at my age, right?”

“My teacher is a Grandmaster. How many people in the world can become Grandmaster? Even if I’ve just entered medium stage, I’m more powerful than you are. You’re just in initial stage.”

“Scott, you won’t be able to take revenge on me in your whole life. Today, I’ll definitely kill you!” “Really?” Scott asked.
“Is there any reason why I can’t do that?”

Theodore smiled and then rushed to Scott again. He was more than twice as fast as he had just been. He moved so quick that there was afterimage.

He gave Scott a punch in the chest in the hope of seriously injuring Scott with a move.
However, just when his fist was about to hit Scott, Scott suddenly moved at a speed that was no slower than that of Theodore.

He reached out one arm and stopped Theodore from hitting him. Then, he gave Theodore a kick. Seeing that, Theodore’s expression changed. He moved back at full speed. If he failed to dodge Scott’s foot, he might be unable to have any child in the future.

After regaining his footing, Theodore looked at Scott in disbelief and asked, “How is it possible? Why were you so powerful and so fast just now? You’re in initial stage, and you shouldn’t be so powerful.”

Scott put on a playful expression and spoke, “Why, could it be that you think that only you can enter medium stage in twenties?”


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