The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 695 You Get in My Way

At this moment, there was a tall man in a white karate uniform in the ring.

He was named Billy and was the champion of M Country National Karate Competition. He was very famous in M Country. He got to know something about God of Death, so he came here to challenge Scott.

“The guy, who calls himself God of Death, comes to the ring now. Today, I’ll defeat you and make it clear to everyone that the so- called martial art of H Country is far from as good as Karate!”

At this moment, the staff member of the boxing field picked up the microphone and spoke to enliven the atmosphere.

“As we all know, Billy is the champion of National Karate Competition! We all know how powerful he is. Basically, his opponents were all stretchered down from the ring in the end!”

“In our country, Billy is called the Barbarian King. Once, someone speculated that there was no one who could be match for Billy in M Country, and Billy had proved it. His opponents were all knocked down!”

“And today, Billy comes here to challenge God of Death who has ranked first in our boxing field for five days! Who on earth will win this fight? I believe that you’re all waiting to watch the fight!”

“Why not shout the name of the person who you believe will win the fight tonight? Let them hear your voice!”

The audience immediately began to shout the nickname “God of Death” and the nickname “the Barbarian King” loudly. Soon, their voice filled the entire underground boxing field. However, soon, the voice of people shouting “the Barbarian King” drown out the voice of the people shouting “God of Death”.

Billy was well-known for being the champion of karate match, so many people thought highly of him. Scott was also very good at fighting, but he had just come to this underground boxing field for a few days. So more people believed that Billy would be able to defeat Scott.

“Martial arts of H Country are rubbish! Today, I’ll prove it to you all!” Finding that so many people believed that he would win, Billy put on a proud expression and shouted to the audience.
At this moment, Scott had just looked away from Theodore. When he heard what Billy was shouting, he jumped onto the ring.

“You, a guy of H Country, can do nothing but perform. Your martial arts are just rubbish. Today, I’ll prove to everyone that martial arts of H Country are very useless!”

Billy shouted at Scott. After that, he struck two poses to show off his muscles with a ferocious expression.

“You get in my way.” Scott just spoke to Billy tonelessly. After that, he took a step forward and gave Billy a kick in the chest.
Immediately, Billy was kicked out of the ring and fell heavily on the ground.

People, who were still shouting Billy’s name, were immediately dumbfounded. Their mouths were open, but they couldn’t make a sound. Some of them were so shocked that their mouths were wide open.

In a short time, it was quiet in the underground boxing field. Soon after that, people, who believed that God of Death would win, shouted “God of Death” in a crazy way. They were shocked by the kick Scott gave Billy.

No one had expected that the champion of karate match, who was believed to be very powerful, would be kicked out of the ring by Scott.

The staff member of the underground boxing field had hoped that there would be a wonderful fight between Scott and Billy.
Unexpectedly, the fight ended so soon. He was really embarrassed.

Billy got up. He realized that he had lost his face today. He should lose to Scott just after Scott gave him a kick! It meant that he proved that karate was far from as good as martial arts of H Country.

Worrying that people who believed that he would win would come to ask him why he lost so soon later, he quietly left in a hurry.
At a corner in the underground boxing field, Tony was staring dismissively at Scott and muttered, “He’s indeed a guy who loves to show off. However, he could only beat these ordinary people. Today, Theodore is here. It seems that he comes here to come to this guy. I’ll see how he’ll deal with Theodore.”

After giving Scott, who was in the ring, a glance, Theodore narrowed his eyes at once. He had a feeling of familiarity.

He seemed to have met this people somewhere.

“Mr. Theodore, it’s this masked man who has crippled our five experts in fighting.” The person beside Theodore spoke.

Theodore nodded. He didn’t attach much importance to the person in the ring. After all, he was very powerful and it would be easy for him to deal with the person in the ring.

At this moment, Scott turned his head and looked at Theodore. Although Theodore couldn’t see the expression of Scott, he knew that the guy in the ring seemingly wanted to kill him.

“It’s interesting. The reason why he crippled the experts in fighting of my family should be to make me come to him. I’ll have a fight with him.” After saying that, Theodore jumped and went to the ring by stepping on the shoulders of several people.

The audience cheered again. Just now, the fight between Scott and Billy ended before they became excited. Now, a person who seemed to be very powerful went to the ring, so they became excited.

Now, they considered martial arts of H Country to be extremely brilliant. In their opinion, it would be too great if one expert in fighting of H Country would fight with another expert in fighting of H Country.

Theodore gave Scott a glance and asked, ““Who’re you? Why did you deal with my family?”

“An enemy.” Scott spoke tonelessly.

Theodore twitched his lips and said, “My family has many enemies. Those who wanted to take revenge on us were all dead. It should be not easy for you to enter initial stage. If you consider working for my family, I might let you off.”

“Work for the Turner family? Even if I agree, I’m afraid that you dare not to employ me.” Scott laughed.

“Capable person choose the right leader to serve. What happened in the past has gone. Why dare I not to employ you?” Theodore spoke with a smile.

Scott narrowed his eyes and asked, “Theodore, is it that you really didn’t recognize me?”

Theodore looked at Scott up and down again, speaking, “I have a feeling of familiarity, but I can’t remember who you are at this moment. I have too many enemies.”

Scott was not going to keep Theodore guessing. He raised his hand and took off the mask.
Scott wore a playful smile. When Theodore saw his face, his eyes widened at once.

People present were all thrilled at Scott’s taking off his mask. After looking at Scott, Tony frowned and murmured, “He’s the fella living in H Country Alliance recently?”

“Why, are you shocked?” Scott asked with a smile.

He was not worried that Theodore would be well prepared to deal with him during the time he took off his mask. Theodore had been in the ring, and Scott was going to kill him.


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