The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 694 A Member of An Executor Team

On the way back, Caro’s face had always been red. Scott followed her and explained it to her several times. However, she didn’t listen and kept calling him a shameless molester.

Scott didn’t know what to do. He realized that it was impossible for Caro to consider him to be a true gentleman.
Besides, he speculated that people generally dared not to molest Caro who was cold and good at fighting.

That was the reason why she had such a strong reaction when Scott nearly touched her breast.

However, when Caro blushed, she was lovelier and more lovable than she was when she looked cold.

After they were back in H Country Alliance, Caro totally ignored Nicolle, who was doing martial art training in the hall, and went straight back to her room.

Nicolle was confused. It was the first time for him to see Caro act in that way. It must be noted that Caro had always been calm and had never been so anxious in the past.

“What’s wrong with Caro? Did you two get into any trouble just now?” Seeing Scott come in, Nicolle asked.
Scott smiled with embarrassment and said, “She had a fight with me, and she lost. Maybe she is unhappy because of it.”

Nicolle smiled and said, “She has just mastered inner force. Isn’t it normal that she is no match for you? She has been stubborn since she was a child.”

Scott was so embarrassed that he didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Therefore, he just casually said a few words in return, after which he went back to his room.

In the next few days, Scott went to the underground boxing field with a mask and challenged the experts in fighting trained by Theodore every night. Scott broke the arms and legs of all these experts in fighting when they fought. He became very famous in the underground boxing field because of it.

Soon, God of Death was known to all people living in the area where the underground boxing field was located, attracting a huge audience for the underground boxing field. Every night, the underground boxing field would be crowded before the boxing match began.

Caro just went to the underground boxing field with Scott on the first day. In the next few days, she always ignored Scott. Even if she met Scott, she would stare at Scott with angry eyes as if he were her enemy.

It was the fifth day for Scott to challenge the experts in fighting of the Turner family in the underground boxing field.
After easily crippling an expert in fighting of the Turner family, Scott left the ring without hesitation.

The audience were all shouting his nickname “God of Death” with excitement. The reason why they came the underground boxing field was that they wanted to watch Scott fight.

After getting out of the ring, Scott didn’t just leave. Instead, to find out whether the people of the Turner family had come here, he waited here for a while. In the following five minutes, he didn’t find any suspicious person. After that, Scott came out of the underground boxing field.

Not long after Scott went along the road, he found that someone was following him. He thought that this person was sent by the Turner family. When he came to the entrance to an alley, he made a turn and entered the alley.

Seeing that, the person who was following Scott also hurriedly entered the alley. When he found that Scott was standing and looking at him, he put on a smile, “Unexpectedly, you found it.”

Scott didn’t take off his mask and looked at this people up and down through the holes on the mask. This person was a thin man who was in his forties and was wearing a pair of glasses.

This man seemed to have nothing to do with martial arts by any standard. However, Scott found that he was not an ordinary people.

He was a real inner force expect.

“Are you sent by the Turner family?” Scott asked.

That man was stunned for a moment and then spoke, “Can I introduce myself? My name is Tony. I’m a member of an Executor team in Chinatown in M Country. Now, I demand that you take off your mask and show me your real look.”

Scott was a little surprised. Unexpectedly, it was a member of an Executor team who followed him. Although he had already known that there were Executors, it was the first time for Scott to meet a member of an Executor team.

This person didn’t give Scott a good impression. He was a bit arrogant. Even if he was a member of an Executor team, he should not have the right to order Scott to take off his mask.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to take off my mask. Just tell me the reason why you followed me.” Scott spoke tonelessly.

Tony immediately got annoyed. In his view, this young man, who was in his twenties, should be respectful to him, an Executor.
Unexpectedly, he should be so arrogant that he dared to refuse him.

“You’re indeed arrogant. Being able to mastering inner force in your twenties, you’re indeed a genius. However, even so, you can’t treat me in an arrogant way. Listen, people as powerful as you are just eligible to be the members of Executor team.” Tony talked as if he were Scott’s senior.

Thinking that this person was too self-righteous, Scott was a little speechless.

“Get to the point. Why did you follow me?” Scott asked again.

Seeing that Scott was still not respectful to him, Tony was angrier. However, as an elder, he was forgiving of Scott who was young. So he spoke, “I’ve observed you for a few days. You should be someone who have just mastered inner force. These

days, you fought with the people of the Turner family with inner force. Although you did that in the ring, you did it too many times.
I’m here to warn you not to harm too many people without inner force. Otherwise, we, Executors, will punish you.”

“There is enmity between the Turner family and me. I’ve restrained myself from going to the Turner’s house to kill them. When Theodore comes to fight with me, I’ll stop it.” Scott said tonelessly.

Tony raised his eyebrows and said, “You had better give it up. Theodore is a student of a Grandmaster, and he has been in initial stage. You’re no match for him.”

Tony speculated that Scott had just had inner force. There were very few people who could be in initial stage in his or her twenties. There were only two such person in Chinatown of M Country. And Tony himself also mastered inner force in his twenties and entered initial stage in his forties.

Hearing that, Scott thought that it was meaningless to go on talking to Tony, so he just said, “It’s none of your business.” After saying that, he turned around and walked to the other end of the alley.

“Boy, I haven’t seen your face yet. As an Executor, I must know your identity!” Tony shouted at Scott.

Scott ignored him and walked faster.

Tony chased Scott while Scott tried to get rid of Tony. Both of them ran fast in the alley.

Finally, Tony missed Scott at a corner. He cursed, “Fella, you run fast. The next time I meet you, I’ll definitely take off your mask!”

In the next night, Scott went to the underground boxing field again. Seeing him, people present all cheered.

Right at this moment, Scott saw Theodore who stood not far away from the ring. He immediately narrowed his eyes.


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