The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 693 A Shameless Move

“Are…Are you an expert in fighting with inner force?” Mose endured the pain and spoke to Scott.

Scott lowered his head and looked at Mose. He wore a mask so it was impossible for others to see his expression. He seemed to be colder because of it. When people looked at him, they would feel as if God of Death was really here.

“Why…Why? There is no enmity between you and me. Why did you injure me seriously?” Mose wore a painful expression.
“There’s no need for me to tell you that. You only need to know that this is your fate.” Scott said tonelessly.

At this moment, all the people widened their eyes in shock and watched the man wearing a cartoon mask in disbelief. It never occurred to them that he should have broken one wrist and one leg of Mose in a few seconds, making Mose unable to fight in the rest his life.

Knowing that they had misjudged Scott, those who had laughed at Scott were all ashamed.

If Scott said again that his nickname was God of Death now, no one would laugh at him. According to his performance in the fight, even if Scott was not God of Death, he was not far from as powerful as God of Death.

It was quiet in the boxing field for a short time. Then, many people screamed. All of them began to shout the word “God of Death”.

The man who talked to Caro was shocked now. Thinking of the remark he had just made to Scott, he was embarrassed. He didn’t anticipate that Scott would be so powerful.

At this time, Caro turned her head, looked at him and spoke, “Didn’t you think that you’re very powerful? Go to the ring to defeat him, and I’ll give you what you want.”

That man was immediately afraid, speaking, “No…No, I was just kidding. I’m really sorry. I won’t do that anymore.”

Caro sneered, “Rubbish. You dare not to go to fight with him, but I dare to do so.”

After saying that, she jumped onto the ring and came close to Scott.

At this time, Scott had just dealt with Mose and kicked him out of the ring. Just now, he hit Mose with great strength. Mose would be useless in the future. Even if he was alive, he couldn’t do anything for the Turner family.

Just when he was about to leave the ring, he saw Caro who had been in the ring. He was stunned at once.

“What’re you doing?” Scott asked.

“I come to challenge you. Don’t talk nonsense. Just begin to fight.” Caro spoke.

Scott was a little embarrassed and said, “Don’t joke with me. Get out of the ring. You’re no match for me.”

“So what? I want to know how long I can fight with you before I’m defeated. You don’t have to go easy on me.” Caro spoke.

She didn’t suddenly have the idea of challenging Scott in the ring. She had long wanted to fight with Scott and seen how far away she was from as powerful as Scott who her father considered to be a genius.

There happened to be a ring here today, so she didn’t want to miss this opportunity. She wanted to seriously fight against Scott once. She knew that she would lose, but she didn’t mind. Anyway, she was an expert in fighting with inner force and Scott couldn’t break her arms and legs in a few seconds like he did to Mose.

Seeing that Caro was serious, Scott asked, “Are you really going to fight against me?” Caro nodded earnestly and then struck a pose, indicating that she would begin to fight soon.
Scott smiled and didn’t refuse. If she wanted to fight against him, he would agree.

He also struck a pose and said with a smile, “Just begin.”

Seeing that a girl was about to challenge Scott, the audience cheered up at once. They were more excited than they were at any time.

Caro didn’t talk nonsense and directly rushed to Scott. She seemed to be a weak girl. However, when she began to fight against Scott, she totally changed. Now, she had a strong air of forcefulness that was no worse than that of a man.

Scott was not going to try his best to fight with Caro. Caro had just mastered the skill of inner force, so Scott was going to fight with Caro in the way someone who had just mastered the skill of inner force did.
The martial art Caro learned was Mizong Fist. It was passed down from generations to generations among the Britt family.

Among martial arts of H Country, Mizong Fist was not particularly famous. However, it was as powerful as Hong Fist. Moreover, after it was improved by Nicolle, it could be said to be among the first-class fist position. The reason why Nicolle could be the Chairman of H Country Alliance for so many years was that he mastered Mizong Fist well.

Mizong Fist had the characteristics of making it impossible for the opponent to foresee next move of people of the Britt family by combining real moves and fake moves. When fighting with experts of Mizong Fist, one might easily be fooled by fake moves and then the fight would be under the control of the expert of Mizong Fist.

Caro had mastered Mizong Fist very well. As a girl, she had been very excellent at it. With the inner force she just had, she fought with Scott with more than a hundred moves and almost succeeded in cheating Scott several times.

Of course, Scott was going easy on her and tried to let her have a better understanding of Mizong Fist in this way.

As he fought with Caro, Scott thought that Mizong Fist was quite interesting, so he began to imitate it. Although he didn’t learn the essence of it, he could easily imitate the moves.

Before long, Scott had learned to fool Caro with fake moves, making it impossible for Caro to guess when he would really attack her.

Caro looked at Scott with some surprise. She had learned Mizong Fist for many years. She could master Mizong Fist well because Nicolle trained her strictly from an early age.

However, Scott should somewhat get the hang of Mizong Fist just after fighting with her for a while. Wasn’t he too smart?

Comparisons are really odious. Before meeting Scott, Scott always considered herself to be a genius. As for Vince, she considered him to be a genius who was more gifted than her. However, Vince also became so powerful by making a lot of effort from childhood.

However, Scott was so gifted that he mastered the skill and had quite strong inner force within only one year. Now, he mastered some of the essential points of Mizong Fist in just over ten minutes. She couldn’t help being jealous of him.

After fighting with Caro with a few more moves, Scott thought that it was almost time to put an end to the fight. Therefore, he used several fake moves. Then, he stretched out his hand in the shape of a claw to Caro, trying to put an end to the fight in this way.

Caro was fooled by the fake moves of Scott and put her hands away from her chest, exposing her chest. And Scott was about to grab her by the clothing over her chest.

Scott was used to fighting with men, so he didn’t realize that it was appropriate to use this move. He could put an end to this fight by grasping the clothing on Caro’s chest and asking her to admit that she had lost.

However, after he stretched out his arm, he realized that the body of men were different from that of women. What Scott saw was not the chest of a man, but the breast of a woman.

And Scott’s hand was in the shape of a claw at this moment. It seemed as if he were going to touch the breast of Caro.

Seeing his hand and finding where he was about to touch, Caro widened her eyes in shock. Not knowing what to do, she stood still and then blushed.

“You bastard! What do you want to do?” Caro screamed.

Scott stopped just the moment before he touched the breast of Caro. At this moment, Caro had already closed her eyes and had even given up resisting.

Scott was secretly relieved. Fortunately, he didn’t try his best, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stop.

After quite a while, Caro still didn’t feel that Scott touched her breast. She was puzzled and then opened her eyes, finding that Scott had already withdrawn his hand.

Scott coughed lightly, pretended to be calm and spoke, “You’ve lost. Let’s go.”

Caro stared at Scott dumbfounded. Judging from the way he behaved, he seemed to have deliberately molested her with that indecent move. Now, he acted as is nothing had happened and even claimed that she had lost. What did he mean?

“Scott, you’re a despicable, shameless and obscene bastard. I didn’t expect you to be such a person. You should use that shameless move on me! You’re shameless!”

Caro’s face was all red. After shouting at Scott, she jumped out of the ring and walked fast out of the boxing field.

Scott was helpless. He could swear that he really didn’t mean to do that just now. Before, he had only fought with men, so he never thought of that situation. That was why he would use that move on Caro.


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