The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 692 Scott’s Mercy

There were two tall, shirtless men fighting in the ring. People around were shouting loudly. It was noisy in the underground boxing field.

The people of M Country were tall. Those who dared to fight in the ring were confident in themselves. Therefore, in the underground boxing field of M Country, the players who fought in the ring were generally very tall and strong.

Besides, these people all had large muscles, which made them seem to be more powerful.
Scott and Caro approached the ring and looked at the people who were fighting in the ring.

“The experts in fighting of the Turner family are super powerful, so they will only send one of them here every day. That person will fight all night. If you want to attract the attention of Theodore, you have to come here every day and defeat every expert in fighting of the Turner family.” Caro spoke.

Scott nodded and didn’t say anything.

It was strange that people like them should come here together. One of them was a s*xy oriental beauty while the other was a man wearing a cartoon mask. They attracted the attention of many people. However, most people looked at them with mocking eyes after they saw the mask Scott wore.

Soon, the two people in the ring ended the fight. The loser was seriously injured and was taken down the ring while the winner shouted for several minutes in the ring.

However, that person didn’t intend to continue to fight. After shouting, he suddenly jumped out of the ring. That was because he noticed that someone was walking towards the ring.

That was the expert in fighting of the Turner family.

Scott also saw that person. He had seen information about this people in the documents Caro gave him. He remembered that this person was named Mose Turner and that this people was a member of the second group of experts in fighting trained by Theodore.

After coming close to the ring, Mose jumped onto the ring and then looked at all the people with proud eyes, asking, “If anyone wants to fight with me, come here.” Previously, it was noisy in the underground boxing field. Now, it suddenly became a bit quiet. None of people present dared to

fight with Mose, including the players trained by the underground boxing field.

These days, the experts in fighting of the Turner family had knocked down all the famous and unknown people in the underground boxing field. Everyone knew how powerful the people of the Turner family were and knew that they would die if they fought with the people of the Turner family. Therefore, when seeing the people of the Turner family now, no one dared to go to the ring.

Seeing that it was quiet in the underground boxing field and that no one dared to fight with him, Mose twitched his lips and said coldly, “Why, could it be that this underground boxing field has closed now? Why does no one come to the ring to fight with me?”

The staff member of the boxing field was very anxious. He certainly knew how powerful Mose was. If he sent players to fight with him, the players would only be beaten up. It was a great loss to the boxing field. However, if he didn’t sent anyone to fight with him, the audience would definitely be unhappy. He didn’t know what to do.

Just when the staff members of the boxing field sighed helplessly, someone jumped onto the ring.
People present all looked up at the ring, finding that the people who jumped onto the ring should be wearing a cartoon mask.
They all put on a puzzled expression and looked at Scott with contempt.

The staff member was also somewhat curious about why it was a person wearing a cartoon mask that jumped onto the ring.
However, someone going to fight with Mose was better than no one going to fight with Mose. Therefore, he immediately picked up the microphone and spoke in English, “It seems that we still have a friend who dares to take risks tonight. I believe that they will have a wonderful fight.”

The audience burst into laughter at once.

“A wonderful fight? I’m afraid that it will be a joke. That man is even wearing a cartoon mask. Could it be that he comes here to do cartoon role-playing?” Someone sneered.

The staff member put on an embarrassed smile and went on speaking, “Friend, before you begin to fight, we need to know you name. Please tell us loudly yourself!”

“God of Death.” Scott spoke in a deep and clear voice in the English.

The audience laughed again. They seemingly considered Scott to be someone to come here to amuse them.

“This guy should dare to call himself God of Death. Does he really believe that he can casually brag after wearing a mask of the hero of GOD OF DEATH? It will be amusing if he is beaten up, can’t fight back and finally dies later.”

“Could it be that he is a funnyman temporarily sent to fight with that person when no one dares to go to fight with that person? If that was the case, it would be interesting. I’ve begun to be interested in watching this person get beaten up.”

Caro looked at Scott with a helpless expression. She thought: as an adult, he was still so childish. Could it be that men would really be always childish?

At this moment, a muscular man approached Caro and said with a smile, “Just now, I saw you came here with the men in the ting. You’ve seen that he’s a joke. If you stay with him, you’ll lose face. What about staying with me tonight? You’ll have a wonderful experience.”

As he spoke, he showed off his muscles to Caro.

Caro gave that man a glance with a murderous look and spoke coldly, “Go away!”

Mose also gave Scott a playful glance and spoke, “I don’t know whether you’re God of Death or not. However, considering the mask you’re wearing, I can send you to the real God of Death.”

Under the mask, Scott put on a playful smile. The man in front of him had no idea how powerful his opponent was today.

“I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to do so. You’re just powerful when you’re fighting with ordinary people. Today, I’ll let you know what the real power is like.” Scott spoke with a smile.

Mose couldn’t hide his contempt. Then, he didn’t say anything more. After warming up for a while, he was about to attack Scott.
“How dare you boast like that? You’re but a clown, but you should dare to talk about power with me. Take that!”

Mose rushed to Scott in an instant and then tried to punch Scott on the top of his skull.

For ordinary people, he moved very fast. However, in Scott’s opinion, he moved as slowly as a tortoise.

Scott raised one hand gently and grabbed Mose by the wrist. Then, he pushed it back violently, after which it was broken.
Previously, Mose was confident. Now, he wore a painful expression and subconsciously wanted to retreat.

However, at this moment, Scott gave his knee a kick.

With a sound, Mose knelt down on one knee. There were many beads of sweat on his forehead. In such a short time, one of his wrists and one of his legs were broken. However powerful he was, he would never be able to fight with great skills in the future.

Not killing him, Scott had showed his greatest mercy to the people of the Turner family.


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