The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 691 My Nickname Is God of Death

In the next two days, Scott lived in H Country Alliance and knew a lot about this place under the help of Caro.

The original intention of founding H Country Alliance was to protect the people of H Country who settled down in M Country from being bullied. When the people of H Country first built Chinatown here, the people of M Country were against them. So they often came to make trouble for the people of H Country.

In order to resist the people of M Country, the people of H Country who moved to here gathered together and set up H Country Alliance. At that time, the Chairman of H Country Alliance was Caro’s grandfather.

The people of M Country had always believed that people of H Country were not as good as them. Thinking that they were strong, people of M Country often came to Chinatown to bully ordinary people. At this time, the people of H Country Alliance would deal with it by fighting with the people of M Country in the ring.

As an martial artist who had learned traditional martial arts, even if Nicolle was not as tall as the people of M Country, he could defeat them easily. Therefore, after fighting with the people of M Country in the ring for many times, the people of M Country finally realized that the people of H Country were powerful. Now, few people dared to come here to make trouble again.

Apart from working as the Chairman of H Country Alliance, Nicolle also set up a martial club and taught the people living in Chinatown some basic fighting skills so that they could protect themselves.

After knowing what Nicolle had done for Chinatown, Scott somewhat respected him. After all, without Nicolle, the people of Chinatown wouldn’t be able to live in such peace now.

In these two days, Nicolle treated Scott in a surprisingly good way. In Nicolle’s opinion, Scott was a genius rarely seen ina thousand years, so he naturally should treated Scott well.

At the beginning, Scott couldn’t understand it. Later, he learned one fact: among the younger generation in Chinatown in M Country, there were only two people having quite strong inner force between their twenties and thirties. One was Theodore and the other was Vince.

Other people who had inner force were at least 40 years old. When taking age into consideration, Scott was indeed a manina million.

Caro also treated Scott in a much different way. However, she admired Scott instead of falling in love with him after knowing that he was powerful like some girls.
In essence, Caro was a cold girl.

On one afternoon, when Scott was watching the students of Nicolle practicing fighting skills in martial arts practising field in H Country Alliance, Caro came close to him and said, “I’ve figured out a way to let you fight with Theodore in the ring.”

Scott’s eyes lit up. He asked, “What?” “Come with me.” Caro didn’t just tell him. She turned around and came out of martial arts practising field.
Scott quickly followed her. They came to a study. After that, Caro took out a stack of documents and handed them to Scott.

“These days, there are new experts in fighting in the Turner family. They’re not as powerful as those who have inner force, but they’re much more powerful than ordinary experts in fighting. I sent someone to observe these people carefully for some time, finding that they became so powerful possibly because they has learned a simplified deep breathing from Theodore. Theodore should have developed it based on the deep breathing of inner force.”

“In this way, the Turner family can have a group of powerful experts in fighting who will not be supervised by executor. These days, the Turner family has started to expand with these experts in fighting.”

Hearing that, Scott nodded. He was not very astonished. Before he came to M Country, he had already met Bradshaw and his companions. It seemed that Theodore wanted to raise the status of the Turner family with these people.

“To let these experts have more fighting experience, these days, Theodore has been arranging for these experts in fighting to fight in an underground boxing field near Chinatown.”

“If you go to this underground boxing field and defeat all the experts in fighting of the Turner family, Theodore will certainly attach great importance to it. At that time, he may fight with you in in the ring in person. Certainly, you can’t let them know who you are, otherwise Theodore will definitely know your purpose. Then, he may ask his teacher to kill you. Executors can’t deal with Grandmaster.”

Scott agreed. His greatest advantage was that the people of the Turner family didn’t know that he was alive and that he had come to M Country.
Therefore, Scott had the opportunity to kill Theodore with the simplest method.

Once Theodore knew that he had come to M Country and that he had had strong inner force, Theodore would absolutely take some action. Moreover, his teacher was a Grandmaster. Once Theodore turned to this Grandmaster for help, it was impossible for Scott to take revenge on Theodore. After all, Scott’s teacher wouldn’t specially come to M Country for Scott.

“It works. Where is that underground boxing field? I’ll go there tonight.” Scott spoke.
“I’ll go with you in the evening.” Caro blinked and said.

Scott didn’t mind. After nodding, he began to read the documents Caro handed to him. These documents were about the experts in fighting of the Turner family. There were marks made by Caro. Looking at the beautiful handwriting, Scott couldn’t help smiling.

“Why are you smiling?” Caro asked.
“I didn’t expect you to have a pretty handwriting.” Scott replied.

Caro immediately glared at Scott and asked, “Why? Could it be that I seem to be someone who have a bad handwriting?”

“No, no. Your handwriting is as beautiful as you.” Scott laughed and hurriedly said.

Only then did Caro stop looking coldly at Scott. She thought: considering the words you just said, I would be the bigger person and forgive you.

In the evening. In a bar that was not far away from Chinatown.

Caro and Scott passed through the hall of the bar. Caro’s figure was eye-catching, so many people of M Country kept whistling to her. Some of them even approached her and talked to her, but they were all scared and gave up when Caro looked at them coldly.

They came close to a door at the end of the bar. The door was opened after Caro gave it a push. They went in and heard shouts that were louder than the music of the bar.

This was the underground boxing field Caro mentioned.

Fight was always people’s favorite competitive sport, no matter where they were. Therefore, underground boxing field was not rarely seen in M Country.

At this moment, Scott was holding a mask. It looked the same as the hero in the cartoon “GOD OF DEATH”. And Scott bought it on the wat Scott came to this place.

Soon after they entered the underground boxing field, Scott wore that mask.

“Didn’t you say that we should use a nickname when we fight in the ring here? From now on, my nickname is God of Death.” Scott spoke to Caro with a smile.

Caro turned her head, looked at the mask that was the same as a cartoon character, rolled her eyes and said in a lowly voice, “Childish.”


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