The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 690 The Change of Attitude

Nicolle laughed loudly. What Scott said was a little aggressive, but Nicolle didn’t mind. He was straightforward. Before, he was indeed too self-righteous. Without knowing anything about Guanling, he just considered Guanling to be only an amusement park and thought that the son of the boss of Guanling was definitely weak.

Now, Scott had proved himself to be a powerful man. Nicolle was naturally willing to admit that he had been wrong. As the Chairman of H Country Alliance, he was broad-minded.

“Before, I did have misjudged you. I’m sorry. We, as martial artists, respect only powerful people. Being so powerful at such a young age, you’re a rarely seen talent in the world. In H Country, there is only a few talented people like you. It seems that I really should know more about Guanling.” Nicolle spoke.

Scott responded with a smile. Seeing that Nicolle was willing to apologize for what he had said, he had a better impression of him.

Ulysses also looked at Scott with a smile and asked, “Just now, I found that the moves you used are quite unique. I’ve seen many martial arts before, but I’ve never seen yours. May I ask who your teacher is?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you. My teacher has asked me not to do so.” Scott spoke.
Ulysses nodded and didn’t ask again.

Vince got up while gritting his teeth, saying, “Just now, I was just being careless, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to find my weak points. Before, I gave up many chances to defeat you. Fight with me one more time. This time, I won’t do that and you’ll definitely lose!”

Hearing that, Ulysses’ face became dark at once and shouted at him, “Stop that nonsense. You really lost. Could it be that you don’t think that you’ve lost face?”

“Father, he really found a chance just because I went easy on him. Otherwise…” Vince was still unwilling to give up. Caro was there watching. If he just admitted that he lost to Scott, Caro would certainly have a much worse impression of him.

Ulysses was very angry. When they fought with each other before, it was obviously Scott that went easy on him. Otherwise, Vince would have long been defeated. If Scott just wanted to win, he had long defeated Vince.

Now, Vince should claim that he lost to Scott because he went easy on Scott. It made Ulysses lose face.

“Shut up!” Ulysses shouted at Vince, “When you don’t fight as well as others, you have to admit it. Don’t make excuses for yourself. If you went on acting in this way, however gifted you are, you won’t be able to make a great achievement!”

Only then did Vince shut up. But it could be seen that he was still not convinced.

Nicolle turned his head, looked at Caro and said, “Caro, why do you just stand there? Prepare a room for him now. When he’s in M Country, he’ll live in our home.”

“By the way, if you have any question about inner force, you can turn to him for help.”

Caro looked at her father with a surprised expression. She didn’t expect that her father would treat Scott in such a different way.
It was totally different from the way he treated Scott before.

Hearing that, Ulysses immediately sighed helplessly. What Nicolle meant was very obvious: he didn’t mind his daughter having more contact with Scott.

And before Scott came here, Nicolle usually said those words to Vince.

However, he couldn’t say anything about it. After all, if it were him, he would definitely ask his daughter to have more contact with Scott. No one would refuse such a gifted genius.

When people met a better person, they would usually forget the previous one.
“By the way, what’s your name? It’s not good for me to always call you fella.” Nicolle asked while staring at Scott.
“Scott.” Scott answered.

Nicolle nodded. Once again, he turned his head, looked at Caro and said, “Don’t just stand still. Prepare a room for Scott now.”

Caro finally gathered her wits. After giving Scott a puzzled glance, she said, “Come with me.”

Scott gave Nicolle and Ulysses a fist-and-palm salute, after which he followed Caro into the house.

Soon, Caro led Scott to a guest room and said, “These days, live in this room. If you need anything, you can just tell me.” “Thank you.” Scott said.

Caro didn’t respond to him. Instead, she stared thoughtfully at Scott and asked, “Isn’t it that you have just mastered the skill of inner force? Why are you so powerful? Did you deliberately pretend to have just mastered the skill of inner force before me?”

Scott was a little embarrassed. He looked at Caro and spoke, “I’ve never admitted that I’ve just mastered the skill of inner force.
You had this idea yourself.”

Caro recalled all the dialogue after she met Scott, and found that she had just considered Scott to be an expert in fighting who had just mastered the skill of inner force just because of the way Scott behaved.

And she could be said to have treated Scott badly because of it. However, he didn’t mind. On the contrary, he had been very calm about it. Thinking of this, Caro soon thought that she was far from as good as Scott.

She blushed because of embarrassment. Seeing that, Scott thought that Caro was lovelier than before.

“I…’m sorry. I got you wrong before, so I had treated you badly. I’m sorry.” Caro said apologetically.
Scott smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter.” Caro thought: Scott was really broad-minded and powerful. And he was at the same age me…

Wait. Scott did change between deep breathing and normal breathing. It meant that Scott did have mastered the skill of inner force for a short time, at most definitely within one year.

And he did defeat Vince who had quite strong inner force. It meant that Scott also had quite strong inner force and that he was stronger than Vince.

After linking these two things together, Caro drew a conclusion: Scott learned the skill of inner force and had quite strong inner force within one year!

If a person could have quite strong inner force at Scott’s age, that person was one in a million. If one person learned the skill of inner force and had quite strong inner force within one year, that person was not like human being.

Caro looked at Scott in disbelief and spoke in a trembling voice, “You… You learned the skill of inner force and had quite strong inner force within one year. It…It’s too unbelievable!”

Hearing that, Scott said with a smile, “You’re wrong.”

“Impossible! You can’t fool me. I’m absolutely right.” Caro spoke with great certainty.

Scott shrugged and didn’t argue with her. But she was really wrong.

Now, Scott had strong inner force rather than quite strong inner force. Moreover, it took him half a year rather than a year.

She believed her speculation too much again.


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