The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 689 He Is Powerful

Vince laughed. Hearing what Scott said, he just took off his upper outer garment and then went to one side of Tai ji Pattern.

Seeing that, Scott didn’t say anything. He was looked down upon soon after he came here. If he didn’t show them his power, they might really consider Guanling to be just a high-end amusement park.

When he was about to approach Vince, Caro stopped him. Then, she turned her head, looked at Vince and said, “You claimed that Scott was a playboy, but he’s not. Now, he has also mastered the skill of inner force, though he has just mastered it. You have had quite strong inner force now. If you fight with Scott, it’s unfair for Scott.”

Vince raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect that Scott had mastered the skilled of inner force. However, he still wore a contemptuous expression. After all, there was a huge gap between the people who had just mastered the skill of inner force and the people with quite strong inner force.

“If that’s the case, I don’t have to waste my time. Being able to master the skill of inner force at your age, you could be said to be a little gifted. However, you’re far from as good as the real genius. I hope that you can have self-knowledge.” Vince spoke. He was naturally referring to himself when he mentioned the real genius.

“Humph, he has just mastered the skill of inner force. It’s not worthy of showing off. Caro, if you have free time, it would be better for you to stay with Vince. Don’t waste your time on an ordinary person.” Nicolle said.

Caro didn’t know how to explain to her father. Now, she somewhat regretted bringing Scott home. If she had expected the current situation, she would have booked a room in a hotel for Scott.

Scott passed by Caro and went towards Vince. In this situation, if he gave in, he would really be looked down upon by Nicolle and Vince.

Seeing that, Caro shouted with her eyes wide open, “Scott, what are you doing?”

Scott said with a smile, “He has said those words. If I don’t fight with him, he would really believe that I’m afraid of him.”

“Are you silly? He has quite strong inner force. You’re no match for him!” Caro shouted somewhat anxiously.
Scott turned his head, looked at Caro with a smile and said, “I’ve never said that I’ve just mastered the skill of inner force.”

Caro didn’t think about what Scott meant. Because of the preconceived idea, she subconsciously thought that Scott couldn’t defeat Vince.

Seeing that Scott insisted on fighting with him, Vince put on a playful smile and said, “Unexpectedly, you’re not a coward. Well, then, I’ll let you know how useless you are. Besides, I hope you can realize that it’s sometimes better to be a coward.”

Scott stood face to face with Vince. He didn’t talk nonsense, but directly spoke, “Let’s begin.” Vince twitched his lips. Then, with a loud shout, he clenched his fists, struck a pose and then quickly rushed to Scott.

The members of Lau Fist had learned and used Hong Fist for generations. In the past, Hong Fist was very famous in H Country.
A few decades ago, people throughout H Country all learned Hong Fist. However, due to the emergence of executor, the families that learned and used martial arts all went into hiding. One branch of Lau Fist moved to M Country and settled down here.

Hong Fist was powerful and could cause great harm to people. It was Hard Fist that was rarely seen. When fighting with an expert of Hong Fist, one should consider if he or she could resist the fists instead of how to find out his or her weak point.

Experts of Hong Fist always attacked in order to defend. They rarely cared about the weak points they showed, because their opponents would usually be knocked down because of failing to resist their fists before their opponents could attack their weak points.

Scott felt the air of forcefulness of Vince. He also realized how powerful Vince’s moves were. However, the fighting skills his teachers taught him included the best skills of many martial arts. However powerful Hong Fist was, Scott would be able to find a way to knock down the people who used Hong Fist.

Moreover, Scott had long had strong inner force and strong outer force. Even if he fought with Vince with only force, he would be able to defeat Vince easily.

“This guy is really so reckless that he chooses to fight with Vince. If he loses later, dad will scold me because of it. At that time, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t let me being involve in the affairs of Guanling anymore. The boss of Guanling is so smart. Why would he have such a stupid son?” Caro murmured unhappily.

Nicolle and Ulysses also went to one side of Tai ji Pattern and watched them fight. Obviously, in their opinion, Vince would definitely defeat Scott.

“This guy is not very weak. Having fought for such a long time with Vince, he should still not be defeated. He could be said to be a talented person. Unfortunately, he’s only the son of the boss of an amusement park.” Nicolle said tonelessly.

Ulysses didn’t respond to him. Instead, he watched Vince and Scott fight with a frown. He knew the characteristics of Hong Fist very well. It seemed that either of them could defeat each other now. However, Ulysses found that Scott had many chances to defeat Vince and that he had intended to do so but finally gave up.

Finding that, Ulysses was a little shocked. If that were the case, Scott might be much more powerful than Vince. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to put the fight under his absolute control.

“Nicolle, you might have misjudged this people. He’s more powerful than he seems to be. Vince has actually lost.” Ulysses spoke.

Nicolle was a little shocked. He didn’t expect Ulysses to say so. Then, he couldn’t help looking carefully at Scott again.

After all, Nicolle was an expert in fighting with strong inner force. He soon found something unusual about Scott and noticed that Scott had given up many chances to defeat Vince. It seemed that he was trying to fight for a longer time with Vince because he didn’t want Vince to lose face.

Nicolle nodded thoughtfully and said, “It seems that I’ve misjudged him. He’s powerful.”

Soon, Scott thought that he had done enough not to let Vince lose face and that it was time to put an end to the fighting. After that, he seized an opportunity and knocked Vince down. Then, he took a deep breath and stopped.

“You lose.”

Vince sat on the ground, staring at Scott in a daze. Never expecting that he would lose to Scott who had just mastered the skill of inner force, he was in disbelief.

Caro also watched it dumbfounded. Scott should defeat Vince who had quite strong inner force. Wasn’t it meant that Scott had at least quite strong inner force?

She took a deep breath and finally realized that she had underestimated this guy, who seemed to be a little ordinary, from the very beginning.

Scott turned around, looked at Nicolle and asked, “Now, do you still consider Guanling to be just a high-end amusement park?”


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