The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 688 Are You Sure

Outside the cafe, Caro had ridden on her motorcycle.

Scott was a little embarrassed and asked, “Well, how can I go to your home? Shall I go there by taxi? And tell me the address, please.”

Caro turned her head, gave Scott a glance and spoke, “Are you silly? You can go there on my motorcycle.”

Scott hesitated for a moment. He had never been on a girl’s motorcycle. But Caro had said so. If he refused, he would seemed to be a little bashful.

Therefore, he also rode on the motorcycle.
Caro started the motorcycle. With a loud sound, Caro drove the motorcycle away at full speed along the road.

Judging from the fact that Caro drove at a very high speed, Caro was a sensation-seeker. Although Scott rarely drove a motorcycle, he had driven a racing car in the past. Therefore, when Caro drove at such a high speed, he didn’t feel bad.

Before long, Caro stopped in front of a five-story building. This building had a very strong style of that of H Country. There was a board hanging above the gate with several words written on it: H Country Alliance.

There was a flag on each side of the board. On each flag, there was two words: Kung Fu.

Caro led Scott to the gate. After entering the building, there was a large old-fashioned living room. Inside, there was a screen with ancient paintings on it, a set of tables and chairs made of rosewood and a large empty space with a Tai ji Pattern on the ground. On both side of the space, there was a wooden dummy. It could be told in a glance that it was a living room of a family that learned traditional martial art.

At this moment, there were several people sitting in the living room and chatting. The person who sat in the host’s seat was a strong and manly middle-aged man. He was exactly Nicolle Britt, the Chairman of H Country Alliance and the father of Caro.

The beard man dressed in a training suit sitting beside Nicolle was named Ulysses Lau. He was a friend of Nicolle and also a member of H Country Alliance.

The young man standing beside Ulysses was the son of Ulysses. He was named Vince Lau and was about the same age as Scott.

“Vince, as such young a man, has had quite strong inner force. He’s really a genius rarely seen in a hundred years. Even Theodore, who studies with Grandmaster, has only quite strong inner force now. If Vince could study with a Grandmaster, he would be bound to be promising in the future.” Nicolle said with a smile.

“You’re flattering him! There are just a few Grandmaster in the world, and it’s difficult to find one and study with him or her. I’m already very satisfied with Vince’s current achievement.” Ulysses said modestly.

Vince was smiling. There was a proud expression in his eyes.

Among the younger generation in Chinatown in M Country, only Theodore could be a match for him. Theodore made his achievements under the guidance of his Grandmaster while he made rapid progress without the guidance of Grandmaster.
Therefore, he was naturally somewhat proud.

“You really don’t need be too worried about Vince. If Caro was half as excellent as Vince, I wouldn’t have to be so worried about her. Recently, she is getting involved in the affairs of Guanling instead of putting herself on the right track. Guanling is but a tourist spot. Even if it makes a lot of money, it’s useless to us who learn martial art.” Nicolle sighed helplessly.

Right at this time, Caro came in with Scott. She looked unhappily at Nicolle and said, “Dad, it’s impolite to speak ill of someone

behind that person.”

Nicolle, Ulysses and Vince all turned their heads and looked at Caro. Nicolle sneered and said, “Was I speaking ill of you? Could it be that I didn’t tell the truth? Guanling is just a high-end amusement park. And you always spend your time and energy on such a meaningless thing. Could it be that I can’t blame you for it?”

“Dad, I’ve told you many times that Guanling is not just a tourist spot. The man behind me is the son of the boss of Guanling.
He…” When Caro mentioned Scott, she suddenly regretted it. She had intended to take Scott as a proof that Guanling was not just a tourist spot. However, she suddenly remembered that there was nothing special about Scott, so she didn’t know what to say for a while.

“What! You should bring the son of the boss of Guanling home?” Nicolle shouted angrily at once and looked at Scott.

Ulysses and Vince also looked at Scott up and down. There was a hint of hostility to Scott in Vince’s eyes. In his opinion, the reason why Caro was involved in the affairs of Guanling was possibly that she was blinded by the son of the boss of Guanling.

In his opinion, the son of the boss of Guanling was the same as the general rich second generation. This kind of people was generally good at speaking sweet words and Caro might have been fooled by his sweet words.

Vince thought highly of himself. He always believed that only the daughter of the Chairman of H Country Alliance could be a match for him. Although they didn’t fall in love with each other, they knew each other well. Moreover, their parents also wanted them to marry each, though they didn’t make it clear.

Therefore, when Vince saw Scott, he considered Scott to be his rival in love.

“Caro, you should know very well that this kind of person is just decadent playboys. You must have been blinded by his sweet words. Apart from being rich, I’m afraid that there is nothing good about him. You had better think it over.” Vince spoke.
Nicolle understood what Vince meant at once and his eyes were wide open. He thought that what Vince said might be true.

He looked carefully at Scott and said, “Fella, this is not the place you should come to. And not everyone is eligible to approach my daughter. You had better leave here before I lose my temper. Otherwise, I’ll take some action.”

Nicolle clenched his fists, making a loud sound.

Scott was puzzled. He had just met Caro for the first time. Why did they say that he was a decadent rich second generation when he just came to Caro’s home?

“Dad, Vince, what nonsense are you talking about? He’s just my cooperative partner who has just come to M Country. So I’m going to show him around.” Caro said somewhat angrily.

“If you want to show him around, don’t bring him home. We don’t welcome such a useless rich second generation.” Nicolle said coldly.

“Guanling is not the kind of place you expected. And I’m not the useless rich second generation you mentioned. Even if you’re the Chairman of H Country Alliance, you shouldn’t be so arrogant.” Scott was not a coward and not everyone could bully him.

“He, he. That’s to say, you consider yourself to be powerful?” Vince sneered and took two steps forward, “Uncle, let me deal with this guy. You don’t have to be so angry just because of him.”

After saying that, Vince looked at Scott and spoke, “Since you disagree with us, dare you fight with me? We all have learned martial arts and we can deal with everything by fighting. Can you, as a playboy, accept it?”

“Are you sure?” Scott smiled slightly and asked.


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