The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 687 Executors

Finding that Scott knew nothing about executor, Caro felt as if she was talking to a green hand.

In her impression, the boss of Guanling was far-sighted and deep and put everything under his absolute control. This was also the reason why she considered Guanling to be promising and agreed to be the person in charge of the affairs of Guanling in M Country.

Not long ago, she received a message, knowing that the son of the boss of Guanling would come to M Country, take over the resources of Guanling and deal with the Turner family.

In her opinion, the son of Terence must be at least more excellent than overwhelming majority of people, otherwise Terence would absolutely not let him be in charge of dealing with the Turner family. It was a big event.

However, she was very disappointed by Scott. He seemed to be ordinary. Being able to mastering the skill of inner force at such a young age, he could be said to be one in a million. However, she also mastered the skill of inner force at the same age.
Therefore, she didn’t consider Scott to be excellent just because of it.

Now, when this guy didn’t know anything, he came to M Country and claimed that he was going to deal with the Turner family. In her opinion, this guy was just a reckless and self-righteous man.

Although she was very disappointed at Scott, she just showed her disappointment in her eyes and expression for a while and didn’t say anything. After that, she patiently explained to Scott what executor was.

Scott had noticed the way Caro treated him changed. In fact, he was helpless. His teacher only taught him the skill of inner force and had never mentioned something like executor to him. Therefore, he knew nothing about the world of experts in fighting with inner force.

“Executor team is composed of experts in fighting with inner force. Their duty is to maintain order. Only people with inner force are eligible to know that there are executors.”

“In the society, there are laws binding people. Only in this way can the world be peaceful. In the world of experts in fighting with inner force, something like that is also needed. Experts in fighting with inner force are thousands of times more powerful than ordinary people. If there isn’t something like that, once there is a bad expert in fighting with inner force, it will be a great disaster for ordinary people.”

“According to the rule made by executor, experts in fighting with inner force aren’t allowed to freely attack ordinary people. If someone violates this rule, that person will be hunted down by executors. No matter where that person flee, they will find that person.”

Hearing this, Scott immediately understood why there were few experts in fighting with inner force even in top families in the world. It was because they were bounded by executors.

However, he soon realized that these so-called executors were not very efficient. At many times, they investigated and clarified the matter before they started to arrest the people who violated the rule. If they failed to check it out, the matter would naturally disappear.

Scott killed many people after he returned to B City, but there was no so-called executor coming to punish him.

He speculated that it was highly likely because executors didn’t considered him to be an expert in fighting with inner force. After all, even if a person came back after disappearing for six months, it was very unlikely that that person had become an expert in fighting with inner force.

Besides, in the past, Scott was quite good at fighting. Even if he killed someone after coming back, executor would just consider him to be a powerful person among the ordinary people.

Certainly, a big factor was that Scott was lucky. After all, executor team was composed of experts in fighting with inner force.
They must be very powerful. Maybe there was very few people who could escape punishment like Scott.

Before, Scott fought with Quentin and Micah in Kinmon Country. But it involved just experts in fighting with inner force and no ordinary people were hurt. Therefore, executors didn’t look into this matter.

“Apart from this rule, there are many rules, but I’m not going to tell you all of them. You just need to remember two rules: first, don’t kill ordinary people; second, don’t do evil things with inner force. As long as you obey these two rules, executors will generally not come to you.” Caro went on speaking.

“Are these executors everywhere?” Scott asked.
“Of course not. Executors only take charge of the experts in fighting with inner force of H Country. What people of other countries

do certainly has nothing to do with them. Therefore, there are executors only in H Country and Chinatown around the world.” Caro answered.

Scott frowned and said, “That’s to say, when I take revenge on the Turner family, I can only kill Theodore. As for the rest of the people of the Turner family, I can only beat them up and I can’t kill them. Right?”

“You can say so. You mustn’t underestimate executors. There aren’t as many executors in Chinatown as there are in H Country, but every member of executor team is the elite of the elite. Those who could become executors all have at least quite strong inner force. The leader of executor team in M Country is an expert in fighting with strong inner force.” Caro spoke.

Scott raised his eyebrows. Unexpectedly, executors were quite powerful. There was one expert in fighting with strong inner force in just an executor team. He thought that he had to be careful in the future. After all, he wouldn’t be always lucky.

It would be too bad if he was caught by a few people when he was accompanying Sherry.

“In cities, no matter you want to fight against an ordinary person or an expert in fighting with strong inner force, you had better do that in the ring. As long as you fight in the presence of witnesses, even if your opponent is an ordinary person and is killed by you, the executors will turn a blind eye to it. After all, when people fight in the ring, whether they can survive or not depends on how well they fight. If someone is killed, that person could only blame himself or herself for not fighting well enough.” Caro reminded.

Scott thought for a moment and asked, “So you want me to kill Theodore in the ring?”

“It’s your best choice.” Caro answered.

Scott nodded and didn’t retorted. It was really a good idea on the premise that he could find a chance to fight with Theodore in the ring.

“Thank you for your patient introduction. If you didn’t tell me all these things, I might have gone to the Turner’s house and killed all the people of the Turner family.” Scott said with a smile.

Caro rolled her eyes at him and said, “I just don’t want to get into trouble because of you.”

“There are many opportunities for you to fight with Theodore in the ring. You don’t have to be anxious. In the future several days, get familiar with this place first and learn the most basic things. Don’t think about taking revenge on the Turner family before that.”

“Ok, I’ll follow the arrangement.” Scott smiled. Since he was in her turf, he should follow her arrangement.

When he was in H City, although Nadia liked to flirt with him, she listened to him. Now, when he was in M Country, it was he that listened to Caro. Thinking of this, Scott somewhat sighed.

It seemed that he, as the young master of Guanling, had to convince Caro with his power. Otherwise, he would be looked down upon.

Caro stood up, turned around and went towards the door.
Scott hurriedly followed her and asked, “Where are we going now?” “I didn’t book a room in a hotel for you. Therefore, these days, you’ll stay at my home.”

“I’d like to remind you of one thing now. My dad dislikes Guanling. When you’re at my home, you have better be smart.
Otherwise, you’ll be beaten up by my dad. He’s an expert in fighting with strong inner force.”


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