The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 686 Caro Britt

At Chinatown, M Country.

Scott was walking along the street while looking at the buildings and signs that were similar to that in H Country. If it wasn’t that he saw the signs in English occasionally and that there were foreigners walking along the street, Scott would think that he had gone to the wrong place.

As time went by, more and more people of H Country settled down in M Country. Chinatown was no longer just a street. It had developed into a neighborhood. In this neighborhood, things related the culture of H Country could be seen everywhere.

By this time, it was already dark. When the neon lights on the side of the road lit up, it was quite different from the streets at night in H Country.

Scott stopped at an intersection. Before, he had contacted the person who was in charge of the affairs of Guanling in M Country. They arranged to meet at this place.

Before coming to M Country, Scott had known that Terence had sent the people of Guanling, who were in foreign countries, to M Country. Moreover, these people all followed Scott’s orders now.

In terms of business, it was not difficult for Guanling to destroy the Turner family. What worried Terence was the Grandmaster of the Turner family. Now, the Turner family even had an expert in fighting with inner force–Theodore.

Scott, who had both great inner force and great outer force, didn’t know how powerful Grandmaster was. However, he had a certain confidence in himself.

Even if he couldn’t defeat Grandmaster, he would be able to run away.

Scott learned from Guanling’s intelligence team that the teacher of Theodore was studying abroad now. Even if he killed Theodore and destroyed the Turner family, it would be impossible for this Grandmaster to instantly come back and take revenge on Scott.

Moreover, in Scott’s view, teachers shouldn’t intervene in the things between his student and other people. Of course, if the teacher of Theodore was very protective of his students, Scott couldn’t blame him.
When he was thinking, he heard a loud sound of engine coming from behind him. He turned around, and saw that a Harley

motorcycle had parked there.

A s*xy woman got off her motorcycle and came close to Scott. She was wearing a helmet, a black leather jacket and a pair of black leather pants.

That woman took off the helmet. At the same time, her golden hair fell down. Scott saw her face clearly. She was a beautiful woman with Roman nose and big eyes. Her facial features were a little characteristic of oriental women.

She seemed to be a little cold. After giving Scott a glance, she asked, “Are you Scott?”

Scott nodded. That woman put her helmet on the motorcycle and said, “I’m the person in charge of the affairs of Guanling in M Country. You can call me Caro. Come with me.”

As she spoke, she entered the nearby cafe and sat at a table near the window.

Scott followed her. He thought: she was really cold and spoke in an arrogant way. Just now, though she greeted Scott politely, she seemed to be giving an order to Scott.

However, Scott didn’t mind. At least, being cold to him was better than being too enthusiastic about him. When he remembered the days when he stayed with Nadia in H City, he would be afraid for a while. After all, once he failed to resist the temptation, he would make a big mistake.

After entering the cafe, Scott sat down in the chair opposite and spoke with a smile, “I’ve thought that you’ve an English name.
Unexpectedly, you should have a classical and special name.”

“I’m a people of H Country. Why should I have an English name?” Caro answered.

Hearing that, Scott got a better impression of her. She was much too better than people like Daisy.

“I need to know the position of Theodore and the head of the Turner family. After I kill them, you can destroy the Turner family with the resources of Guanling.” Scott got down to the business directly.

Caro looked at Scott as if she were looking at an idiot, and said, “Do you think that you’re going to deal with a weak family in H Country? Even if I tell you the position of Theodore, do you think you have the ability to kill him? I met him a few times before and found that he has had strong inner force. Do you think you can defeat him on your own?”

Scott was surprised. He didn’t expect that she should know something about inner force. What’s more, it seemed that she knew quite a lot about it.

“Do you know inner force?” Scott asked.

“Of course, I do. And I also know that you should just have some inner force. Otherwise, you won’t come to M Country to take revenge on Theodore. You had better be patient. People with a little inner force is to a people with strong inner force what a little baby is to an adult. You’re no match for him.” Caro answered.

Scott laughed. He was not anxious to explain to her that he was powerful. Instead, he became interested in talking with Caro.
“How do you know that I’ve just had inner force? What if I’m more powerful than you think?” Scott asked with a smile.

Caro twitched her lips and said, “You’re not the only person who has learned the skill of inner force. When someone just master the skill of inner force, that people will usually change between normal breathing and deep breathing because that person is not used to deep breathing. People can only maintain deep breathing after mastering the skill of inner force for a long time. You’re in a state very similar to that of me now, so I can certainly find that.”

Scott was shocked again. It never occurred to him that the beauty sitting face to face with him was also an expert in fighting with inner force.

Caro had anticipated that Scott would react in this way. There was a little disdain on her face. It seemed that she was taunting Scott for knowing too little.

Scott didn’t care about her reaction. He thought that he had really underestimated how powerful Guanling was. Guanling could have an expert in fighting with inner force as a person in charge of its affairs in a district. It seemed that Guanling had been more powerful than top families in the world.

Besides, Scott suspected that Terence had had strong inner force and that Terence was still not Grandmaster. After all, only the Grandmaster of the Turner family worried Terence.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you to be so powerful. Guanling should be congratulated for being able to train a talented person like you.” Scott said with a smile.

“I’m not trained by Guanling. Don’t get me wrong. I just agree to be the person in charge of the affair of Guanling in M Country because I think that Guanling could be said to be promising. I’m trained by my dad.”

“Oh? Who is your dad?” Feeling puzzled, Scott hurriedly asked.

“My dad is the Chairman of H Country Alliance. He could be said to be the guardian of Chinatown. People living in Chinatown all know my dad. Besides, they all respect him very much.” Caro spoke with pride.

Scott nodded and thought for a while. He didn’t expect Caro to have such a connection.

It seemed that H Country Alliance was not just what it seemed to be. Terence certainly knew who Caro’s father was. In this case, Terence still asked Caro to be the person in charge of the affairs of Guanling in M Country. There must be a reason for him to do sO.

“Let’s not talk about whether you can defeat Theodore or not now. You are so anxious to take revenge on the people of the Turner family. Could it be that you know nothing about executors?” Caro rolled her eyes and asked Scott another question.

“Executor? What is that?”


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