The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 685 The Foreigners Were Stunned

The main courtyard of the Davies House.

At this time, Jordan, Charles, Conor, Morgan, Natan, Lily, Baron, Dick, Darius, Warren, Kacper and the top managers of the Davies family were all standing here.

Edith held Sherry in her arms and stood in the forefront position, with Nicholas and Jennifer guarding her.
Their gazes all fell on Scott. Today was the day Scott left for M Country.

Scott smiled and looked at everyone, and said, “Don’t stare at me with this kind of gaze. It’s like I’m going to die. I’m just going to M Country to solve a little trouble. When the trouble is resolved, I will come back. ”

Scott’s words made everyone laugh, and the slightly solemn atmosphere eased a lot.

Edith stared at Scott with a bitter look, and said, “When you were on Moon Island, you said the same thing. However, after you left that time, I waited for half a year before you came back. I don’t believe you anymore.”

Scott looked at Edith apologetically, walked over and gently stroked her cheek, and said, “It was an accident last time. This time I promise that it won’t happen again.”

Edith was still full of dismay, looked down at Sherry in her arms, and said, “I don’t care if the situation like the last time will happen or not, I just hope you remember that now you are a father. Now, your daughter is just one month old, and I don’t want her father to be gone before she has no memory.”

Scott looked at Sherry. The little guy had opened her big eyes at this time. Her eyes and eyebrows were a bit like her mother’s, but she still didn’t know anything and didn’t know what was going on now.

“How could Dad be such an irresponsible person, right? Dad promises you that I will come back as soon as possible when things are done. Or your mom mother will become a battle-axe and eat me.” Scott reached out and rubbed Sherry’s small face.

Edith glared at him, her face full of resentment, and then she said, “If you haven’t come back when Sherry is a hundred days old, even if I will have a bad name, I will go and chew you!”

Scott laughed and said, “I’ll be back in time.”

“Be careful in everything.” Edith originally wanted to complain about Scott a few more words, but in the end, she only said these four words she wanted to say from the bottom of her heart.

Scott nodded solemnly, and then everyone in the yard said goodbye to Scott one by one.

“Don’t worry, Scott has the ability to mess up the M Country. It is basically impossible for others to kill him,” Dick said.

At this time, Lily walked in front of Scott and stared at him and said, “You must come back. I’m still waiting for you and Edith to have a second child. Your second child must be a boy!”

Scott pulled a wry face, but in the end he nodded. Everyone around was full of confusion. In their eyes, Lily seemed to like Scott to have children very much, and they didn’t know why.

Finally, after saying goodbye to everyone, Scott walked up to Edith again, kissed her and Sherry on the foreheads, and said, “Wait for me to come back.”

Then he turned around and walked out to the outside of the Davies House.
Edith stared at Scott’s back, and tears were welling up in her eyes.

“Asshole, you must return safely.”

At the airport of B City.
After getting out of the car, Scott walked straight in, and after finding his flight, he sat in the waiting area and waited.
Because it was an international flight, more than half of the people waiting in the waiting area were foreigners. Most of these

people went back from C Country, and there were few people from C Country. Therefore, Scott was conspicuous among these people.

Before long, a few foreign youths who looked like they were in their twenties arrived at the waiting area and sat directly beside Scott, carrying their travel bags.

These people came to C Country for tourism and had been chatting excitedly about what they had seen and heard about this trip.

At this time, one of them noticed Scott sitting on the side. The man smiled and said, “Look, there is a guy from C Country over there.”

“The only regret when I come to C Country this time is that I don’t see the martial art. It’s said everyone in C Country is good at martial art? Go and ask him if he knew K martial art.” A man joked.

Scott had learned English since he was a child. Although he couldn’t reach the point where he could write novels in English, he still had no problems with basic communication, so he heard what these foreign young people said.

A foreign youth felt bored, so he really approached Scott and asked Scott if he could speak English. Scott nodded.

“Dude, I heard that people here all know martial art. We didn’t it you this time. From your appearance, you should not be a simple character. You must know martial art. Isn’t there any called inner force in your martial art? It is said to be very powerful. Can you show it?” the foreign youth asked.

Although the foreign youth was still polite, Scott heard that he was just joking with him, or just wanted to make fun of him.
“This is a ceramic cup that I bought in the mall, which can be used for your performance. You don’t have to perform something complicated for us. You can…well…stick your finger through the cup, how about it?”

After speaking, several people laughed, as if someone was telling a funny joke.

In their hearts, they actually didn’t believe there was such a thing as martial art in C Country. Those so-called experts in martial art may not be as good as people who learned kickboxing. They just wanted to tease Scott and have fun.

Scott smiled slightly and felt their attitude, but he was not angry, but reached out and took the ceramic cup.
“Does it cost me if I break it?” Scott asked.

“No, but the premise is that you can’t throw it to the ground, buddy, don’t you really think that you can break this cup with your fingers, this thing is very hard, ceramics made in C Country are still good,” that person said with a smile.

Scott didn’t speak, and raised his hand directly, running his inner force, and poked a finger directly at the cup.

Then the foreign youths opened their eyes wide, and their eyes were full of horror, because there was just a finger-thick hole on the cup, and Scott’s finger was intact.

“My God, am I dreaming? You actually poke a hole in the cup with your finger!” “It is too amazing, really amazing. Martial art of C Country is invincible!”

“Master, can I worship you as my teacher? Please accept me as an apprentice, my God, I actually met an expert in martial art!”

Seeing the reactions of these foreign youths, Scott smiled and said nothing.

Until they got on the plane, several foreign youths were still in shock, and they surrounded Scott and refused to walk away.
When Scott stretched out his finger and said that he was going to hit them a few times, the few people were considered quiet.


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