The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 684 He Deserves to Die

Under the arena, there was an instant chaos, and many people screamed. No one thought that with such a blink of an eye, Micah was killed.

Scott turned to look at Micah who fell on the ground, with a cold look in his eyes. He didn’t expect this man to be so shameless, he actually used hidden weapons to make sneak attack as he could not beat him. If it weren’t for his strength to be much higher than Micah, the flying arrow would take his life.

Dick watched the unpredictable scene, and was also scared, and then hurriedly ran to Scott’s side.
“Scott, you were so handsome just now. If I were you, I would have died,” Dick said with a smile.

Quentin looked at Micah who was lying on the ground with a stunned look. His eyes were full of horror. This powerful inner disciple of Xing Yi Fist in his mind actually died.

He gritted his teeth and stood up from the ground, walked to Micah, and looked at his dead body, the cold sweat on his forehead suddenly appeared.

“You…you actually killed Brother Micah, do you know who he was? He was an inner disciple of Xing Yi Fist . The experts in inner circle will never let you go!” Quentin yelled at Scott.

Scott stared at him and said coldly, “Then you mean, I should just stand still and let him kill me with a hidden weapon?”

Quentin was choked by Scott’s words. From the situation just now, Scott did the right thing. Micah’s skill was not as good as Scott, and he planned to use hidden weapons to injure him, but was killed by Scott. He couldn’t blame Scott at all.

But Micah just came here as a guest, and he was killed. People from Xing Yi Fist would definitely blame Micah’s death on him.

“No matter what you say, Brother Micah was killed by you. You must follow me to Xing Yi Fist and give them an explanation!” Quentin said.

“On the arena, death and injury are inevitable. Since he dared to stand here, he should have this consciousness. There are so many people here and they all know what was going on just now. If it was me who died just now, would you still care? Your son lost to my junior fellow apprentice. You were so angry that you attack a junior. Now that your senior fellow apprentice was killed by me, you let me give an explanation. Why, are people from Xing Yi Fist bad losers?” Scott said.

Quentin flushed when heard Scott’s words, but he still didn’t want to let Scott go like this, saying, “There is a real possibility of injury or death in the arena, but you were able to show mercy just now, but you just killed him deliberately, so I have reason to hold you accountable!”

Scott was contemptuous. He didn’t expect that this guy would be tangled up arrogantly, and his look gradually became gloomy.

“Your senior fellow apprentice violated martial ethics and attacked me with hidden weapons. It was not a fair and honest thing.
Besides, I am a man who will never let his enemy go. Since he wanted to kill me, he deserved to die.”

“If you continue to argue with me about this matter, I don’t mind letting the entire Briggs family go to the funeral with senior fellow apprentice!”

After speaking, Scott glanced at Dick and motioned for him to follow. Then they jumped out of the arena. A path was immediately divided among the crowd to let the them pass through. At this time, no one dared to stop them.

Watching Scott and Dick leave, Quentin felt resentful in his heart. However, thinking of Scott’s terrifying strength, he was helpless. In the end, he could only sigh helplessly, and watched them move away.

Lucius and Cindy both ran up to Quentin. Cindy said, “Dad, we cannot let them go like this. They humiliated me in the bar yesterday, and they defeated my brother today. Uncle Micah was also killed by them. How could you just let them go?”

Quentin stared at Cindy, and felt a bit of resentment towards her in his heart. After all, if it wasn’t for these things that she caused, how could Micah die here.

“What can we do if we don’t let them go. You also know that even your Uncle Micah was killed by them, what can we do? Do you want me to die?” Quentin complained.

Cindy suddenly flagged. The reason why she dared to be so arrogant in Kinmon County was her father. Now her father was powerless, how could she continue to be willful.

“This person is so young that he has reached this level of strength. His background is definitely not simple. You have to remember that from now on, you must never provoke others casually. If this happens again, I promise to break your legs!” Quentin said sternly.

Although Lucius and Cindy both felt a little unhappy, they could only nod their heads in the end.

The Davies House.

When Scott and Dick came back, they found Warren kneeling in front of Baron’s door with a bank card in front of him. Scott was confused.

“What are you doing on your knees here?” Scott asked.

When Warren saw Scott, he immediately said with a bitter face, “Lord Sue asked me to learn from Mr. Baron, saying that if Mr.
Baron disagrees to accept me as his apprentice, I have to kneel here until he agrees.”

Scott had a wiry smile, then rolled his eyes and said, “I’ll help you.”

Then Scott walked into Baron’s room. Baron was a little pleased to see Scott and Dick coming back, and immediately greeted them.

After that, Scott talked about the idea of letting Baron accept Warren as his apprentice.

The reason why he helped Warren was not because he took pity on Warren, but because he thought that if Baron accepted Warren as his apprentice, then he could let Kacper and the other two come to “audit classes”.

With the qualifications of Kacper and the other two, they were definitely one in a million. If they could master inner force, their strength would definitely make a qualitative leap, which would be of great benefit to both the Davies family and Guanling.

At first, Baron was somewhat resistant, but under the persuasion of Scott, he began to waver. Their master did not set a rule that inner force could not be passed on. On the contrary, he hoped that his apprentice could spread the law of inner force. In Scott’s view, the master was trying to contend with the “monopoly” of the Guwu Family.

In addition, Baron had nothing to do except protect Edith and Sherry in the Davies family. It was a good choice to teach apprentices.

Therefore, Baron finally agreed to accept Warren as his apprentice. Warren was overjoyed and expressed his gratitude to Scott.
Scott did not be polite with him, and asked him to pay the tuition fees and Kacper and the other two would learn with him.

Warren thought that he didn’t pay for the tuition anyway, and it didn’t matter if anyone learn with him.

In this way, Baron’s inner force school was formally established. The only student was Warren, Kacper and the other two were auditors.

After sitting in meditation for 49 days according to the deep breathing taught by the master, Scott slowly opened his eyes and exhaled a stale air, and his eyes became much brighter.

He raised his hand, felt the surging power in his body, and was particularly amazed at the inner force passed down by the ancients.

“According to the level of internal energy, now I should be considered as having reached the level of medium stage. However, I learn the inner force at peak of outer force. My body is different from ordinary people. Now that I have reached the level of medium stage, my strength should be stronger than the inner force experts who reach the level of medium stage.”

According to Scott’s speculation, under the Grandmasters, as long as it was not a person with different talents like him, no one should be able to beat him.

“I don’t know whether it is a good or a bad thing that my strength has improved so quickly, I always feel that the current speed is a bit too fast. It takes ordinary people to achieve medium stage of inner force in their entire life, but it only cost me half a year. It’s really amazing.” Thinking of his own strength, Scott couldn’t help but sigh.

But soon, his look became firmer. No one would think he was too strong, especially for people like Scott who still had to take revenge

“Sherry is one month old now, and I also have enough strength. It seems that it is time to leave for M Country and take revenge on the Turner family.”


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