The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 683 Just So So

Quentin’s eyes narrowed. The punch that Scott had hit him just now was quite powerful, and it directly stopped him. From this point of view, Scott’s strength should not be underestimated.

But he saw that Scott was so young, and he didn’t even think about the possibility that Scott might be an inner force expert.
“Boy, it is none of your business, otherwise you will be the one who will suffer!” Quentin said coldly.

“I’m Dick’s senior fellow apprentice, you can intervene in the arena at will, why can’t I? Is it possible that I have to watch my junior fellow apprentice being bullied by you?” Scott curled his lips.

“It turned out to be the senior fellow apprentice of this guy. No wonder you also look like a bumpkin. Don’t think that you can save him as you are older than him. Do you think you can beat me?” Quentin said.

“You’ll know it not after fighting.” Scott shook his fist.
Quentin snorted coldly, and said, “Since you are looking for death by yourself, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

When everyone in the audience saw that Scott was going to fight Quentin, they were a little bit contemptuous. The Briggs family was a family of martial arts, and they all knew that Quentin was also a famous master here. Scott was not old enough to challenge Quentin.

“If he fights with Lucius, he may still have a chance to win. However, facing the head of the Briggs family, he will die.” Quentin rushed towards Scott unceremoniously and punched his chest.
Scott took a shot and easily blocked Quentin’s fist, then pushed it forward and patted Quentin’s chest.

Expression on Quentin’s face changed, and his body quickly retreated to the back, using all the strength of his body to resist Scott’s palm.

“You… are you an inner force expert?!!!” Quentin looked at Scott with shock.
“Well, is there any problem?” Scott replied lightly.

Quentin immediately swallowed. Although he knew that it was difficult to master inner force, a person could still learn it as long as he was talented and willing to work hard. He basically hadn’t seen an inner force expert as young as Scott before.

Only the best inner disciple of Xing Yi Fist could reach his level, and it was rare.

Quentin gritted his teeth, and then used his inner force to rush towards Scott again.

Even if Scott was an inner force expert, he was much older than Scott. If he surrendered to a junior, then he, the head of the Briggs family, would disgrace himself.

Scott easily knocked Quentin to the ground. A person who had just reached the level of inner force was simply vulnerable to Scott.

“You are too weak to be my opponent,” Scott said.
“Who do you look down on? It was just a mistake. I’ll fight you when I get up!” Quentin wanted to stand up from the ground, but after exerting his strength, he realized that he could not get up.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock. The head of the Briggs family was knocked out by Scott in two moves, which completely subverted their imagination.

Scott stared at Quentin who fell on the ground and couldn’t get up, and said, “I said, it’s no contest.”

“He is no match for you, let me come to learn about your strength.” At this moment, a voice floated behind Scott, and Micah had appeared on the arena.

A joking smile evoked from Scott’s lips. The reason why he solved Quentin’s in two moves was to get Micah to take action.

Scott could feel that Micah was a strong master. He finally came to Kinmon County, how could he only fight with someone who had just entered the threshold of inner force.

He turned to look at Micah behind him, and asked, “Who are you?” “I’m a inner disciple of Xing Yi Fist, Micah,” Micah answered.

Scott raised his eyebrows. He didn’t expect this person to be inner disciple of Xing Yi Fist. No wonder Quentin was so respectful to this person just now. It seemed that he really came to the right place today.

“It sounds great, but I don’t know how powerful you are.” Scott smiled.

“You’ll know after the fight!” Micah snorted coldly, and attacked Scott directly, and a powerful momentum that created by his fists instantly enveloped Scott.

Scott didn’t dare to neglect, watching every move of Micah carefully, running his inner force to resist his attack.

The people in the audience watched them fight, and once again erupted in exclamation. The battle between Scott and Micah was much exciting than the previous one, and it made the people who watched them little thrilling.

“My god, it is like a movie, how could there be such a powerful person!”

Quentin looked at Scott dumbfounded. He didn’t expect that this person, who looked only twenty-four or five years old, would be able to fight with Micah.

Both Lucius and Cindy were silent at this time. They both looked at Scott with complicated expressions. They thought Scott was just a bumpkin, but now it seemed that he was the one who really had real talent.

Dick was full of pride, proud of having such a powerful senior fellow apprentice.

“Baron was at initial stage of inner force, and Scott can easily defeat him, then Scott’s inner force may have reached medium stage. Micah’s strength seems to be about the same as Baron. It seems I don’t have to worry about Scott,” Dick murmured to himself.

Inner force was divided into three stages: initial stage, medium stage, and advanced stage. Initial stage meant to get the essence of inner force, and medium stage meant to have the ability to use the inner force at will and exert its incomparable power.

As for advanced stage, it was the most difficult level to achieve, and people who could get advanced stage of inner force were Grandmaster.

Among a hundred inner force expert, there may not necessarily be a master who was at advanced stage of inner force. This was also the reason why there were so few Grandmasters.

It was already very difficult for ordinary people to cultivate inner force. And even if a person could enter the threshold of inner force, it was difficult to reach the level of initial stage. Those with good qualifications could achieve it in five to ten years, while those with poor qualifications may only stay on the threshold all their lives.

The inner experts at medium stage were rarer than the experts at initial stage. With this qualification, it took at least ten years to reach medium stage.
So, the age of those experts was not small.

Of course, there would never be a shortage of geniuses in this world. People with wonderful roots could compress this time to a very short time. Someone could reach the level of medium stage in three to five years.

This kind of person was already considered a prodigy, and it was extremely rare.

And like Scott, it only took him half a year from learning inner force to reaching the level of medium stage. In the words of their master, he was the first one in the history.

Scott also didn’t know why he mastered his inner force so quickly. Maybe he was really talented, or maybe he was lucky and found the trick, but it was not important. What’s important was that Scott had a chance, which was very big, to stand on this position of Grandmaster.

When Micah fought with Scott, at the beginning, he was able to draw a tie with Scott. However, Micah found that he couldn’t resist Scott gradually, and gradually fell into a disadvantage. And Scott had been fighting with him with ease, seeming to be very calm, and had been dismantling his tricks, as if Micah was a train to him.

Micah knew that he must not lose to Scott today, otherwise he would bring shame on Xi Yi Fist.

However, his strength prevented him from protecting the dignity of Xi Yi Fist. In the end, under a heavy punch from Scott, Micah fell to the ground.

Looking at Micah who fell on the ground, Scott smiled and said, “Xi Yi Fist is nothing more than that.” After speaking, he turned and walked under the arena.

Micah was full of anger. He didn’t expect that a boy in his twenties would dare to look down upon Xi Yi Fist. It was a terrible insult to him.

His eyes turned red, and he eagerly wanted to beat up the arrogant young man. A murderous intent appeared in his eyes. Then he took out a bamboo tube from his sleeve and blew it at Scott’s back.

With a swish, a flying arrow flew towards Scott.
Scott felt the crisis, and through the sound, he quickly turned around, grabbed the flying arrow, and then slammed it back.

Micah didn’t expect Scott to react so quickly. The flying arrow passed directly through his neck, his eyes were round, and there was a gurgling sound in his throat.

After a while, Micah lost a bit of blood on his face, and then he softened and fell on the ring.


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