The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 681 You Can Get Ten Thousand by Scolding Her

Everyone was shocked by the money in the bag, there may be several million dollars in these two bags.
Cindy stared at the money in the bag, and said, “You… did you grab the bank?”

Dick had never seen so much money, but he was not as surprised as Cindy and the others. After all, he knew that Scott was the head of the Davies family in B City, a person with status and wealth. It was a piece of cake for him to spend several million.

At the same time, there was a touch of emotion in his heart. In order to vent his anger, Scott brought so much cash at once.
What a good man!

Money, no matter when, had an incomparable attraction. Scott opened both bags of money. Soon, their booth was surrounded.
And many people who had been dancing stopped to watch the excitement.

“A real rich, so much money, it will be able to cover my whole life.” “Damn, what are they doing, do they want to throw money at people? If that’s the case, I want to say, please throw at me!”

“Who is this buddy, why is he more arrogant than the lady from the Briggs family, isn’t he afraid of the money being robbed?”

Scott stared at Cindy, and then said loudly to everyone, “Everyone, let’s play a game now. Everyone can participate. As long as you scold her, the lady from the Briggs family, you can take 10,000 dollars from me. But you can’t repeat what others have scolded. The money is here, and you can take it yourself after scolding her.”

Hearing Scott’s words, everyone was in an uproar. They could get 10,000 dollars by just cursing the lady form the Briggs family.
Everyone knew whether it was a worthwhile transaction.

Dick laughed, praised Scott, and said, “Scott, you are great!”

Cindy looked gloomy. This guy used 10000 dollars let others scold her, which was so detestable.

“I see who dares to scold me, if you want to die, try it!” Cindy said.

“Hurry up and get out of here. If you don’t leave here with your money in five minutes, you will be in trouble!” Cindy glared at Scott again.

Scott smiled and said, “Well, only you can play this kind of game?”

“Everyone, don’t be afraid of her. The light is so dark here. You can leave here after scolding her and taking the money. Even if she wants to trouble you, she doesn’t know who you are!”

Many people were eager to try. Scott was right. With so many people here, even if they scolded the lady from the Briggs family, she couldn’t find them one by one.

Hearing what Scott said, Cindy gritted her teeth, and said angrily, “He is just a loser. It’s not certain where the money came from. Maybe he stole these money. If you dare to get it, you will go to jail with him!”

Scott immediately took out a pile of receipts from his clothes, patted them on the table, and said, “This is a receipt for withdrawing money from the bank. If you are not at ease, you can take a look.”

Although it was night, as Scott, it was just a matter of a phone call to get money from a bank.
Cindy was exploded, but she didn’t expect Scott to be so prepared. For a while, she didn’t know how to fight back.
“Cindy is an arrogant woman. If she hadn’t been the lady of the Briggs family, she would have been beaten to death!”

At this moment, there was a shout from the crowd, and then, one hand reached into the bag, picked up a bundle of money, turned around and ran, and everyone did not see his appearance clearly.

Cindy was full of anger, and shouted, “Hurry up and grab that person!”

However, no one cared about her.

Seeing someone succeeded in getting the money and escaping, the rest of the people began to feel restless. After a while, the sound of scolding Cindy began to sound one after another.

“Cindy is loathsome, ignoring the rules, it is the cancer of the entire Kinmon County!” “Cindy is ugly, and the makeup she painted is like a ghost, it’s disgusting!”

“If Cindy hadn’t been born in the Briggs family, she would have been a whore. She is a foolish woman!”

Cindy listened to the voices of the people cursing her, her face was puce with rage. With so many people present, even if she could see the faces of those who cursed her, she couldn’t remember all of them clearly, let alone found them in Kinmon County.

Dick looked at Cindy and felt relieved. He said to her, “Aren’t you very powerful? How does it feel to be scolded by everyone now? Do you know what’s the best thing? The best thing is that they are just telling the truth!”

Cindy screamed, then turned to look at the people next to her, and said, “We are now rushing to make money and pay 20,000

dollars for people who scold them. I don’t believe these people will continue to scold me.”

Those rich people were all embarrassed. Although the conditions at their home were indeed very good, there was at least three million dollars in the bags Scott brought. After all, their families were just rich in a county. How could it be possible to collect so much money all at once.

Even Cindy had no more than one hundred thousand in cash, and she only spent a few hundred dollars when playing games with others. They couldn’t even think of the practice of paying 10,000 dollars for one sentence like Scott.

“Cindy, 20,000 is too expensive, we simply can’t spend that much money now, or… let’s forget it,” a person said carefully.

“Then you just look at these people scalding me? They still scold me so badly, which really annoys me!”

Cindy was almost mad, but she could only stare.

“I hope today’s matter can teach you a lesson. In terms of money, you are still far behind.” Scott smiled and said to Cindy.
“Wait for me. When I go back, I will let my father and my brother arrest you. Then I will torture you to death!” Cindy said viciously.

Scott curled her lips and said, “No, we will come to you in person. The money will stay here. If it is left, I will treat you to a drink.
But depending on the situation, everyone wants to scold you. I guess there will be no more money left.”

After speaking, Scott turned Dick and walked out of the bar.

Cindy was hysterical and threw the money and wine glasses on the table directly to the ground.

“You idiots, aren’t they just have some money? Do you have any principles!”

“If it weren’t for money, do you think we would be afraid of you? What a silly!”

The crowd rushed for a while, and in the chaos, many people still took the opportunity to scold Cindy.

Early the next morning, the news that the Briggs family’s young master Lucius set up a arena to fight the “Universal Invincible Super Trash” spread throughout Kinmon County.


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