The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 679 Go to A Bar

The Briggs Villa.

In the living room, Quentin Briggs, the head of the Briggs family, was sitting on the sofa with his son, Lucius Briggs, at this time.
Opposite them sat a man in a black robe. He was forty or fifty years old and looked a little detached.

This person was an inner disciple of Xing Yi Fist, named Micah. When he went down the mountain for a trip, he happened to pass by Kinmon County. Thinking that there was a branch of Xing Yi Fist here, he came to visit.

Quentin was an outer disciple of Xing Yi Fist. He had been studying Xing Yi Fist hard on the mountain back then. Because his qualifications were pretty good, and with the tutelage from his master at that time, his strength was pretty good. After so many years of accumulation, he was considered to be an inner force expert.

Micah was also considered to be relatively good among the inner disciples. He had already entered the ranks of inner force experts many years ago. His willingness to come to the Briggs family this time was also because that Quentin had reached where the inner force experts were. Otherwise, he wouldn’t pay attention to a branch that created by an outer disciple.

“Micah, I haven’t seen you in a few years. You become a bit more vigorous. It seems that your strength has improved again. As expected, all inner disciples are talents. As outer disciple, I’m far behind you,” Quentin smiled and said something to Micah.

Micah kept calm, but he was very helpful in his heart. He said, “Thank you, my seniors are much better than me. You are also pretty good. You can cross the threshold of inner force, it’s really amazing. But it’s a pity that you are a little older, otherwise, you still have a chance to be a inner disciple.”

Quentin immediately smiled and said, “You flatter me. I don’t have any hope of mastering inner force, but now my son’s aptitude is pretty good. Among the younger generation, there are few who is better than him, so I want to find an opportunity to send him into inner circle, and I hope that you can help me.”

After speaking, he clapped his hands, and immediately someone brought a few ginsengs with a faint medicinal fragrance. These ginseng plants were at least a hundred years old, and they were rare and genuine.

People who practiced martial arts did not have much pursuit of frame and wealth, but they couldn’t resist some precious herbs that could enhance their own strength. In addition, their lives were full of warfare and injury. A precious medicinal material could often save them.

Micah stared at the few ginseng plants, and did not refuse, but said lightly, “Even if I can help you, in the end, it’s up to him. If he has no talent, I can do nothing about it.”

Quentin understood that Micah had agreed, and he quickly thanked him, “I understand what you said. My son is still diligent. He will definitely not disappoint you by then,” then he said to his son, “Hurry up and say thank you to Uncle Micah.”

Lucius quickly stood up, bowed respectfully to Micah, and said, “Thank you.”

Micah just nodded and said nothing.

After a while, Cindy walked into the living room with a gloomy look and sat directly on the sofa, looking very aggrieved.

Seeing Cindy doing this, Quentin immediately shouted, “Cindy, what are you doing, Uncle Micah is still here, you are impolite.” Cindy immediately looked up and greeted Micah.

“Brother Micah, sorry. My daughter has been spoiled since childhood, so she is a little unruly. Please forgive me,” Quentin said.

Micah smiled and said, “It’s okay. Girls can be self-willed. But she looks like she has been bullied. Tell us what happened. Maybe I can get even for you. ”

“It’s a trash who had pursued me suddenly appeared today, and asked me to apologize to a stinky old woman, and he even pinched my wrist. He spoiled my mood,” Cindy said immediately.

“A trash? Cindy, what’s going on?” Quentin looked at Cindy and asked.
Cindy immediately said what happened today, and then mentioned that Dick was beaten by Lucius when he chased her. Quentin and Lucius immediately remembered who Cindy was talking about.

“Unexpectedly, that fragile trash back then dares to come back. Cindy, since I can beat him once, then I can beat him a second time. When I meet this kid next time, I will avenge you,” Lucius said with a sneer.

Quentin rolled his eyes, and then he said, “Isn’t this kid saying that he’s coming back for revenge? Then he will definitely come to us. Why don’t we just set up a arena for you, and then you can knock out that guy and let Uncle Micah see your strength by the way?”

Lucius’s eyes brightened up, thinking that his father’s proposal was good, and he said, “No problem, I will find some audience members at that time, so that this kid can fully understand what a shame!”

Cindy immediately became happy again, and said, “Thank you. I asked a friend to go out to play at night, so I’ll leave first.”

In the evening, Scott and Dick, who had already found a good hotel, wandered around in Kinmon County. Dick had been in the mountains for a long time and had longed for the outside world. Now he came to the city and wanted to go anywhere.

After a short while, they passed by a place with colorful decorations and a few dynamic music from time to time. Dick was curious and asked, “Scott, what is this place?”

Scott turned his head and glanced, and said, “This is a bar.”

“Bar?” Dick rolled his eyes, “Scott, take me in for fun, I want to taste the wine here.”

Scott thought that they had nothing to do anyway, and it would be okay to go to the bar for a while, so he took Dick into the bar.

Seeing the people dancing in the bar and feeling the deafening music here, Dick was full of curiosity. He had been learning martial arts with his master in the mountains. He seemed a little excited as he had never been in contact with such things.

Scott took Dick to the bar, ordered two glasses of wine, handed Dick a glass, turned to look at the bar lobby, and watched these handsome men and women jumping up and down.

He noticed a girl in revealing clothes and kissed three different boys within a minute, and sighed in his heart that the girls now were really open. If Sherry dared to come to such a place casually in the future, he would definitely break her legs.

“The people in the city really know how to make fun. I never expect that here is such a place. If I had come to this place earlier and saw so many beautiful women here, I would not have liked Cindy,” Dick said and laughed.

At this moment, he noticed that a booth not far away was very lively, and he dragged Scott over to see what was going on there.

When he arrived at the booth, Dick saw that there were many wine glasses on the table. There was more and more wine in one glass, and there was money under the glass. The more wine, the more money. A girl was drinking desperately, and then took the money under the wine glass. The people around were constantly applauding.

At this moment, a sharp voice sounded, “Dick! Why are you here!”

Dick raised his head. Only then did he realize that Cindy was sitting at the booth, and beside her, there were a few young men and women who seemed to be from rich family.

Several people stared at Dick, looking hostile.


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