The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 678 Cindy Briggs

Kinmon City.
In a restaurant, Scott and Dick were sitting at a table. There were many dishes on the table, and Dick was devouring them.

“Scott, if nothing else, the food outside is really much better than the food in the mountains. Usually, we cook our own food.
How can we compare with a professional chef?” Dick said while eating.

Scott smiled and said, “Have more, you can’t eat me out of house and home.”

When the two were eating, there were already quite a few people in the restaurant who were talking about something. Scott listened a little bit and found that these people seemed to be discussing things related to the Briggs family.

“Have you heard that the lady from the Briggs family made a mess again yesterday. She went to the mall to shop. The waiter said something she didn’t like, and she slapped the waiter ten times, and asked the manager of that mall fire the waiter. I heard that the waiter had to support her family.”

“It’s nothing, have you forgot that some time ago, the lady from the Briggs family had forcibly arrested 20 boys who were still in school in order to hold a wild survival contest, and those boys were thrown directly into the mountain. Finally, five people were missing. The three of them were bitten off by the beasts, but the Briggs family settled this matter with a little money.”

“Tut-tut, the Briggs family is the local despot in Kinmon County. Who can afford to offend them? Everyone knows that the lady from the Briggs family is arrogant and domineering. Ordinary people like us are the ones who have to suffer, I hope I won’t meet Miss the Briggs family in my life.”

Scott listened to the discussion of the people around him, his gazes fell on Dick, and said, “The reputation of the lady from the Briggs family here is not very good, and it does sound like an arrogant and domineering person. Why did you like such a person?”

Dick was embarrassed. He had heard all the comments from the people around him just now. He explained quickly, “I was only 18 years old at the time. I was relatively naive. Who cares what kind of person she is? I just found that she was beautiful. So, I had a crush on her. Now I am mature, I have no feeling for her, or I wouldn’t come here specifically to take revenge.”

Scott smiled and didn’t say anything, thinking that Dick was only twenty years old now, no matter what, he was far from being mature.
After eating, the two came out of the restaurant, planning to find a place to get accommodation, put down their things, and then

go to the Briggs family.

Consider that they didn’t know the current situation of the Briggs family and whether the young master of the Briggs family was here, they planned to live in Kinmon County for a day or two.

While walking on the road, Scott and Dick heard the roar of the engine a long distance apart, and then, a pink sports car appeared in the vision of them, rushing quickly.

At this time, a trembling old lady was crossing the road, probably because of the roar of the sports car, the old lady was so frightened that she didn’t dare to walk ahead and stopped in the middle of the road.

Both Scott and Dick thought this sports car would slow down when the driver saw the old lady, but it didn’t mean to slow down at all. Instead, it whistled frantically at the old lady, like complaining that the old lady was blocking her way.

Upon seeing this, Scott hurried over to hold the old lady, and quickly led her away from the middle of the road.

Dick was angry and felt that this sports car was too much. The old lady was so old and she may be frightened to death, by ten, the sports car would run away without anyone being able to find it.

He dashed to the middle of the road, staring directly at the sports car, and the sports car honked frantically again, but Dick had no intention of moving way.

Seeing that it was about to hit Dick, the driver of the pink sports car had to slam on the brakes, and the sound of tires rubbing against the ground sounded, shocking everyone passing by.

The pink sports car stopped just three centimeters away from Dick, and everyone around couldn’t help but worry about Dick.
Soon, a girl with a ponytail, sunglasses, flaming red lips, gold glitter, and a mini-skirt in a small vest got off the car.

The girl suddenly came and pointed at Dick angrily and cursed, “Are you dicing with death? How dare you block my way. Do you think I dare not run into you?”

Dick looked at the girl dumbfounded at this time, and then shouted, “Cindy Briggs?”

The girl was stunned. She didn’t expect the other party to know her name, but in Kinmon County, there were not a few people who knew her name, and it’s not surprising.

“What? Don’t get attached! Don’t think you call my name, I will spare you,” Cindy said coldly.

At this time, the people passing by looked at Dick sympathetically, because they all recognized that the owner of this red sports car was the lady of the Briggs family.

“Cindy, don’t you recognize me?” Dick asked.

Cindy immediately took a look at Dick, a figure suddenly appeared in her mind, then she opened her eyes wide, pointed at Dick and asked, “Are you Dick?”

Dick straightened and said, “Yes, it’s me.”

Cindy suddenly laughed and said, “I didn’t expect it to be you, trash. If I knew that it was you, I would have run into you at that time!”

Dick’s look darkened, and his heart was full of discomfort when he saw Cindy still look down on himself as she did in the past.

“Even if you just bumped into me, I could escape easily. Cindy, listen, I am no longer who I was two years ago, and now I have grown to a point where you can’t imagine. I come to take revenge on you!” Dick said coldly.

Cindy immediately curled her lips and said, “Don’t dream, you are just a trash. You were completely outgunned when facing my brother. Do you think you are able to beat him after two years, idiot?”

After that, Cindy was about to get in the car and leave here. She didn’t bother to waste time with a trash.

At this moment, Dick grabbed Cindy’s wrist and said coldly, “You’ll know if I can beat him when I go to your house. If you want to go now, you must first apologize to the old lady.”

Cindy turned her head and glared at Dick and shouted, “You are crazy, why should I apologize to an old lady, let me go quickly, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”

“If you don’t apologize today, don’t even think about leaving here!” Dick said coldly.
“Let me go! Dick, you are a trash, how dare you!” Cindy’s face was full of upset.
Dick dragged Cindyn to the old lady without saying a word, and said coldly, “Apologize.”

Cindy was so hurt by Dick that she wanted to kill Dick now, but she knew that she was a girl who couldn’t knock Dick out. It was said that a wise man knew when to retreat, so she impatiently apologized to the old lady.

Then Dick let her go.
She walked to the front of her car and yelled at Dick ferociously, “Wait, I will never let you go!”

After speaking, she sat in the sports car and drove away.


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