The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 677 Dick’s Past

Dick stared at Darius with a smug look, and said, “Strength is not determined by age. I am the second most proud apprentice of my master. It would be too shameful if I can’t even deal with you.”

Scott was a little bit dumbfounded when he heard Dick’s words. He didn’t expect this guy to change himself into the second most proud. It seemed that he was really impressed by Scott.

“Second proud? Who is the first?” Darius asked.
“Of course, it is Scott,” Dick said without hesitation.

Darius glanced at Scott again, feeling more and more that Scott was unfathomable, that this twenty-year-old boy was already so good, he turned out to be their master’s second most proud apprentice.

So how strong was Scott as their master’s most proud apprentice? Who was their master, and how could his apprentices be so strong? “Let’s stop standing outside, go in and talk.” Scott smiled.

After that, a few people walked towards the living room. Poor Warren was carried back to the room. Scott knew that Dick would not kill him. He recovered after resting for at most ten days.

In the living room, everyone sat down, Darius still stared at Dick and Baron curiously, wondering how he could get two such powerful masters as bodyguards.
“Baron, I will leave B City in a while, and the safety of my wife, daughter and the Davies family will depend on you,” Scott said.

Baron waved his hand and said, “You are welcome. Master said that I have been in the mountains all these years and I know little about the world. This time I come here to experience more.”

“Scott, I’m afraid Baron, will have to come to protect you a few days later. He has to follow me to solve some minor problems,” Dick suddenly said.

Scott was taken aback, and asked, “What’s the trouble?”

“Well. At the beginning, I just learned from the master. At that time, Master took me to a county called Kinmon Country near B City to look for herbs. At that time, I just learned a little from master and feel I was strong enough, and I was… self-righteous.”

“And you know, I was still so young, and I couldn’t look away when I saw a beautiful girl. At that time, I ran into a very powerful girl in Kinmon Country. I said I wanted to chase her, and followed her to her house. ”

“That girl is the lady of the Briggs family, the first big family in Kinmon Country. This the Briggs family was also a family of martial arts. It was said to be a branch of Xing Yi Fist. Because the family was enamored with martial arts, it was only famous in Kinmon Country.”

“At that time, the girl looked down on me and said I was not worthy of her. I was not convinced and said that I was very strong, so she let me fight with her brother. If I win, I would be eligible to chase her. I agreed without hesitation.”

“As a result, the people of the Briggs family are not weak. Her brother’s Xing Yi Fist was superb. Of course, I couldn’t beat him after learning a little from master, so I lost.”

“Afterwards, the girl humiliated me in every possible way. In front of everyone from the Briggs family, she said that I was a trash and didn’t deserve to chase her. I was aggrieved, but because I lost, I could only endure it. But then I swear that if there is a chance in the future, I must avenge myself.”

“This time I came with Baron, in fact, to take revenge, I must let that woman know that I am not a trash!”

After listening to Dick’s words, Scott also laughed. He didn’t expect this kid to have such an experience.

“With your current strength, you should be able to take revenge if you go alone, right? Why do you want Baron to follow you?” Scott asked.

“According to master, the Briggs family is considered as a Guwu Family. It is indeed a branch of Xing Yi Fist. Although it is far from the real Xing Yi Fist, it is still not to be underestimated. And the master also said that there might be an inner force expert in the Briggs family. I am afraid that after I avenge myself, the inner force expert in the Briggs family will kill me in anger, so that I want Baron go with me,” Dick explained.

Scott raised his eyebrows. Unexpectedly, in just a small county, there was an inner force expert. It seemed that his understanding of the world was far from enough.

Dick also said that the the Briggs family was addicted to martial arts, so they were only a family in Kinmon Country. If they want to enter B City, the Davies family could not win the status quo.

Of course, people who mastered inner force didn’t have much pursuit of wealth. They thought more about how to improve their strength.

So, Scott could feel that in the whole C Country, there were many families like the Briggs family, which were full of inner force experts. It was just that these people were not interested in pursuing fame and profit, so people didn’t know them.
In the past, Scott was also involved in business affairs. At most, he went to the underground arena to fight. It was only after

learning from master that Scott got to know this.

After a short meditation, Scott said with a smile, “Don’t bother Baron, I’d better go to Kinmon Country with you. I know more about the situation around B City, and it’s more convenient to deal with many things.”

When Dick heard Scott’s words, his eyes brightened up immediately, and he said quickly, “Well, if you come with me, I’ll be more relieved.”

Scott looked at Baron and asked for his advice. Baron didn’t care. After all, Scott was stronger than him now. It was no problem for him to go with Dick.

Scott wanted to go with Dick because he wanted to know what the family with inner force experts was like. At the same time, he wanted to feel the power of the real Guwu Family and protect Dick by the way.

After the agreement was made, Scott arranged what Baron needed to do in the Davies family, and appointed Baron as the security captain of the Davies family. All the thugs of the Davies family would all obey Baron’s dispatch.

Baron had never had managerial experience before. Scott asked him to be a captain. He still felt a little uncomfortable, but he was also eager to try, thinking about how to make the Davies family the safest place in B City.

After the discussion, Darius, who had been listening to Scott and the others, stood up and walked to Baron.

Through the conversation just now, Darius had already understood that this man named Baron had reached the level of the so- called inner force expert. He did not know what inner force expert meant, but he understood that even Dick had to be respectful in front of Baron. Then Baron must be extremely powerful.

So he wanted to seize this opportunity to find a teacher for Warren, and made Warren to be an inner force expert.

“Mr. Baron, could you accept Warren as an apprentice? If you agree, I am willing to pay 100 million dollars for tuition. If you think it is not enough, I can pay more.”


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