The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 676 I Don’t Want to Bully You

Early the next morning, Amara stole a kitchen knife from the kitchen and wanted to fight against Scott, but was stopped by a group of thugs from the Davies family.

Although he knew all of Amara’s deeds, Darius still felt that it was not easy for Amara to raise Edith, so he went to apologize to her.

Amara didn’t accept it at all, making trouble in the Davies House with a kitchen knife, and finally Scott came forward and subdued Amara.

Now that Sherry was less than a month old, it was naturally impossible for Scott to put a time bomb like Amara at the Davies House. He asked Jordan to give Amara some money and let her return to J City by herself.

Amara disagreed, she had to go to Edith with a kitchen knife, and let Edith help her.

Scott couldn’t help it. After bending the kitchen knife with inner force in front of Amara, Amara calmed down and left the Davies House obediently with the money. Before leaving, she cursed Scott. By the way, she stole the golden bell on the neck of the stone lion at the entrance of the Davies House.

Darius had known what Amara was like now, and couldn’t help but sympathize with his daughter in his heart, and didn’t know how she lived these years.

Scott told Edith about this matter only after Amara left. Edith was helpless after hearing it. For Amara, she had absolutely nothing to do.

Scott told her not to think about other things during this time, and just have a good rest at ease. Edith has no objection. Since her daughter was born, her only cared about her daughter.

In the next few days, with the help of Scott, Darius quickly took over the industry of the Davies family. This time he brought a professional team to help run the Davies family. As the owner of the world’s top family, naturally, he couldn’t lose face in front of Scott.

Scott didn’t stand on ceremony, and arranges Charles and Jordan to come and study, and strive to make them reach the level of managing a world-class family.

This afternoon, in the courtyard of the Davies House, Scott was standing with Darius and his strongest bodyguard, Warren.
Darius stared at Scott and said, “In fact, you don’t need to find another expert to protect Edith. With Warren, no one can get close and hurt Edith.”

Warren immediately showed his muscles to Scott, his face full of confidence.

Last time Scott went to H City, Warren was on a mission outside and was not with Darius. Until now, Darius still thought that if Warren was there, Scott would definitely not be able to take Edith away from him.

Scott smiled and said, “People I found were not ordinary people. Although your bodyguard is strong but he is a lot worse than them.”

“Mr. Davies, don’t look down on me. Although I am not the strongest in the world, but I am also in the top few. I heard from Lord Darius that you are very strong and always want to have a competition with you. Now we have a chance, can you enlighten me?” Warren looked eager.

After several days of observation, he felt that Scott could not win at all, so when he heard Scott say that he was not as good as the people Scott found, he was quite disdainful in his heart.

Scott smiled and shook his head, and said, “I won’t fight you. By then, your lord should say that I am bullying you.”

When Warren heard Scott’s words, his face suddenly showed a hint of uncomfortableness, and he said, “Mr. Davies, don’t talk too much. Before we haven’t had a real contest, how do you know who will win.”

Scott didn’t continue to speak. He didn’t look down on Warren, but with his current strength, he could kill him easily. No matter how powerful Warren was, he was no match for an inner force expert.

The difference between inner force and outer force was like a dragon and a little snake. The gap between the two was like a chasm, which could not be bridged at all.

Darius also felt that Scott’s words were a bit bragging. He knew the strength of Warren the best. It was unknown that who was the better.

Soon, a person ran into the yard and said to Scott, “Lord, we have picked up the people you mentioned.”

Scott nodded and said, “Bring them here.”

The man agreed, turned and ran away, and within a short while, he brought two people to the yard.

These two masters specially invited by Scott were not others, but Baron and Dick.

After Dick saw Scott, his face was full of excitement, and he quickly ran to Scott and yelled, “Scott.”

Baron also walked over and nodded to Scott.

Scott responded with a smile to the two people, and then introduced Darius and Warren.

In fact, Scott only invited Baron. Dick had signed up to follow him voluntarily. Scott would not refuse one more person to protect Edith, so he agreed.

Warren stared at Baron and Dick, with a trace of contempt in his eyes, and said, “Mr. Davies, if they are the masters you have found, then it would be better to let me protect Mrs. Davies. They look so weak.” Darius nodded and said, “Yes, Scott, how do these two people look like strong masters, and this one looks like a child, probably

he is only 20 years old, are you sure that they can protect Edith? ”

When Dick heard the words of the two people, he was a little unhappy. He raised his head and said to them, “Who do you think is not strong? Would you like to try my fist?”

Warren sneered, and said, “Forget it, let this elder come over and compare with me, I will let you know what real strength is.”

Dick turned his head and glanced at Baron, then smiled and said, “Forget it, if he does, you will have to spend the rest of your life in the hospital, so I will compare with you.”

Warren snorted coldly and said, “Well, I’ll go and beat the other one after knocking you out.”

Scott looked at the tension on both sides, and didn’t say anything. Since Darius and Warren didn’t believe in the strength of Dick and Baron, it’s more effective than any explanation to show their strength directly.

The two immediately used the yard as the arena and planned to fight.

Warren was full of confidence, thinking that his opponent was just a 20-year-old boy, he could win with one hand.
However, the facts did not develop in the direction he imagined…

Ten minutes later.

Warren was lying on the ground with a face full of disbelief. He supported, trying to get up from the ground, and finally lay down completely on the ground because of his detachment.

Darius opened his mouth in shock, and for a long time, he said to himself,

“How is this possible, this twenty-year-old boy, how can he be so powerful?!!!”


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