The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 675 She Is Amara

Hearing Amara’s words, Darius’ look immediately darkened.

Originally, he thought that if this woman was really Scott’s mother-in-law, as Edith’s biological father, he couldn’t just stand idly and let Amara be bullied. No matter what, he would get even fot her.

But the woman in front of him said that she was an impersonator, so Darius naturally didn’t need to help her.

Moreover, she dared to pretend to be Edith’s adoptive mother and swindle. As Edith’s biological father, Darius had to punish such her severely.

Because he owed Edith a lot, he had always been very grateful to Edith’s adoptive parents, so seeing someone posing as Edith’s adoptive mother, he naturally had to give this person a serious lesson.

“Are you really impersonating?” Darius stared at Amara and asked.

Amara was already scared of being beaten by Dillion and his friends. How could she dare to say that she was Scott’s mother-in- law now? She afraid she would die if she got a beaten again.

So, she shook her head quickly and said, “Really, I’m an impersonator. How can I be Scott’s mother-in-law? The grudges between you and him really have nothing to do with me. Please let me go.”

Darius immediately snorted and said, “Let you go? Dare you pretend to be Scott’s mother-in-law. Is this kind of identity you can casually impersonate? Come, slaps her ten times first. How dare she!”

Amara was dumbfounded immediately, why was this different from what she thought? Why did she say that she was impersonating, these people also wanted to beat her?

However, before she had time to explain, a person had already walked up to her and unceremoniously began to slap her.
One clear slap after another sounded in the middle of the restaurant hall, the owner and waiters of the restaurant were looking on passively and they did not dare to provoke these people who seemed to be powerful.

“Stop…” Amara was anxiously trying to explain that she was actually Scott’s mother-in-law, but the man didn’t give her this opportunity at all, slap after slap, and soon, Amara had been badly battered about the head and face. Finally, after ten slaps, Darius stared at Amara coldly and asked, “Dare you still pretend to be Scott’s mother-in-law in the future?”

Amara wanted to cry, feeling the pain on her face, and said, “Actually, I am Scott’s mother-in-law, just because of…”

Before she could finish her words, Darius slapped the table angrily, and shouted, “She even doesn’t repent, so slap her ten times again!”

“Yes!” The man immediately raised his hand again and pulled Amara’s face fiercely.

At this time, Amara had the desire to die. If she could come back, even if she starved to death, she would definitely not come to this restaurant for dinner.

After ten slaps, Amara’s consciousness became blurred, her body swayed and fell directly to the ground.

Darius stared at Amara who fell on the ground and said, “Bring her and the people in the private room to the Davies House, and throw them on the mercy of Scott. This person who pretended to be Scott’s mother-in-law should be punished. I have to talk to Scott and Edith about what happened here. Someone dared to pretend to be her casually. I can’t bear it!

The Davies House.

Scott was taking care of Edith and Sherry in the room. At this time, Jordan walked in and said, “Scott, the Sue family has arrived, and they are carrying the remnants of the Graham family and the Sharp family. They are now in the living room. Go over and take a look.”

“Oh?” Scott was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Darius to bring the remnants of the Graham family and the Sharp family. He didn’t know what happened.
He told Edith to take a good rest, and then followed Jordan towards the living room.

In the living room, Scott greeted Darius, and then saw Dillion and a group of people kneeling on the ground, and asked with some confusion, “What’s the matter with them?”

Darius explained to Scott what he had encountered in the restaurant. At that time, after listening to Jordan’s explanation, he realized that these people were the remnants of the Graham family and the Sharp family, and he happened to help Scott get rid of some trouble. .

Scott glanced at Dillion and the others, and finally saw Amara whose entire face was swollen, with a trace of doubt on her face.
He felt that this person seemed to be familiar.

He walked up to Amara and asked, “What does this person do? How could she be badly battered?”

Darius laughed and said, “This person is a liar who pretends to be your mother-in-law and wants to swindle. I have someone teach her a little bit. By the way, where is your mother-in-law? Hurry up and call her out. I also have to thank her for raising Edith these years.”

Scott stared suspiciously at the Amara in front of him, and then suddenly his eyes widened, and he recognized that the person in front of him was Amara. Her clothes were exactly the same as when she came here last time.

“Scott, don’t stare at this liar, go and call your mother-in-law.” Darius urged.

Scott turned his head and glanced at Darius, pointing to Amara a little bit dumbfounded, and said, “It’s her.”

“What?” Darius was stunned. “Scott, don’t make trouble, this person said that she is an impersonator, how could she be your mother-in-law?”

“I didn’t make a fuss, it was her, it’s just that I couldn’t see her original appearance bow, but judging from the clothes, she was indeed my mother-in-law.” Scott answered.

Darius’ face was instantly covered with embarrassment, and he didn’t expect that it was Scott’s mother-in-law who had been beaten by him. What he did about this matter was really outrageous.

Scott asked Darius what was going on. Darius told Scott everything carefully. Scott immediately guessed that Amara said she was an impersonator because she thought that Darius was also Scott’s enemy.

Thinking that Amara was beaten twice by two waves of people, Scott couldn’t help but want to laugh. He had no sympathy for Amara, but instead felt that it was God’s punishment for her. Amara didn’t even know how to save and spent the money, and wanted to have a dine and dash in his name, it should be a lesson for her.

Darius was very anxious. Just when he got here, he beat Edith’s adoptive mother and beat her twice. It was extremely embarrassing. Even if he wanted to make amends, he didn’t know how to do it.

Scott asked Darius not to worry too much. By the way, he told Darius what Amara had done. After listening to it, Darius nodded thoughtfully, didn’t think he had to worry about beating Amara.

Scott asked Jordan to deal with Dillion, and arranged a room for Amara by the way, so that she could heal her injuries first.
In the middle of the night, Amara calmed down, and her hysterical shouts came from the entire Davies House.

“Scott, I will never ever let you go!”


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