The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 674 Unfortunately for Amara

In a private room of the restaurant.

Dillion and the rest of the Graham family and Sharp family were all sitting here, and Amara stood in front of a group of people, feeling a little nervous.

“Sirs, what do you want to do? I’m so old. It’s not a good idea to let me play with you. As for the robbing of money, that guy saw it just now. I only have five dollars in total and the waiter took it away. I’m just a poor old woman. It’s useless for you to keep me, or you should let me go,” Amara said to the group of people in front of her.

A group of people showed sneers on their faces, and it was obvious that they didn’t mean to let Amara leave.

“You…you shouldn’t be human traffickers, right!” Amara’s eyes suddenly widened, thinking of a possibility. She used to read the news and someone would abduct people and then cut off organs for sale.

As soon as she thought of this, she broke out in a cold sweat, regretting that she shouldn’t have agreed to go into the private room with a stranger just for a meal.

With a sneer on Dillion’s face, he looked at Amara a little sullenly. When most people saw him, they would indeed think that this person was a little scary.

He stared at Amara and asked coldly, “Are you sure you are Scott’s mother-in-law?”

Amara’s eyes brightened up and she quickly said, “Yes, I am Scott’s mother-in-law. If you don’t believe me, you can take me to the Davies family. If you take me there, matter what you want from Scott, he will give it to you.”

Now, she could only take Scott as her lifesaver, and now she only hoped that these people could be a little afraid of Scott, otherwise, she might encounter something terrible today.

Dillion did not continue to ask Amara. Instead, he turned his head and asked the person next to him who was checking things with his phone, “Is it found, Scott’s mother-in-law, is this the person?”

The man continued to stare at the phone for a while, then stood up and said, “I found it, Scott’s mother-in-law is named Amara, and there are photos on the Internet, which are indeed very similar to this woman.”

Dillion took the person’s phone, took a look, and compared it with Amara, and found that it was indeed the person in front of him.
“It seems to be true. I didn’t expect Scott to be so ruthless to his mother-in-law. He is really a beast,” Dillion said.

Seeing everyone confirming her identity, Amara quickly explained, “In fact, Scott was very good to me. I wasted my money.
Scott was very good to me. If he knew how I am now, he would definitely send me money directly.”

She said this to let these people know that her relationship with Scott was not bad, so that she could get rid of this trouble through Scott’s influence in B City.

“Are you sure?” Dillion asked again.

Amara nodded quickly, feeling that she had seen the dawn of hope. After these people determined that she was Scott’s mother- in-law, they would definitely not continue to embarrass her.

However, at this moment, Dillion directly slapped Amara’s face.
“Fuck, I just want to hit someone who has a relationship with Scott. Since you are Scott’s mother-in-law, we can’t let you go!”

Amara was stunned at once. In her opinion, after these people know her identity, shouldn’t they rush to apologize to her? How could they just beat her?

“Why… why? Aren’t you afraid to offend Scott?” Amara asked.

“Offend him? It’s because of him that my family is ruined. I don’t want my f*cking life, do you think I will be afraid to offend him a Scott? I hate everyone who has a relationship with Scott. Today, you are unlucky, we will just take you out!” Dillion shouted excitedly.

Everyone in the private room was aroused by Dillion, and all of them were full of indignation.

“That’s right, if it weren’t for Scott, how could the Graham family and Sharp family fall to this point? We can’t beat Scott, but we can beat Scott’s mother-in-law? Guys, go together, take it out on the ald woman!”

After shouting, a man kicked Amara directly.

The rest of the people couldn’t bear their emotions, and they stepped forward to beat Amara severely.

Amara was unfortunate. She never thought that she would run into Scott’s enemy. If she had known this, she would definitely not use Scott as a shield.

“Damn! Scott is really a jinx and he can’t bring me good luck. He is a bastard. I am beaten because of him. I must find a chance to avenge! “Amara yelled viciously in her heart.

Dillion and a group of people slapped Amara’s body mercilessly, venting their anger, and now they could only find Amara to vent their anger with their strength.

They did plan to steal Scott’s daughter and threaten Scott before. However, it was difficult for them, a group of wimps, to steal Scott’s children from the Davies House, so their plan could only be stranded.

“You guys stop. Actually, I and Scott have already broken up. He doesn’t even let me in at the gate of the Davies family. I hate that nasty guy like you do. Please stop quickly. If this goes on, I will be killed by you!” Amara pleaded.

“You’re f*cking here to fool us. That’s not what you just said. Today, you cannot run anyway!” Dillion said coldly. At this time, how could he believe in Amara again? In the lobby outside the private room, Darius and his party had already sat down at a table here.

Looking at the old decoration of this restaurant, Darius smiled and said, “Sometimes, the dishes made in such a place are delicious.”

Others nodded.

At this moment, they all heard curses coming from inside the private room, many of them cursing Scott. Darius frowned immediately after hearing it.

“What’s going on there? Why do I hear someone scolding Scott there?” Darius said.

“Lord Darius, I’m going to take a look.” A tall man stood up immediately. This person was Darius’ personal bodyguard for this trip.
He was strong and was not comparable to ordinary masters.

After the man entered the private room for a while, several screams came out, and then the man walked out with Amara.

“Lord Darius, a group of people inside are beating this woman. I asked one of them. They are the remnants of the Davies family’s former opponents, and this one is Mr. Scott’s mother-in-law.” the person replied.

Expression on Darius’s face changed. Scott’s mother-in-law, wasn’t it Edith’s adoptive mother, why was she beaten like this?

Although he didn’t know much about Edith’s adoptive parents, he could never treat Edith’s adoptive parents wrongly just by they raised Edith.

“Are you really Scott’s mother-in-law?” Darius asked seriously.

Amara was already scared of being beaten, and when she heard someone ask her this question again, she trembled with fright, and then quickly said,

“No, no, they admitted the wrong person, how could I be Scott’s mother-in-law, please forgive me, I don’t know Scott at all, in fact, I am impersonating, just to cheat for a meal.”


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