The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 673 Dine and Dash

The Davies, in Edith’s room.
Edith looked at Scott and asked worriedly, “Are you really going to M Country to take revenge on the Turner family?”

Scott smiled and touched Edith’s face, and said, “This matter can only be solved by me personally, and if this hidden danger is not solved in one day, I will not be at ease in one day. I must consider the safety of you and our daughter.”

Edith sighed helplessly, knowing that no one could change Scott’s decision.

And the Turner family was indeed Scott’s biggest enemy right now. If the Turner family was not eliminated, they would indeed live with fear every day.

Seeing Edith’s worry, Scott smiled and said, “You can rest assured. You don’t need to worry about the affairs of the Davies family anymore. I have found someone who is professional enough to take care of the Davies family. When you see him later, you will be completely relieved.”

Edith was a little confused and asked, “Who?”

Scott didn’t hide it either. He smiled and said, “Your biological father, Darius Sue.”

Edith’s eyes widened, and she didn’t expect Scott to find the head of the Sue family.

However, if Darius came to help take care of the Davies family, then she could really feel relieved.

Although the Sue family was only a first-class family in H City, it had grown to the level of the world’s top family. In addition, the last time he helped Scott get rift of the Nelson family and regained control of the Sue family from Old Lady Sue. Today, Darius had become the leader in H City.

The Sue family was also under the leadership of Darius, and had secured its position as the world’s top family. In terms of business, the Sue family was already in the same ranks as the Turner family.

With the help of the head of a large family, unless the Turner family came to trouble, no one could shake the position of the Davies family.

Of course, Darius agreed to come and help, also because he learned that Edith had given birth to a daughter. As a grandfather, he naturally wanted to take a look at the baby.

“As for your safety, you don’t have to worry about it. Even if I leave, there will be experts who are strong enough to guard you in secret. As for who it is, you will know when it comes,” Scott continued speaking.

Edith nodded, and then asked, “When are you going to leave? Will you disappear as soon as I wake up tomorrow morning?”

Scott laughed dumbly and said, “You make me feel like we are a couple who have angered God, and can only meet once every once in a while, and then after meeting, I will leave you secretly without any other means.”

“Oh, don’t kid. I am talking something serious.” Edith glanced at Scott angrily.

Scott made a grimace at Edith and said, “Don’t worry, I will tell you before I leave. Now that the experts I’ve found to protect you and our daughter hasn’t arrived, I won’t leave before that.”

Edith breathed a sigh of relief, then lay down on the bed and played with Sherry’s chubby little hands.

At the airport of B City.
Darius walked out of the airport, followed by a group of people. All of them were serving for Darius’ trip.
“Lord Darius, do you want to tell the Davies family now and let them send someone to pick us up?” a man asked.

Darius smiled and shook his head, and said, “Don’t notify them for now. I haven’t been to B City for many years. I’ll go around here for the time being, and then go to the Davies family.”

“You go to find a restaurant. Everyone is hungry after a long trip. Let’s have a meal first.”

“Yes!” the man said immediately.

“By the way, don’t choose a luxury restaurant, just find an ordinary one. Food in those luxury restaurants here doesn’t taste very good. It’s better to find an ordinary restaurant in which the food is a lot more delicious,” Darius said again.

The man nodded and said, “I understand, I will look for it now.”

Darius smiled and glanced at the sky in B City, and then muttered, “The sky of B City is really not as blue as it was at that time. I have to discuss with Scott and let him take my little granddaughter to live in a place with blue sky and white clouds. We can’t let her suck the smog since she is a child.”

At the same time, at the entrance of a restaurant near the airport of B City.
Amara walked here in despair, looked at the dishes on the sign outside, swallowed hard.

She had been wandering in B City alone for many days, and the money she carries had already been run out of. Because of her gluttony, she spent the travel expenses she left behind a few days ago. Now, she had only five dollars.

It was naturally impossible to have a good meal with five dollars, but Amara had already been starving for two days, and she was too hungry. At this time, she was losing her marbles.

A decision was made in her mind, Amara walked straight into the restaurant, and when she reached the hall, she sat directly at a table, and immediately a waiter came and gave her the menu.

Amara looked at the dishes on the menu and felt she wanted to eat all of them, so she ordered ten dishes in one go, which caught the surprised look of the waiter.

It didn’t take long for the waiter to bring up all the dishes Amara ordered, and she immediately started to eat like a person who hadn’t eaten for a few days.

In less than half an hour, Amara ate all the dishes on the table, and then hiccupped with satisfaction.

At this time, the waiter came over here, with two burly men behind him, and said to Amara, “Please check the bill.”

At that time, the waiter had noticed that Amara was strange, so he called two people specifically to prevent Amara from not paying.

Amara stared at the three of them, feeling nervous, and reached out to get money from her clothes. For a long time, she only took out a crumpled five-dollar note and placed it on the table.

The waiter stared at the five dollars and said, “Lady, don’t be kidding me, please take out the rest of the money.”

.. Lonly have it,” Amara said.
The waiter responded with anger immediately, stared at Amara coldly, and asked, “What, do you want to have a dine and dash?”

Amara rolled her eyes quickly and said, “I am Scott’s mother-in-law. Do you know Scott? He is the head of the Davies family.
Go to him and ask for money, and he will definitely pay it to you.”

“Are you a f*cking fool us? If you are really the mother-in-law of the head of the Davies family, would you still try to have Dine and dash here? Hurry up and pay, otherwise don’t blame us for being impolite!” the waiter shouted.

The two burly men immediately put their hands on Amara’s shoulders, as if they would beat her at any time.

“What I said is true, I am Scott’s mother-in-law, believe me!” Amara hurriedly shouted.

At this moment, a man came to Amara, stared at her thoughtfully, and asked, “Are you really Scott’s mother-in-law?” Amara glanced at the man, nodded quickly, and said, “Yes, I swear to God that I didn’t tell a lie!”

The man immediately showed a joking smile and said, “I can pay for you, but you have to come with me. I have something to look for you.”

Amara agreed without even thinking about it. No matter what, as she didn’t have to pay for her own meals, she thought that she won.

And she didn’t know that the man who promised to help her check out was Wheeler Graham’s son, Dillion Graham, who.
threatened to find Scott to avenge his father.


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