The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 672 You Think too Highly of Yourself

“Chair…Chairman? Isn’t this guy a well-known loser? Why does he become the Chairman of Fantasy Group?” Holden spoke to himself in a low voice. He was very confused.

Daisy was startled. After a long time, she said, “There must be a mistake. How is it possible that this guy is the Chairman of Fantasy Group? Holden, didn’t you tell me that he’s a loser?”

“I don’t know, either. In the past few years, I have been abroad. How is it possible for me to know the current situation? Besides, I did remember that Edith was married to a loser before I went abroad. Could it be that she married to someone else in the past few years?” Holden wore a puzzled expression.

At this moment, Scott looked at them and spoke to Holden with a smile, “Do you want to cooperate with our company?”

Holden was embarrassed. Not knowing how to deal with the current situation, Holden could only manage to smile and said, “Scott…Scott, unexpectedly, you’re the Chairman of Fantasy Group. What a coincidence. Our company, Excellence Network, happens to want to cooperate with your company. Considering that we’re friends, let’s talk about it.”

“Friends? You think too highly of yourself. Could it be that you two forgot what you spoke to me just now so soon?” Scott said with a sneer.

There was already sweat on Holden’s forehead. At this moment, the bigwigs of internet industry of H Country were staring at him. If he failed to deal with this matter well, it would be very difficult for Excellence Network to develop in H Country in the future.

“As a matter of fact, it’s just a misunderstanding. When I was in college, I got along well with Edith. Now, she’s your wife. I’m happy for her. I’ll specially find time to apologize to you for previous misunderstanding. Don’t talk about that here.” Holden tried hard to figure out a way to remove the embarrassment.

Scott twitched his lips. After that, he spoke seriously, “Now, I, as the Chairman of Fantasy Group, inform you that Fantasy Group won’t cooperate with a company that has a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things and insults laborers. So, don’t waste your time.”

Holden’s face instantly became dark. He had realized that Scott wouldn’t be nice to him.
Hearing that, Daisy immediately got angry. This guy was not polite to them. Besides, he even claimed that Excellence Network was a company that had a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things and insulted laborers.

In her pervious plan, if their company couldn’t cooperate with Fantasy Group, they could cooperate with another company. It was just not as good as cooperating with Fantasy Group. However, Scott’s making those remarks about their company in the presence of so many people would make it impossible for her to cooperate with any other companies.

She, who had a bad temper, instantly glowered at Scott and asked, “Scott, why did you slander our company? Even if you’re the Chairman of Fantasy Group, you shouldn’t frame our company like that. Don’t let personal matters affect work, please!”

Hearing that, Scott immediately smiled, saying, “Are you sure that I’m slandering you? Could it be that you forgot what you just said so soon?”

“I’m certainly sure that you’re slandering me. When did I say those words? You just deliberately framed us with your identity!” In Daisy’s opinion, it was impossible for people here to know what she had said, so Scott wouldn’t be able to do anything with her as long as she insisted that Scott was slandering her.

Scott stared at Daisy and asked, “Well, then can you tell me your position in Excellence Network?”

“Excellence Network is founded by my father. In the future, it’ll belong to me.” Daisy said with a proud expression.
“So it means that you can represent Excellence Network, right?” Scott went on asking.

“Yes, I certainly can. Why do you ask this question?” Daisy was a little puzzled.

Scott didn’t ask her another question. Instead, he took out a recording pen from his pocket and showed it to Daisy and Holden.

Then, he turned the recording pen to its maximum volume and then played it in the presence of all the people.

“You’re talking rubbish! We have a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things. So what…” Everyone heard Daisy’s angry voice.

Hearing that, Both Daisy’s and Holden’s eyes were immediately wide open. They hadn’t anticipated that Scott should record what they said.

Daisy tried to rob Scott of the recording pen at once. Scott dodged her hand by merely raising his hand.
“Give it to me now! Stop it!” Daisy was furious. She was so anxious that she moved her hands crazily.
“Now, dare you repeat what you said before?” Scott asked while staring at her.

“What did I say? Give it to me now! You’re slandering me! I’m going to sue you for slander! You’ve faked it!” Daisy had already been out of her mind. Now, she had become a shrew.

Seeing that, the security guards, who were not far away from here, hurriedly came over and stopped Daisy.

The bigwigs of the internet industry all stared at Daisy and Holden with a hint of disdain in their eyes.

“I didn’t expect Excellence Network to be such a company. It has a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things. Besides, it even insults laborers. If it wasn’t for those laborers, you even won’t have a house. How dare you to look so superior?”

“If I remember correctly, Excellence Network should be a foreign-funded company. If you look down upon H Country, why do you set up a company here? I suggest that you should go back as soon as possible!”

“Such a company would be a cancer in H Country. When we choose a company to cooperate with in the future, we must be careful. We must nat be affected by such a company.”

Hearing the remarks these bigwigs of the internet industry made on Excellence Network, Holden wore a despairing expression.
Now, they really had no way out. These bigwigs were unwilling to cooperate with them. And the small companies would certainly be more afraid of cooperating with them.

When Daisy heard those words, there was malicious expression in her eyes. After a long time, she shouted at all the people, “You’re all stupid! I’ll never come to this f*cking place again! You’re idiots. It’s impossible for your companies to develop well in the rest of your lives!”

“They’re making trouble. Drive them out now. In the future, don’t let Excellence Network attend any meetings. It’s but a foreign- funded company, but they should consider themselves to be someone.” Charles said coldly.

Two security guards drove Holden and Daisy out at once without any hesitation.

Outside the Convention and Exhibition Center, Holden stamped his foot hysterically and scratched his head with great strength while looking at the security guards who were stopping them.

“It’s over. It’s all over!”


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