The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 671 This Is Our Chairman

In the corner, Holden and Daisy watched Charles talking with bigwigs with unhappy expressions. They thought that they had lost face just now because of the way Charles treated them.

Of course, as a matter of fact, no one had paid any attention to them.

“What does he mean? When you tried to shake hands with him, he should ignore you. Does he look down upon Excellence Network?” Daisy said with an angry expression.

“Maybe he’s not in the habit of shaking hands with other people. Look. He basically doesn’t shake hands with other people. Don’t think too much.” Holden comforted Daisy.

“Humph, a group of overweening guys. Its’s because my family just sets up a branch here. If it were in M Country, they wouldn’t dare to treat us in that way. Fantasy Group is only a big company in H Country. If it were in M Country, it would only be said to be a small company.” Daisy spoke with an unhappy face.

Holden hurriedly agreed. Actually, he thought: if your family was so powerful, why was your family so eager to cooperate with Fantasy Group?

Of course, it was impossible for him tell Daisy what he was thinking. After all, he worked for Excellence Network in the future. He should just think about those things.

“I hope that the Chairman of Fantasy Group would be nicer to us later. Otherwise, I would definitely not be polite to them, even at the expense of not being able to cooperate with them.” Daisy said angrily.

Holden immediately tried to persuade her, “Don’t be impulsive. You know how important it is to cooperate with Fantasy Group. If we can’t cooperate with Fantasy Group, this branch will be worthless. Sometimes, when we do business, we have to be humble and subservient to others. You don’t want your father to dislike me because of this issue, right?”

Hearing that, Daisy’s spirit drooped. She did look down upon the companies in H Country. However, to cooperate with Fantasy Group was really very important. She couldn’t give it up easily.

“It’s annoying. There is really not anything good in H Country. I must go back to M Country as soon as possible. The air there is fresher.” Daisy helplessly said.

At the entrance of the Convention and Exhibition Center, Scott got off a taxi and walked towards the center.

At this moment, Holden and Daisy were visiting the booth of a company. When Holden looked around, he saw Scott who was walking into the hall.

“Why does this guy come here?” Holden murmured.

Following Holden’s eyes, Daisy saw Scott. Then, her face became dark. Now, she was angry and wanted to find a chance to vent her anger. In her opinion, she could vent her anger on Scott.

“Holden, this guy didn’t apologize to us. Let’s go to swear at him. In this way, I can vent my anger.” Daisy pulled Holden towards Scott.

Holden didn’t take Scott seriously, either. In his view, only top talents like him were eligible to attend such a high-level Internet Conference. And Scott, a loser, was not qualified to come here.

They approached Scott, stopping him. Daisy said unkindly, “Do you really consider yourself to be someone? You should dare to come to such a place. Why? Do you come here to unblock the drain or to clean the toilet?”

Looking at Holden and Daisy who were blocking his way, Scott was not astonished. He said with a smile, “I come here to attend the Internet Conference. Make way for me, please. They’re waiting for us.”

“Scott, are you kidding me? People coming here are bigwigs of the internet industry. How is it possible that they will wait for you, a loser? Listen, you haven’t got away with what you did that day. Apologize to Daisy and me now. Otherwise, we won’t let you go.” Holden said threateningly.

Scott stared at them and spoke, “Why should I apologize to you two? You two have servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things. Besides, you insulted laborers. It’s you two that should apologize.”

“You’re talking rubbish! We have servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things. So what? Foreign countries are a hundred times better than H Country. It’s an indisputable fact. You even can’t think of anything good in H Country. You claimed that we insulted laborers? Don’t you know that the superiors should be treated differently from the inferiors? They can only do physical work, so they deserve to be looked down upon by me!” Daisy talked as if she was reasonable.

Hearing that, Scott didn’t get angry. Instead, he smiled slightly. After that, he passed by them and continued on his way.
“Didn’t you hear what I said? I demanded that you should apologize to us. Are you deaf?” Seeing that Scott go away, Holden shouted.

“Holden, catch him. He must apologize to me. Otherwise, I won’t let him get away with it!” Daisy shouted with her eyes wide open.

They wanted to stop Scott, so they ran quickly towards Scott. However, however fast they ran, they couldn’t keep up with Scott. Scott just walked leisurely, but he kept a long distance from Holden and Daisy.

“How can this guy walk so fast? Damn it. He’s heading for the central area. If he angers the people of Fantasy Group, the cooperation between our company and Fantasy Group might be affected. He must have deliberately come here to make trouble for us.” Holden cursed in a low voice.

Soon, Scott arrived at the central area.

Holden’s expression changed a lot. He hurriedly shouted at two security guards, “Stop him! That people comes here to make trouble!”

The two security guards were startled. They hurriedly looked at Scott and were about to stop Scott.

Right at this moment, Charles walked towards Scott and greeted him with a smile.

Seeing that, the two security guards stopped at once.

That was a bigwig of Fantasy Group. He came to greet that people in person, so it was impossible that that people was someone who came to make trouble. In this case, they had better just stand there.

Holden and Daisy also didn’t anticipate that Charles would come to greet Scott in person. They were immediately dumbfounded.

Seeing Scott, the bigwigs of the internet industry were all surprised. The rumor that Scott had been dead was widely spread in B City. Now, Scott should come to this place. This immediately convinced them that the rumor was false.

Moreover, when the Graham family and the Sharp family were destroyed overnight, they had heard some news. Now, it was highly likely that the Graham family and the Sharp family were destroyed by Scott.

Scott didn’t mind others knowing that he was still alive. It would take a long time for people of the Turner family to know it.

Besides, Scott had decided that he would go to M Country in person and put an end to the story between himself and Theodore as well as the Turner family soon.

The people present all approached Scott and greeted him respectfully. Scott nodded at everyone. Among the crowd, the clothes he wore were the cheapest, but he had the strongest air of forcefulness.

Holden and Daisy were dumbfounded again. It never occurred to them that these bigwigs would greet Scott one by one. Being treated by them in that way, how high a position Scott would be in?

They approached the crowd. Still not believing that Scott was someone in a high position, Holden spoke to Charles, “Mr.
Clinton, this people…”

Charles gave Holden a glance and said with a smile, “You’ve just come at the right moment. Don’t you want to talk to our Chairman about cooperation? This is our Chairman. If you have anything, talk to him.”

After saying that, Charles even pointed to Scott.

Both Holden and Daisy were instantly froze. They just stood still.


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