The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 670 Internet Conference

After returning home, Scott came to Edith’s room. Edith was staring at Sherry, a plump baby, with a loving smile.

Seeing that Scott was back, Edith was a little surprised and asked, “Why do you come back so soon? You’ve arranged everything for Halden?”

Scott helplessly shrugged and said, “I’m afraid that the reason why he got into contact with you was not that he wanted to get some help from you. He just wanted to show off the achievements he had made.”

Edith was stunned and asked, “Why do you mean?”

Scott told Edith what had happened in Blue Dream Restaurant. Hearing that, Edith was puzzled. She spoke, “He shouldn’t be that kind of person. When Holden was college, he was very willing to help others. How this happened? Could it be that there was some misunderstanding between you and him?”

Scott thought for a moment and asked, “What did he do to help you in college?”

Edith thought for a while and told Scott what Holden had done to help her. She said that Holden was really a very nice person at that time. Whenever she turned to him for help, he had never refused her and always helped her.

Hearing that, Scott immediately laughed and said, “Although I’m slow in this respect, I know men well. No one would be so nice to someone for no reason. If I’m not wrong, when you were in college, he liked you. However, you just considered him to be a nice person. In his opinion, it meant that you looked down upon him. Therefore, after he returned from abroad, he wanted to show off to you.”

Hearing that, Edith sighed helplessly. It was beyond her expectation that Holden, who she had considered to be a very nice person, would be such a person. She found it a little hard to accept. “Perhaps there is some misunderstanding and you’ve thought too much.” Edith said.

After a while, she received a text message from Holden.

“Edith, give up the idea that I’ll forgive your treating me in an arrogant way in the past just because you asked your useless husband to book a presidential suite for us. Now, I’m someone who have studied abroad and will soon work in a big company.
I’m no longer what I used to be. However, for me, you’ve become a middle-aged woman. I won’t be nice to you anymore.”

“I advise you to hurriedly ask Scott, the loser, to come to apologize to us. Otherwise, I’ll definitely take some action and you’ll absolutely regret it.” Edith handed her mobile phone to Scott and spoke, “Well, you’re right.”

Scott read the text message from Holden, putting on a cold smile. He thought: Holden and his girlfriend might send this message in the presidential suite I booked.

He had never seen such a shameless person. He not only had a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things, but also should threaten Edith and him. Having received such a threat, Scott certainly couldn’t pretend not to have seen it.

At the very least, Fantasy Group would absolutely not cooperate with a company that looked down upon H Country.
“Don’t think about this matter. I’ll handle it.” Scott said.

Edith nodded. After giving birth to her daughter, she cared only about her daughter and therefore was not in the mood to think about such a boring thing.

She had long not cared about her old classmates’ opinion of her. Besides, it was not the first time for her to be in such a trouble.
She was sure that Scott would handle it for her.

Scott took out his mobile phone and made a phone call to Charles, “Is Excellence Network going to have a new general manager named Holden?”

“Yes. These days, they have been seeking cooperation with us. Later, their new general manager will discuss their ideas for development with us. A few days later, there will be an Internet Conference, and I’m going to talk to their new general manager at that conference. I’ll decide whether to cooperate with them or not after that.”

“Don’t think about that anymore. In the future, refuse all the cooperation related to Excellence Network. Besides, I’m going to attend the Internet Conference. Make some arrangements for me.” Scott said.

“Yes, Brother Scott.”

On the day when the Internet Conference was held

Holden and Daisy left the hotel. Both of them were dressed in formal clothes. It seemed that they attached great importance to the Internet Conference.

“How many days does Scott book this presidential suite for? We’ve live here for so many days, but no one asks us to check out.
It costs at least a few thousand dollars to live in that room a day. Could Scott, a loser, really afford it?” Holden murmured.

“Oh, it has nothing to do with us. Anyway, we don’t have to pay for it. Just think about how to build a good relationship with the people of Fantasy Group at the Internet Conference later. As long as you get the opportunity to cooperate with Fantasy Group, my father will definitely look at you with new eyes and will not have any opposition to my marrying you. At that time, it will be easier for you to become a citizen of M Country.” Daisy spoke.

“Don’t worry. I have the ability to easily persuade the people of Fantasy Group to cooperate with us. Just wait and see.” Holden said with confidence.

The Internet Conference was held in a modern High Tech Convention and Exhibition Center in B City. Every company, which would participate in the conference, would be given a booth in the building to display products and ideas.

The main function of this conference was to promote cooperation among companies. At that time, the representatives of companies would gather here to communicate with each other.

In the Convention and Exhibition Center. After arriving here, Holden and Daisy didn’t pay any attention to the booths of companies. Instead, they headed straight for the central area of the Convention and Exhibition Center. Now, the leaders of companies were at that area. They wanted to go to there to talk to the people of Fantasy Group over their cooperation.

There had been many people standing in the central area. Most of them were bigwigs of the Internet industry. Charles was

certainly one of them. Moreover, he was at the center of the crowd. It could be easily seen that he was in a very high position.

After coming to this area, Holden put on a surprised look and said, “Wow, they’re all bigwigs. Several of them have been internationally famous. Besides, companies of some of them are also well-known in foreign countries. It seems that the internet industry of H Country develops quite well.”

Daisy glowered at him at once and said, “It’s just quite well. It’s far from as well as that in foreign countries. You’re so ignorant.” Holden drew back his neck and dared not to say anything.

They approached the crowd. Holden warmly greeted Charles and joined them in the discussion.

Charles didn’t know who these people were and would talk to anyone who came to him.

“Mr. Clinton, it’s my honor to meet you here. A few days ago, I met a loser. He claimed that he knew the staff of Fantasy Group.
When I remember it now, I find it ridiculous. The staff members of Fantasy Group are all elites. How is it possible for that kind of loser to make friends with them?” Holden flattered Charles with a smile.

Charles gave him a glance, nodded with a smile and did not reply.
“Mr. Clinton, actually, I come here to talk to you about cooperation. Do you have some time?” Holden asked.
“Which company do you work for?” Charles asked.

Holden immediately stretched out a hand to Charles and said, “I’m an employee of Excellence Network. I’m called Holden. Our company should have given you my profile.”

Charles just said “oh” thoughtfully and didn’t shake hands with Holden. He just stared at Holden with a smile and didn’t say anything.

Holden didn’t know whether he should withdrew his hand or not, feeling embarrassed. He immediately blushed.
“Mr. Clinton, our cooperation…” Holden withdrew his hand and rubbed it against his clothes awkwardly.

“I can’t make the decision. Later, our Chairman will come here. Maybe you can talk to our Chairman.” Charles put on a playful smile.


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