The Peremptory Casey Davies Chapter 669 They Don’t Deserve That

“Can you stop joking? Excellence Network does want to cooperate with Fantasy Group. However, it’s something involving two multinational companies. Who do you think you are? You should offer to help me.” Daisy spoke to Scott with disdain.

“Well, I have some decision rights in Fantasy Group.” Scott said.

Daisy stared at Scott with dislike and spoke, “Holden, ask this guy to go away now. I can’t stand him anymore. Why would there be such a shameless people in the world? Fantasy Group is an internet giant in H Country. What decision rights you, a manny, could have? When you want to pretend to be powerful, you should find a better way.”

Holden also looked at Scott with some dissatisfaction and said, “Even if we’re chatting, you shouldn’t boast. I understand that you like to brag when you drink with those migrant workers. However, you shouldn’t do that in the presence of us. We’re not in the same social scale as you, and we don’t like you to brag.”

Scott gave him a glance and said, “Why? Do you look down upon migrant worker?” “He, he. Those people all do dirty and low-paid jobs. They’re even not eligible to be looked down upon by me.” Daisy answered.

Scott’s face was immediately dark. He had kindly offered to help Excellence Network. Unexpectedly, Holden and Daisy not only didn’t believe him, but also humiliated the migrant workers. He couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Who do you think you are? You even don’t give people the most basic respect. However much wealth you have, you’re but a person without any courtesy who suddenly become rich.” Scott answered in a not-so-polite way.

Both Holden’s and Daisy’s expression changed. They didn’t expect that Scott would dare to say such words to them. In their view, Scott was but a loser. Even if they humiliated him, he was not eligible to be rude to them.

“How dare you say those words to me! You, as a loser, should dare to say those words! Don’t you want to live?” Daisy stood up, pointed her finger at Scott and swore.

All the people in the restaurant turned their heads and looked at them. Feeling a little embarrassed, Holden hurriedly pulled Daisy and spoke, “Calm down. There’re so many people here. They will laugh at us.”

Only then did Daisy sit down, but she still glared at Scott angrily.
Holden looked at Scott with a dark face and said, “Scott, apologize to Daisy now. We’ll forgive you for the sake of Edith. You had better be clever and don’t make things worse. You’ll only suffer for offending us.”

“I kindly offered to help you, but she made vicious remarks to me. She even humiliated the laborers. Why should I apologize to her?” Scott spoke coldly.

“Well, stop. What can you do to help me? Everyone knows your experience. So stop pretending to be powerful. Hurriedly apologize to Daisy.” Holden said with some impatience.

Scott stood up, put a room card and a note with an address on it on the table, and coldly said, “I’ll forgive you for what you’ve said today for the sake of Edith. This is the room I book for you. Go to the hotel on your own. If you said something like that again, I would make you pay a price.”

After saying that, Scott turned around and left the restaurant.

“How dare you look down upon me? Who wants to live in the room you booked? That might be a place where beggars live. If you’re courageous, stay here. It pisses me off!” Daisy shouted at Scott.

Holden stopped Daisy and then comforted her, “Well, that guy must be afraid. That’s why he ran away. It’s ridiculous. He should consider himself to be someone. Don’t take what such a person said seriously.”

“I know that there isn’t anything good in H Country. Now, do you believe me? People here are too rude. Besides, they all consider themselves to be someone. No. After you take over Excellence Network, I’ll go back to M Country. I feel better to be with the people there.” Daisy said angrily.

“Well, I agree. Later, I’ll talk to Edith about this matter and will definitely make that loser apologize to you. What about having our meal first?” Holden coaxed.

Daisy sneered. Then, she stopped losing her temper.

People around stared at Daisy and Holden, feeling unhappy. Obviously, what Daisy said just now also angered them. However, they just watched because they didn’t want to be in trouble.

Outside the restaurant, Scott approached a Rolls-Royce. Many people were gathering around this car and were staring at this luxury car with an envious look.
When Scott just came close to the car, someone immediately got off the car and opened the door for Scott.

After Scott sat down in the car, that person sat in the driver’s seat and asked, “Mr. Davies, didn’t you ask me to pick someone up?”

“You don’t have to do that now. They don’t deserve that.” Scott said tonelessly.

The driver immediately knew what Scott meant. Then, he started the car at once and drove away. People all looked at the car with an envious look.

Scott specially made a phone call and asked someone to drive this Rolls-Royce to this place on his way to this restaurant by taxi. When he left the Davies House, he thought that it was unnecessary to drive because he thought it was quite convenient to go to the restaurant by taxi. However, considering that he shouldn’t let Edith lose face, he asked someone to drive this car to this place.

Unexpectedly, the reason why Holden and Daisy asked him to come here was that they wanted to show off to him. Moreover, they had such a servile attitude to foreigners and foreign things and looked down upon others. Therefore, it was not necessary for Scott to be nice to them. Certainly, Scott wouldn’t ask this driver to send them to hotel.

Scott only gave them the room card for the sake of Edith.

After having the meal, Holden and Daisy came out of the restaurant. Holden was holding the room card Scott gave them. He took a look at the note on which the address was written, asking, “What about going to the hotel Scott booked to have a look?” “It’s unnecessary to do that. It’s impossible for him to book a room in a good hotel. Maybe it’s a pigsty.” Daisy was not happy.

“If it’s really very cheap, I’ll take a few photos and post it on the internet. If it’s ok, we can live there. Anyway, we don’t have to pay for it. Besides, this hotel is not far away from us. It takes only a short time for us to go there.” Holden spoke.

Hearing that, Daisy thought that he was right. So she nodded. Then, they walked towards the hotel.
Before long, Holden and Daisy arrived at a five-star hotel.

They stared at the magnificent hotel in disbelief. Wondering if they had gone to the wrong place, Holden carefully checked the address on the note several times.

“Are you sure that he booked a room in this hotel for us?” Daisy asked.

“According to the note, we’re in front of the hotel Scott booked for us. This hotel is indeed located at No. 189, Changsheng Road. Look at that address plate.” Holden was also puzzled.

“It’s not reliable. Is it possible that that loser is willing to book a room in such a good hotel for us? Is this card a real one?” Daisy said with doubt.

“We’ll know it after we go to ask that person. If it’s a fake one, I’ll definitely scold Edith. She’s so stupid that she’s married to such a man.” Holden walked towards the hotel while speaking.

They arrived at the door, handed the room card over and asked, “Is this a room card of your hotel?”

That person took the room card, gave it a look and then said respectfully, “Yes, it’s a room card of a presidential suite of our hotel. Welcome.”

“What? A presidential suite!”

Holden and Daisy looked at each other. They were all shocked.


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